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Plum Kid Active Trampoline and Enclosure

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Manufacturer: Plum / Type: Fitness

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    2 Reviews
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      02.11.2011 08:41
      Very helpful



      a nice trampoline but needs to be bigger

      A few months ago I decided my twin boys could do with a trampoline, as our garden was big enough and they could burn some energy, well try anyway.

      I was on a budget and had to think about delivery etc as I don't drive and couldn't pick one up myself so I opted for the Kid Active Trampoline from Argos which cost me £90 without delivery charges. The Argos book clearly tells me that this trampoline is a 6ft model - so I knew it wasn't going to be as big as some you can buy but it would be enough for my twin boys.

      At the moment in my Teaching Assistant course we are concentrating greatly on development of children and a trampoline as mentioned on the Argos website, I knew could help develop my boys physical development tremendously. Their gross motor skills have a lot to answer for being nearly 4 year old, wild boys who enjoy ballsy jumps, running, and large exaggerated excitable movements so I knew that using a trampoline would help them develop these movements and gradually learn how to control them too with their co-ordination of movements, their awareness with their movements, and also stated on the Argos website their balance and strength too - at the same time they would be having fun and getting some exercise too, a perfect reason to buy them a trampoline.

      The trampolines size measurements are Size H200, W182, D182cm which is always useful to know to be able to determine whether or not you actually have enough room for it.

      There is a maximum user weight of 60kg and there is also a maximum numbers of users at one time, which is in fact 1. However my boys are only 3 and the 2 of them do not exceed the weight limit and as they are both only small the 2 of them do use it. I can see why, if a child was a bit older though only 1 person could use the trampoline comfortably.

      It is suitable for children 3 years and over - and on the box it said up to 10 years old.

      The trampoline comes packaged in 2 boxes - one box containing the trampoline pieces and the other box containing the enclosure of the trampoline.

      In each box there are clearly marked out instructions which include pictures and writing, numbered in order so very easy and clear to follow and understand - which is always a must for me. You definitely need at least 2 people to put the trampoline together too.

      The trampoline itself was fairly easy to put together, once the legs were in place, tightened screwly and stable the springs had to be attached. This was the most difficult part of putting the trampoline together as it requires quite a bit of strength from your arms - which is something I lack. To make the job a little easier though a spring attachment hook/tool is provided, it has a hook on one end and a handle for a good grip at the other. By holding the handle and hooking it in a spring you are able to pull with all your might to stretch the spring and the trampoline 'mat' which is easy when you first do it but when you get around the other side you really have to stick some welly into your pulling technique as it is really hard to stretch, pull and manage to hook the springs in successfully and securely. The next day after doing this it felt like I'd been doing weights for a good 24 hours beforehand. Once the trampoline is set up there is a lovely green cover to tie around it to cover the springs for safety whilst children are enjoying their jumping.

      The enclosure however proved difficult. The poles for the enclosure were easy to put up, slotting them into place and tightening screws and they were done and sturdy. Putting the actual enclosure net over them though without ripping it and making sure it went all the way down the poles was a task and half! Each pole had a designated slot in the net enclosure which was meant to just slide down the poles until it reached the trampoline, making a strong safety net surrounding it. This however took us about an hour to pull the net down without breaking it, and actually slide it down the poles to make sure they covered them completely and the net surrounded the trampoline properly. Our troubles were not over though once we finally completed this as we then had to tie it securely underneath the trampoline too. Some of the ties wouldn't reach the appropriate places which meant more stretching, pulling and using the last of our strength. Believe me when I say it was the biggest sigh of relief once we'd finally completed putting the trampoline together.
      Once together though it's a very attractive colour co-ordinated trampoline, which is very sturdy and stable and has plenty of life in it - for the younger ones though.

      The trampoline is quite low to the ground, so no need for steps or a ladder to climb up, my boys simply lift their legs up and climb. We close the zip on the opening of the enclosure and they bounce away happily - but even they notice the lack of space there is within the trampoline. They can both jump in their and they can do their fancy bouncing tricks but there isn't a lot of space at all for them to really jump around freely. It is as if they feel a bit claustrophobic when they are both on the trampoline together.

      Although there is a lot of jumping life in the trampoline thanks to it's good quality it isn't going to last my boys until they are 10 that's for sure. It's brilliant for them now as they are only just about to turn 4 so will last them a while longer but it's not a trampoline which will still be in our garden years down the line. The fact that only one person is meant to jump will soon come into place when they get a bit bigger as there will just not be enough comfortable room for more than person to jump in there at one time.

      Although a really good trampoline, it would probably help if it was just a bit bigger for it to last a bit longer especially for older kids. It is a shame it is quite small as it is a well structured and built trampoline which could provide a lot of fun. For the price it is you can buy trampolines a few foot bigger for an extra £20 - £30. If you have younger children I'd recommend this trampoline as it is fab, but for older children and more than one child I'd definitely look into something a lot bigger.


