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Smyths Skateboard

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Manufacturer: Smyths / Type: Skateboard / Size: 78cm

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    1 Review
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      13.11.2010 21:34
      Very helpful



      A good starter board, to see if your children are going to take to skate boards, or for very young.

      I actually have two of these. The first one was bought after some of the teenagers let my 5 year old son have a go on their skateboards and he was dying for his own. The second one because rather obviously, whatever his brother has, my youngest wants one too. The oldest of the two is about 1 year old.

      We chose this skateboard for one reason only - it was cheap. We had looked up and found a 45cm skateboard at Smyths, but on looking at it, realised it was much too small, and went with this one, which costs £9.99. It is quite a basic board. It is 78 cm or about 30". The bottom is painted with a somewhat ugly skull design, but then you don't really see the bottom anyway, and the top has a very dark grey rough finish to provide traction. It certainly is not much too look at, but then that is not why I bought it.

      As to performance - well I mentioned this as a first skateboard. The wheels are a bit stiff and do not spin freely. This means it is difficult to get a good speed, but it won't slip out from under you quite as easily either.
      It is good board for a very young child, but a teenager asking for a skateboard is likely going to be very disappointed with this. I have tried it out myself, but I don't have the mobility I used too. Still I would say this is difficult to get going and not the best for steering.

      Still, my sons love these. The five year old can ride this properly and especially likes to use it on a hill where he can a bit of speed. He doesn't realise though that a better board would be much faster. Still he is only five and I am happy enough with the speed he gets on this one! My two year old, on the other hand sits on it and scoots, or lays down and paddles. They also use it to ferry their toy cars and action men about. Both boys really enjoy these, but I expect the older one will outgrow his in a couple of years if it has not fallen apart by then. I will say it does look the worse for wear, in spite of being kept indoors and not used constantly. The finish on the top seems badly scuffed, and the overall appearance is a bit tatty now, but still it serves it purpose. The back is pretty badly worn as he tips the board up to make it stop, so that is out fault that it is getting a bit torn up that way.

      I am giving this four stars as a cheap skateboard for a very a young child. My sons love them, and for their ages, they are find. I would expect an older child would not rate this at all though and recommend it only for children under age 7.

      Obviously there is some chance of accidents and parents are responsible to see that proper safety precautions are taken. It is advised that children wear protective gear ( although in honesty, mine do not for this) and of course parents must make certain these are not used where traffic is an issue.


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