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Pro Power Deluxe Boxing Sparring Set

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Brand: Pro Power / Sports Type: Boxing

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    2 Reviews
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      05.06.2013 06:15
      Very helpful



      Only for beginners and definately not for sparring

      It may say deluxe, but in truth this is just a great starter set, especially for kids and is a four piece boxing kit, consisiting of black, red and white hook and jab pads, a set of gloves of the same colour, a plastic 'speed' skipping rope, black gel (not traditional fabric, so this gives more comfort and protection) hand wraps. It is a cheap set and those with more then a novice level of training would probably prefer to get their own seperate gear. But for those who are not sure if they will like boxing or not, its perfect. Mainly because of the £25 price tag (from stockists such as Amazon), soetimes it may be available for less. If you feel that boxing is not for you then you havent wasted too much money. Again the non-inclusion of a head guard not only keeps the cost down but also ensures that as a starter kit, you arnt going straight into sparring and getting their nose broken.

      As a set , even a starter set, it is very good value to get all of these items for the price. Sure they may not be of the greatest quality, for example the gloves are PV not leather which is just cheaper, but you could not get these items seperately if you tried.

      The pads and gloves are PV cover based, they are not leather nor should you expect them to be. Both the gloves and the pads feel alittle thin and flimsy for their purpose, the packing feels alittle loose and you cant help but feel that if you got a more expensive , non pack pair they would have been OK. Being PV they are shiny, prone to sweat slippage more then leather gloves and pads, shiny and cheap, plus PV plastic is liable to split over time and the splits creat cuts and grazes, a bit of bad form in any boxing gym. The gloves and pads fell too light to be of good quality. The glove threading seemed loose and that it may become more loose over time earlier then expected. Plus PV gloves do not let the hands breath like leather or more expensive gloves that have air holes in them, so your hands sweat allot in these gloves compared to others.

      The gloves are only 8 ounce pad gloves so they are light and small relative to heavy bag gloves and sparrign gloves. The gloves helpfully do not need to be laced up which is better for beginners as lace ups can be hard to tie up without a partner and can come loose easily. So the velcro ensures that you can tighten or loosen the gloves easily enough.

      The hook and jab pads are another issue. They will fit most hands, especially with the velcro tightner /loosener on the back of the hand, but the hand section does feel a bit on the large side which causes the pads to slip from side to side when punched unless you have hands like king kong. Also another major issue is that with pads the most important part is the padding, there is not enough of it, so if you have a heavy hitter you will feel allot of power on the base of your hand and this shows the bad quality of the set really...this is a big no no with pads. You can tell this by how light the pads are and the quality of the stiching on the sides. All of this equals very sore hands.

      The gel wraps are not as big as the pads or gloves, they are for smaller hands, which seems wierd and so they are incredibly tight on my hands, so I went back to just using my normal wraps....waste of money there.

      The rope is ok for a speed rope but the wooden handles do not provide allot of grip when your hands are sweaty over time , so the rope slips, which is annoying.

      A set definately for beginners with small hands and little punching power, (wear the gel wraps inside the pads to not only compensate for the big hand area space there but also the lack of padding on the palm so you dont break fingers.

      Turn up with this set at a proper boxing gym and be prepared to get laughed out of the ring !


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      16.09.2011 08:53
      Very helpful



      A complete basic boxing kit that isn't "deluxe" from Pro Power

      In a prior life, I would have described myself as sporty and would regularly participate in a variety of sports classes at my local gym. Sadly since becoming a mother I have had no incentive to exercise as I have found running around after my twins boys has actually benefited my figure and I weigh less post pregnancy. However my level of fitness is very poor and after a short run with a friend a few months ago I was quite embarrassed at how I could hardly breathe after running less than half a mile. Therefore my sporty friend suggested I went to boxercise classes with her. After attending a few classes I decided that it was definitely something I wanted to continue but because the class was only on once a week so wasn't going to have too much benefit to my overall fitness. So I decided to purchase the Pro Power Deluxe Sparring Set so I could continue my boxercise exercises at home with the help of Mr Lools.

      ***Pro Power Deluxe Boxing Sparring Set***
      The Pro Power Deluxe Sparring set is a four piece boxing kit. It consists of a skipping rope, black gel hand wraps, black red and white hook and jab pads and black and white boxing gloves.

