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Topeak Joe Blow Sport Bike Pump

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Brand: Topeak

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    3 Reviews
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      01.04.2012 18:27
      Very helpful



      Reliable piece of kit

      Both my boyfriend and I own bikes, in fact I have just ordered a brand new one on the bike to work scheme at work. I have a small handheld pump that fits on the side of my bike for pump emergencies but I also have a larger pump in the shed. This is the Topeak Joe Blow Max 2. If you ride regularly it is always worth having a good pump knocking around; you can also use it to pump up your car tyres (far too much effort) and inflatable furniture and mattresses.

      ==Price and availability==

      I bought the pump from Halfords but you can purchase it online for £24.50 from Amazon. This is a really decent price for such a hardworking pump.


      The pump is made from steel making it sturdy enough to take a good hold of. It is grey in colour and on the whole does not take up too much room. You can fasten the hose to the pump with a clip so that it is not flapping around whilst in storage. The pump measures 26.6" tall x 9.8" wide. It is not very tall so it is a bit of a killer after a while pending down, but if you really go for it, it does not take as long as you think. The handle is smooth but it is designed so that your hands do not slip off it. It has little tiny ridges along it. At the bottom it has two feet to keep the pump balanced, you need to stand on these to keep the pump on the floor.
      The Topeak pump is designed for different valves so you do not need to have different attachments. All Topeaks have Twinhead Technology which basically means that the hose valve is double sided with a Presta fitting and a Schraeder valve fitting on the other side. Both my bike and my boyfriend's uses the Presta fitting. To use the pump, simply attach the desired attachment to the valve, lock it in place with the leaver and start to pump up. You will hear it working and visibly see the tyre inflate. The pump also comes with a needle attachment so you can inflate footballs or smaller items, this is stored on the pump itself so it is always there when you need it.
      The pump features a simple elementary gauge that tells you how much air is the tyre. It measures in bar and PSI. I have never had cause to doubt its accuracy. I don't use the gauge to check my pressure as I can usually tell by riding it if I need to inflate it some more.

      ==My experiences==

      The pump locks on really easy on to the valve and it is so quick to pump up. The pump is quick to inflate, although not very tall, a good full pump makes quite a big difference. The feet of the pump are large enough for you to stand on comfortably so that you can keep the pump as still as possible. The hose is long enough and easy enough to manipulate so it is fairly easy to use.
      It really makes the job of inflating the tyres so easy. Riding with an appropriate mountain bike tire pressure can make a huge difference in how a ride feels and how much control you have over your bike. If the pressure is too low, there is too much contact with the tyres and road so it can make the bike behave unpredictably. I usually settle for around 50PSI in my tyres but there is no right or wrong and it is different for most riders. I'm glad that I have such a reliable pump that is easy to use. I think it is a really decent price for such a well made device. Well recommended.


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      24.03.2012 13:21
      Very helpful



      Low cost track pump that inflates fast and is easy to use

      This review is for the Topeak Joe Blow Sport 2 which has replaced the Joe Blow Sport in the
      Topeak range.

      We do a lot of cycling in our family I commute to work most days,both my boyfriend and I go mountainbiking regularly, my boyfriends son Ryan does a bit of mountainbiking and seems to live
      almost permanently attatched to his BMX these days. This means there's a fair few tyres to keep
      inflated so after years of using the usual portable mini frame pumps which take ages and a fair bit of effort to inflate a tyre if it is flat we decided to splash out on a track pump.

      A track pump is the type used by bike workshops where the pump stands upright you put your foot
      on the base to keep it steady and inflate the tyre by pushing down with both hands on the flat T bar handle at the top. This inflates a tyre far quicker than a frame pump and requires a lot less effort to
      get the right pressure in the tyre.

      The Topeak Joe Blow Sport 2 is one of the lower cost models in the Topeak range which is made of
      steel rather than the lighter weight Aluminium of the higher models in the range. As it's not something you actually carry on the bike the lighter weight of the higher range is probably overkill for most home users and there's less chance of accidental damage with steel than aluminium. The pump looks good
      with a yellow and grey paintjob with the Topeak branding on the main part of the pump. Although
      it's obviously too big to clip on a bike frame it weighs under 1.5kg with dimensions of 26.6"H x 9.8"W
      so it's light and portable enough to take in the car for weekend mountainbike trips and doesn't take
      up too much room in the garage at home.

      One of the great things about the Topeak is the fact it has Topeaks Twinhead Technology this means
      the part at the top of the hose which attaches to the tyre valve is double sided with a Presta valve
      fitting on one side and a Schraeder valve fitting on the other. Most pumps come ready to use for the standard more common valve Shraeder so you have to swap parts around to inflate Presta valves
      which I find a pain as both my bikes have Presta valves but the rest of the bikes in the family have Schraeder valves. With the Topeak you just choose which side you want to use and lock the lever in place with no need to swap parts around for different valves. I've only owned this for around a
      month but in that time it's been used on several bike tyres and so far I've not had any problems
      with air leaking from any of the valves when using the pump.

