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TP King Trampoline

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Outdoor sports -Size: 14ft Trampoline

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    1 Review
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      21.04.2009 19:05
      Very helpful



      14 foot circular trampoline made by TP toys.

      Last Christmas found me wondering around the shops looking for that perfect Christmas for my children, then aged 4 and 9. I wanted a present that wouldn't join the other long forgotten toys in the toy cupboard; something that would give pleasure for years to come was what I had in mind. I am also keen that my children get lots of exercise and fresh air. When I started out on my quest I really wasn't sure what I was looking for to be honest.

      Browsing around my local garden centre I was interested to see they had a new toy section that concentrated on outdoor toys. There was a good selection of climbing frames, swings and the like. But it was the trampolines that caught my eye. There were several makes on display with hugely varying price tickets. Although at first glance there doesn't seem much difference in the models I soon learnt that the more expensive models are built to last with higher specifications, as I will explain. I left having decided in was a trampoline that my children would be getting!

      Once home I started to do my research, after all this was to be an expensive purchase! I finally decided I wanted a TP trampoline, as this is a company I trust having owned a TP swing deck for many years without any problems. Unfortunately the garden centre couldn't supply the model I wanted so it was to John Lewis I turned. I am a huge fan of John Lewis and decided to buy from them, as I knew I would get good service should any problems arise.

      Having decided on a Tp trampoline I was next confronted with several different models. I wanted a trampoline that would last and that adults as well as children would be able to use. With this in mind I opted for the top of the range Sovereign series. I'm not going to explain all the different models as you can read this on the TP web site. However suffice it to say there are several models within the Sovereign series and I chose the Sovereign 14 foot King model. In addition to the basic Trampoline I bought a safety surround net, something I think is essential if you are considering buying a trampoline. I can't remember exactly how much I paid but I see this package is now available from John Lewis for £ 528.30.

      What you get for your money.
      Delivery was free from John Lewis and it was with great excitement we waited for our Trampoline to be delivered. It arrived as promised on the correct day and I was somewhat surprised by the number and size of the boxes! As this was to be a Christmas present we had to hide the boxes in the garage. The instructions say that the trampoline can be put together in about a 1-½ hours, however this is very optimistic! It actually took my husband and a friend 3 hours to put together on Christmas Eve. I took the boys out shopping to get away from the swearing!

      The Trampoline is 14 feet in diameter and has 96 heavy-duty springs. Some of the cheaper models don't have so many springs and subsequently don't give such a good bounce. The springs are guaranteed for 1 year.

      There are thick pads surrounding the Trampoline and these are made of 25mm 100% closed cell foam. The Trampoline bounce mat and pads are both fully weatherproof. Both have a 5-year warranty.

      The trampoline has 6 steel legs to give extra support and ensure the trampoline is stable. Some cheaper models have fewer less and are therefore not so stable. The steel has a lifetime guarantee against rust.

      There is a small ladder to help access the trampoline.

      The safety surround was very difficult to attach (according to my clever husband)! However it attaches to the outside of the trampoline and is fixed by elastic straps. The upright poles that support the safety net are covered with thick foam pads to prevent accidents.

      The trampoline is 90 cm high and has a diameter of 426cm.

      My opinion.
      This has been one of the best presents I have ever bought for my children. Although the recommended age range is from 6 years my youngest son was able to use the trampoline from age 4,with close adult supervision. My older son at 9,quicky became quite skilful! Both children have used the trampoline on an almost daily basis. During the summer we like to have friends over and the trampoline is always a huge hit with adults and children alike. As it has a 22 stone weight limited most adults can safely use it!

      The trampoline can be left outside all year, which is just as well as it is very heavy to move! I suggest you do move it around to prevent the grass underneath from dying. I should say that before you buy it is important to check you have enough space for the model you have chosen, sounds obvious but these things are big! It is important to position the trampoline on soft ground to help absorb the bounce. You should also ensure that it is not to near any tress or anything else that could cause an injury to a bouncing child.

      Accidents do happen, and accidents on trampolines are unfortunately very common. It is recommended by ROSPA that only one child should bounce at a time, a rule I do enforce! Circular trampolines are easier to use as you are naturally directed to the centre of the jump mat when you bounce. However I strongly recommend you buy a safety surrounding net to ensure no one bounces off! I would suggest you remove the ladder if you don't want very young children getting onto the trampoline when you are not around.

      We have had our trampoline for well over a year now and it looks as good as new. I do check the springs on a regular basis and they are all sound. The bounce mat has lost none of its bounce; neither does it sag as a friend's cheaper model has started to do! The safety surrounding net shows no sign of wear despite having dozens of children lean against it! It is possible to buy a cover for this model but we didn't and to be honest I don't think its necessary. It is also possible to buy a kit to anchor the trampoline down but again unless you are going to place it in a very exposed area I wouldn't bother. We have experienced some very high winds and the trampoline hasn't budged!

      I love the fact that the trampoline is not only great fun but gives us all healthy exercise too! My eldest son at 10 often goes off for a bounce when he feels angry or frustrated!

      The pros.
      I have already mentioned lots! However to sum up I would say that this is a fun and healthy piece of equipment. It has lasted well so far with no signs of wear. It is something all the family can use, all year and is therefore great value for money in my book!

      The cons
      This is not a small trampoline and takes up a fair bit of room in the garden. It is heavy and should really be moved around to prevent damage to the grass, this is not really a problem just something to think about.

      The safety net is fixed to the trampoline surround by elastic toggles. These have a tendency to come undone regularly. The net will still do its job but it is best to ensure the toggles are fixed securely. It can be a bit of a pain to have to constantly walk around fastening them!

      You will need to clean away any leaves or other debris that collects on the bounce mat. I find that debris gets under the surrounding mats and can be difficult to remove.

      This is an expensive trampoline but I think it is well worth the initial outlay! I would definitely recommend this model !


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