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        25.06.2010 08:22
        Very helpful



        Would recommend to anyone with children to purchase this

        I am sure many parents with young children will totally understand when I say that MY SON HAS TOO MANY TOYS!!! His fifth birthday was approaching and of course I knew he was going to receive more toys but a few people had asked me for ideas for him and I began thinking about a trampoline. Previously I had never had space for one but I had moved and had a larger yard now Having a trampoline would take up a reasonable part of this but at least it would be outside!!! I spoke to my son and he was very keen to have a trampoline so I advised some of my family that money would be greatly appreciated and we were going to put it to a trampoline.

        I began researching trampolines online. I knew that I wanted one with an enclosure and I knew that it couldn't be huge. It was as I was doing this that I stumbled across the kid active trampoline and enclosure in Argos. It is currently selling on there at £99.99 but we got it for £74.99 which I felt was a real bargain with the prices of trampolines. It looked perfect and just what we needed.

        At 6ft it was a much better size for my yard area. I actually went out with my tape measure one morning and drew a big circle using chalk to give me an idea of how big it would be out there and I know that sounds silly but I would actually recommend it if you can as it did give me a good idea of what I was letting myself in for!

        As I was worried about the size of the box for the trampoline I actually dragged my Dad and his van along to pick it up. Although my Dad was useful in carrying the heavy boxes there was no need to have taken the van as it comes in two boxes. Ok, they were large but you could fit them in a decent sized car I am sure. Of course you also have the option of Argos home delivery for £3.95 but I wanted it there and then and didn't want to have to wait!

        The advice that the trampoline gives you is that it is suitable for ages 3-10 or a weight of up to 60kg. Well, ahem, I am a couple of kilos over 60kg and much over age 10 but I wanted to have a go! I can confirm it can certainly hold my weight and my sons at the same time. The advice is also that you should only have one person on it at once but I think as long as you are watching your children and they are being sensible it is possible for more than one child to go on it at once.

        Building the trampoline is definitely a job for a couple of people. You are given instructions and they are quite simple to follow. Me and my sister managed to build the main body of the trampoline but pulling the springs left us with some achy arms in the morning! There is a very handy little tool which you attach to the springs and pull to attach the trampoline to the frame. Without this I think the job would be impossible! We were actually giggling a lot through making the main part of the trampoline as we had to heave and strain to get the springs on in some places!

        When it came to putting the frame up for the enclosure to go on my mum had arrived and she is fondly known as a bit of a "Bob the Builder" so my sister went inside and left me and my mum to it. Firstly we put all the rods on and then realised you are supposed to use two together to make it tall enough for the enclosure to go on! Off they all came and we started again. Working together we managed to get this part done quite quickly.

        Next came putting the net enclosure on and this was the part we struggled with the most! You have to slide the netting on from the top and kind of shuffle it down a little bit, moving along each pole and then start again. This was a nightmare! In the end we looked like we were pole dancing as we desperately tried to get the enclosure to the bottle of the poles! I would say in total this took about 40 minutes...with a small break for a brew inbetween! Once we had got it to the bottom we had to attach it to the springs of the trampoline on the main frame and then it was good to go.

        The metal parts of the trampoline are covered by some padding. The poles which hold up the enclosure are covered by foam padding and are well protected. The main frame of the trampoline has a little padding too but I would recommend that you advise your child to stay in the middle of the trampoline to avoid the outside areas just in case.

        In the enclosure is a zip to obviously stop you from falling out. Here comes my first negative...my son managed to pull too hard on the zip and it broke up near the top so we can't actually zip it up. I contacted Argos who said I would have to take it back so understanding the difficulty in getting it on in the first place I am quite reluctant to do this! As such I haven't done it yet and just always watch my son when he is on it. We did try to fix it ourselves but I think it might be a bit of a wonky part on the zip. I am not sure if it would be easier to buy a new zip and just sew a new one on myself.

        Another thing to note is that the trampoline doesn't come with a cover and covers for 6ft trampolines don't seem to be available in the shops. I purchased one on ebay and think it was £10 on top but it is good for when it is raining to protect the main part of the trampoline from the weather.

        This product is made by Plum products too which it doesn't say on the Argos website but they are a well respected manufacturer of quality children's outdoor products.

        All in all I am so pleased that I purchased this trampoline. My son (and also me!) can have a bounce around and keep active which I think is incredibly important! I think it is great value for money, a perfect size and so far it is used a lot! My sister and I actually sunbathe on it too sometimes-the black base it great for helping you soak up the rays ;)

        Highly recommended!


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