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SAI Heart Rate Monitor

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Brand: SAI / Type: Heart rate monitor

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    1 Review
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      13.10.2011 22:38
      Very helpful



      A brilliant heart rate monitor for a low price

      As part of my weight loss and fitnss regime, I liked to know roughly what amount of calories I was burning with excersize and how high my heart was going. The treadmills and other cardiovascular equipment at the gym have this information on the screens, but I was unsure as to how accurate it really was, as it just worked off of your weight and only told you your heart rate if you held onto the heart rate panels.

      I did some research and spoke to a few friends of mine at the gym, and the recommended that I buy a heart rate monitor with a chest strap, as this would give me the most accurate reading for both heart rate, and calories burned. I didn't want to spend a lot of money on one, so I went to the internet to look for a good deal.

      After trudging through a whole load of expensive ones and also not quite right ones, I finally came across one on Amazon that seemed perfect and was a great price. I came across the SAI Heart Rate Monitor which comes with the chest strap and the wrist watch, which was exactly what I wanted. It was priced at £25 and I found this to be an ideal price, so I ordered it.

      The chest strap that is supplied is made by Pulse Sonic and it is orange and black. The back of the strap is adjustable, in a similar way to a bra strap, and it seems to me like it would fit quite large people as well as much smaller ones. It is easy to tighten up when you need to, and loosen should you wish for this.

      The chest strap is easy to put on too, you just put it around you and then place the connector through the hole, and pop it into place. There is one of these pieces on both ends so it does not matter which end you un do or do up when you put this one.

      The front panel of the chest strap has two strips on the inside which have a ridged effect to them, which is where the main sensors are placed for the strap to sense your heart rate. For these to work properly, you have to get these two strips wet, and not just a little bit, but properly wet. I didn't get these wet enough the first time I used this and it didn't sense my heart rate for very long.

      Once the strap is on and in place, I have found it to stay in place very well, and it does not even feel like it is on me. I got used to it very quickly, and I am happy to find that it does not rub or irritate my skin at all. It is very lightweight, so you do not end up knowing it is there, which I think is a good thing as you never need things that cause problems during your workout.

      The chest strap transmits the heart rate to your watch, and the LED screen shows you the data you need to see. This watch is set up to look and act like a normal watch, so you can use it seperately from the chest strap should you wish to. There is a button on the side which you can press to scroll through the different screens and these will show you things like your current heart rate, lap time, actual time, and calories burned.

      There is also screens which can show you your highest and lowest heart during your workout, as well as the average heart rate you have been working at. There is the option to set an alarm which will sound should your heart rate drop, or rise, beyond a preset point. I think this is very handy for those who are specifically fitness training for a better cardiovascular system.

      At first I did find this watch a little bit confusing to use, but once I actually read through the simple instructions, it was actually all really easy to work out, and now I find it really simple to use the watch and all the functions that I need.

      The main reason I bought the heart rate monitor in the first place was so I could see exactly how many calories I had burned each time I worked out, but it is not as simple as just putting it on an away you go. At first, you have to change the user settings on the watch, to make sure that your reading is accurate. There is simple instructions on how to do this, and it only takes a few minutes to do.

      You have to input your age and weight in kilograms, as well as Vo2, which I was not sure of, but after a quick google, I managed to put in a general number and it all seems to be working out fine. Once this is set, you are all ready to go.

      To actually see how many calories you have burned, there is a slight process to it. You have to use the stopwatch function on the watch in order to see what you have burned. Basically you set the stop watch to go at the beginning of your workout, and then stop it when you have finished. You then press a different button on the right hand side of the watch, and this will show you your total calorie burn. Simple once you know how, but I got a bit frustrated with it at first, as I just could not work it out. Turns out being clever and reading the instructions before use would have been a better idea lol.

      The watch takes a normal cell battery, and I think there is one in the transmitter on the chest strap too. From the look of the instructions, these are easy to change once they run out. I have had mine now for a few months and *touch wood* it is still going strong, and I think it will last well. I use it on a daily basis, sometimes a few times a day, and it is working fine still.

      I now use this heart rate monitor for every single workout I do, and I am really pleased that I bought it, as it has been such a help to my workouts and it helps to me keep track of what I am doing. It only takes a minute to put it on every time, and it is so comfortable to wear, you do not even know it is there. There has been times when I have forgotten to take it off!!

      There may be other heart rate monitors out there that claim to do better and will charge you a much higher price to buy them, but personally I do not see the need to buy one of those ones as this one does a perfectly fine job and is much cheaper than the higher branded ones. Why pay more when you can get something that does the same job for less money?

      I personally think this was a great deal for £25, and it seems to be brilliant value for money. If anyone asks me for recommendations or advice when it comes to heart rate monitors, this is the one I would totally recommend.

      If you are looking to get a heart rate monitor, this is a brilliant one to buy and you could do far worse. Pop on over to Amazon and get yourself a great deal on this one, and I am sure you will love it as much as I do.

      I give this heart rate monitor a 5 out of 5 stars, and I totally recommend it to everyone.


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  • Product Details

    Multi Function New Heart Rate Monitor Watch from SAI- For All Forms Of Indoor-Outdoor Activities. Heart-Rate Monitoring Has Become an Integral Part Of Training and Sports Exercising, and the GK905D was designed with all functions and features necessary. Easy, User-Friendly and Affordable, it is a great alternative to other pricier Models Out There!

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