      The Pro Power Deluxe Boxing Sparring Set is available from Argos and Amazon for £24.99.

      I purchased these from Argos when they were on special offer. For £19.99 for a complete kit this is excellent value and it is very difficult to even purchase the items separately for less than this. Even at the full price of £24.99 the sparring set £10 cheaper than the next least expensive sparring set.

      ***My Experience***
      I started using the Pro Power Deluxe Boxing Sparring Set after attending 3 boxercise sessions. During the sessions pads and gloves were provided and in the hour session we worked with a partner other exercises in a larger group doing a variety of punches and blocks which included uppercuts, front jabs, side jabs and lower jabs. As someone who had never had an interest in boxing wearing a pair of boxing gloves and punching a pad was a whole new experience however I soon picked up the basic moves.

      The pads and gloves provided in the paid sessions varied however they were mainly Lonsdale or Reebok. When I first got the Pro Power Gloves and pads out of the cellophane I was slightly disappointed. Looks wise the colour and design were satisfactory however just by picking the gloves and pads up the quality felt poor. The gloves were very shiny and plastic feeling and the padding on the jab pads felt much thinner and lighter than what I had been previously using. I also noticed the stitching on all of the items in the kit was not straight and there were a few loose threads on the boxing gloves.

      When I tried the gloves on initially I was quite surprised that they felt quite tight and small inside especially as I have small hands. With use the insides of the gloves have stretched but Mr Lools who has medium sized hands can just fit his hands inside of the gloves. Therefore I would probably not recommend this set to males or those with larger hands as the gloves would struggle to fit. The gloves can be fastened and adjusted with Velcro at the bottom which even with boxing gloves on your other hand you can secure into place. The gloves have ample padding and feel secure and comfortable when punching. My main criticism of the boxing gloves in the set is that the synthetic material makes your hands sweat excessively as you punch. You do find yourself getting hot especially only after short periods of exercise.

      The hook and jab pads are the biggest disappointment within the kit. These are of an average size and the glove sections where you slip your hands in to fix the pads to your hands are surprisingly slightly large. These are better for larger hands and for those with smaller hands the pads can be difficult to keep on your hands when they are being punched by your partner because the elasticated hand sections are wide and baggy therefore do not grip onto your hands. The main problem with the Pro Power pads in this kit is the lack of padding. Although the pads are probably the same depth as what I used in my boxercise class the padding is much lighter and more flimsy. Just by picking the Pro Power pads up you can feel they are more lighter in weight. This means that they do not absorb the boxing glove punches as well and at times if you are wearing the pads you really feel the punches of the person wearing the gloves. This isn't an issue if your partner punches softly but would be not suitable for someone who punches hard. When I use these with Mr Lools I have to keep telling him to not punch as hard and I am very pleased that I do not use these in my boxercise class when I am partnered with some of the more experienced members of the class who hit the pads with force.

      I have used the skipping rope on two or three occasions. This is long enough for taller individuals to use and is very light which means you can skip fast. I do find that if your hands are hot a sweating slightly the rope is hard to grip as the handles are wooden with no grips on them.

      I have not used the gel hand wraps but these are also very small therefore probably less suitable for males and adults with larger hands as they fit my hands perfectly and I have small thin hands.

      Although the kit is not of the best quality, it definitely allows you to complete a boxercise routine and improve your overall fitness. I feel after a 30 minute home boxercise session 3 times a week my cardiovascular fitness is much improved. Not only are the 30 minute home sessions becoming easier for me I also have noticed if I do decide to go for a run I can run for longer without getting severely out of breath! After a month of home sessions I also noticed the underside of my arms (think bingo wings) were more toned and did not wobble.

      For £20 I would definitely recommend the Pro Power Deluxe Boxing Sparring Set to those that do not want to spend a lot on boxing kit or want a high quality kit to use for boxercise type sessions. At such a low price these are definitely not the best quality boxing kit that you could purchase and I feel that because the gloves and pads re made from synthetic leather your hands do sweat excessively making these uncomfortable for long periods of wear and exercise.

      I also feel that because of the smaller size of the gloves and the fact that the pads are quite flimsy and lightly padded they are more suitable for females or small males but also for those that do not punch the pads as hard.

      A set definitely not for the pro's but a worthwhile purchase that has helped to improve my fitness.


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