      The pump has an analogue gauge just above the base which is clear and easy to read while using
      the pump. The gauge has markings for both bar and PSI and can inflate to a maximum of 160 PSI
      or 11 bar although the gauge is analogue it is reasonably accurate when I've checked with a tyre pressure guage after using the pump. The hose on the Topeak is a reasonable length with an
      articulated joint at the base end which lets you make the most of the length and there's also a
      handy clip on the main stand for storing the hose when it's not in use.The hose seems to be pretty strong so should stand up to long term use although Topeak do sell replacement hoses if it does get damaged. The pump also comes with a ball adapter for inflating footballs or inflatables which stores
      in a handy slot next to the guage with a plastic cover that clips over it to prevent you losing or
      damaging it.

      The pump is well designed and easy to use the T bar handle is wide and comfortable with a padded
      insert so it doesn't dig in as you use the pump. The pump inflates tyres quickly so it's easy to get
      your tyres to the right pressure and even when inflating tyres from flat or getting road tyres to high pressure it doesn't require too much effort. I've also used this to inflate my motorbike tyre from flat
      and use it regularly to top up the tyres on my car when the local garage airline is out of order.

      I would recommend this to any keen cyclist or anyone with a few bikes in the family who's
      had enough of trying to use mini pumps to keep their tyres at the right pressure.I've lost count of
      how many mini pumps I've replaced over the years which cost £10 - £25 each when the barrel has
      gone or they've been broken. Although you do still need a mini pump for use when you're out and
      about it will last a lot longer when it's not getting used every time you go out to top up or inflate
      tyres from flat. Thanks to the Topeak pump requiring a lot less effort I've found we are more likely
      to keep our tyres at the right pressure which means less chance of punctures as well as getting
      the maximum lifespan and perfromance from your tyres.

      The RRP on the Topeak Joe Blow Sport 2 is £35 although shopping around can save you a little
      with online shops such as wiggle.co.uk currently selling this for £31.49 with free postage.


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      13.01.2012 22:17
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      If it doesn't need to be portable - get this!

      After using my dad's compressor for many years to pump up my bicycle tyres I have now had to resort to my own pump to bring to university with me. I thought about getting a small pump that I could attach to my bike but with the chance of it getting stolen I opted for the track style pump that would also prove easier to use as it has a larger and more stable stroke.

      I actually went to Halfords to buy this pump for around £30 I think a few months ago. Looking at the other pumps available I soon settled on this one as it felt sturdy enough to last the test of time, had two valves so I could pump up both my road and mountain bikes easily, and pumped up to a suitable pressure to keep me rolling smoothly. (160psi max pressure).
      Also impressive are the pumps looks. I am actually a fan of the bright yellow body of this pump, the black handle and stand fits in nicely though as this is what could get scratched so the black hides any scratches nicely. A steel base is also attractive as it cannot be snapped under lots of force and can be used on rough ground.

      When I first got to use this pump I was immediately impressed with it. The rubber hose is very flexible so you can connect it to your bike easily and not strain the valve on the inner tube. The stand is wide enough so you can stand on the edges to stabilise the pump if needed and the handle is actually quite ergonomically shaped so it fits your hands nicely with a rubber insert to absorb some of the force of pushing on it. While pumping I have found that the dial is very easy to read, showing both psi and Bar pressures clearly.
      As mentioned this pump has both schrader and presta valves on it which are easily switched by the turn of the small yellow lever - a very handy addition. Also on this model is a small black release valve that you unscrew so the pump deflates tyres quickly.
      The speed that this pump pumps at is actually very quick and even at high pressures (~120psi) this pump is still able to pump without being too much effort and the pump trying to squirm beneath you. With a long shaft you can really get lots of air into a tyre quickly and although I have not tried it I imagine it would even be possible to pump a car tyre up on this.

      I am extremely pleased with this pump and would recommend it to anyone that needs a pump at their house. This is suitable for all bikes, air beds or even a car and although it is slightly expensive it is built with quality. After 5 months of using my product it shows no signs of wear and I imagine I will still have this product well after university.

      Body Material: Steel barrel and hardened steel base
      Max Inflation: 160psi
      Valve Compatibility: Twin Head connector for Presta, Schrader and Dunlop valves. Alloy thumb-lock ensures a durable air-tight seal
      Extra Features: Oversized elastomer padded handle provides a comfortable grip. Includes ball and air bladder needles


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    • Product Details

      Track stand bike pump by topeak. Is yellow and has a twin head hose.

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