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Slazenger V3 Panther 2000 SH Cricket Bat

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Manufacturer: Slazenger / Sports Type: Cricket - Bat

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    2 Reviews
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      20.02.2011 00:34



      poor for junior ages but cheap

      This bat is certainly 'unusable' for the experienced cricketer. Not only is it cheap, as sign of it's poor quality, but the bat 's thickness and middle is of a poor standard, and to be honest with the stickers and the look, it appears to look rather bland.

      I can only recommend this bat if you're a cricketer that's starting out and not really interested in the game, becasue you'll only be willing to spend small amounts of money on a poor bat, whereas i can recommend much higher quality bats for much higher prices. With the size of the bat, it is far to small at a junior level to be consistently used becasue it is hard to hit the ball with real power. I suppose as you reach higher ages that the bat's size will increase resulting in better results, however don't use this as your first bat because you won't improve with such a poor standard bat.

      Here are some of the benefits of this bat, however they are small benefits and low-key:

      - English willow is traditionally crafted
      - Pro tec grip for secure grip and feel
      - Pre Knocked in and toe guard
      The prices are also cheap, which may also be counted as a disadvantage! This is becuase a chep bat is probably a poor one!

      Junior sizes, sports world: £15
      " " Amazon.com: £10


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        18.08.2010 00:31
        Very helpful



        Not bad for a small spend

        Sometime ago we paid a visit to Sports World to check out some sporting equipment needed for cricket practice, amongst the items we bought was a nice looking Slazenger V3 Panther 2000 SH Cricket Bat.

        We had also visited smaller sports shops that day and found a variety of bats at various prices, some of which were more than we wanted to pay. As the Slazenger V3 Panther 2000 SH Cricket Bat was so well priced at the time, we decided to get it there and then, rather than risk it being gone the next day.
        It was money well spent, as the bat has more than earned its keep.

        The Slazenger V3 Panther 2000 SH Cricket Bat is a lower end cricket bat that is usually keenly priced. We thought it made a decent basic ranged piece of kit, that would be perfect for general practice shots and cricket training.

        The RRP for the bat is £29.99 but we were able to buy it for £10. You can still buy the bat at various online and in store outlets, Amazon have it for £10 as do Sports Direct. Whilst its not top quality it is very handy as a starting point for regular cricket practice for a younger player.

        Some points about the Slazenger V3 Panther 2000 SH Cricket Bat that we liked are the fact that it was made of materials that were of reasonable quality. We also liked the feel of the rubberized grip and cane handle, which has just the right amount of texture, to make holding the bat in the correct position as easy and comfortable as it can be.

        Although the fact that the product is made from hand crafted Kashmir willow sounds very impressive, its wise to bear in mind that as this is a cheaper product, cheaper materials have been used. Kashmir willow is not as desirable as English willow, but can still be durable. It can however be prone to cracking, so do watch out for this. Our bat has not suffered with this so far.

        If you are looking for something a bit more high end, for a more experienced player then perhaps this bat will not suit. For a younger player who is learning the ropes, the bat should do the job well enough for a while. We found that the bat was weighted well and the hitting surface seemed well shaped enough to get accurate practice hits.

        The design of the Slazenger V3 Panther 2000 SH Cricket Bat is modern and stylish looking, in shades of red with grey and black highlights. We thought this made it look smart against the pale background of the bat. The bat has been profiled to create a 'sweet spot' and is marketed as being a bat that can wield its mighty power well. Not sure that is the case, but its hit a good few shots in its time.

        As we bought the bat for our child to use, I don't feel that we can comment to much on the claims made by the makers about and technical capabilities the bat may have. However the bat has been well used and so far has performed well enough. There has been no cracking of the wood and the handle and grip have remained in top condition.

        In summary as a cheaper end product the Slazenger V3 Panther 2000 SH Cricket Bat has been a good little buy. The quality verses price comparison is good. We felt that for a beginners cricket bat £10 was a good price at the time.

        In terms of rating the Slazenger V3 Panther 2000 SH Cricket Bat, although the info provided by the maker may make the bat seem like a better quality product, its wise to remember that it is in fact at the lower end of the cricket bat range. As such, it can only take you so far. It has been reliable and stood up to plenty of use and so a 4 star rating seems about right, when you weigh up the price you pay.


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