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TP Vienna 8ft Trampoline and Enclosure

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Outdoor Sports

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    2 Reviews
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      16.06.2013 10:30
      Very helpful



      Fantastic Fun

      We have had our trampoline for about 3 years, having spent some time scratching our heads about what to buy our youngest daughter for her then 8th Birthday, as having 3 girls of very similar ages its sometimes difficult to buy presents that are different and I begrudge buying for the sake of buying. My best friend had a similar trampoline and suggested it, however I was a bit cautious due to the size of these beasts. They definitely take up a lot of garden and I did a tape measure check before purchasing, although we have moved since and our new house has a very much bigger garden so is no longer an issue.

      I remember ours costing around £100 with enclosure but can be bought for many variations of this price and often see them for sale in different venues, at "sale" prices. I definitely think we have more than had our moneys worth, probably doubly so with how many other children we have had on it. Its good clean fun and I do like to see the girls a) outside b) doing something energetic as opposed to attached to the lap top or telly.

      I personally wouldn't consider buying one of these without the enclosure as the kids do tend to get a little carried away and I can easily see how broken bones could occur, unless you wanted to closely supervise them (which I don't)

      One of the disadvantages is the marks it leaves on the grass where its poles sit, this is solved by moving slightly every week. Another pain is when you mow, as I generally drag it right away, mow then move again. Bizarrely the grass always seems to grow more under the trampoline than anywhere else.

      I did read somewhere (probably long ago thrown instructions) that should be stored in winter but we never have. We have only taken down once, when we moved house. You can see some seasonal wear and tear on the blue padded mats around the edges, which we mended with gaffa tape (classy I know).

      Ours didnt come with steps / ladder to the trampoline and I placed one of the old plastic climbing cubes underneath the opening, so they are able to put their shoes within reach and climb in.

      When the cats where kittens and in the process of having last jabs, I used to pop them on the trampoline and close the zip so they could have a look round outside. Strangely all our cats love to go and sit in the trampoline and are joined by the 2 cats next door, our oldest boy will even sit and be gently bounced (he gets in himself).

      It came in a big box and it took us about an hour to put together, with lots of "is it ready yet?" in the background. With hindsight I think we should have done it the night before her birthday. When the kids went to bed that night we did sneak on for a bounce but was suitably embarrassed when our elderly next door neightbour spotted us. It does take be adult.

      Anyway giving a 5 doo yoo stars as these are excellent and healthy fun.


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        20.05.2009 16:20
        Very helpful



        A must for every garden

        The summer is coming and the kids are getting restless. What do you do?

        The answer is get a trampoline.

        I bought this trampoline for my son who was two recently.
        Now, I know that it is meant for over six year olds, and I am therefore not promoting its use for under six year olds, but whenever he uses it, we are around with him to supervise.

        I spent a bit of time researching what size and which trampoline to get. I have a small garden and therefore a twelve foot one was not an option. The smaller the trampoline however, the lower the upper weight limit.
        This eight foot gives an eighty kilogram weight limit.(Honest, I'm only 70Kg. Kind of)
        I also wanted a surround so I could lock him in----sorry, ---protect him from injury.
        This trampoline seemed to fit the bill. However,it is pricey at well over two hundred quid, but the manufacturer seems to have a good reputation for outdoor toys etc.

        Within 24 hours of placing my order I received a phone call from the delivery company arranging for the trampoline to be delivered on the fourth day after placing the order.

        It came in two boxes, one quite light and easy to move by one person, the other however was much heavier and required two people.

        Once out of the box it was relatively easy to but together, although again I would recommend that two of you do it. There is some early 'balancing 'to do which requires two and some later strong man stuff which is easier with two.

        I made one mistake when assembling the trampoline, and I admit it was when I only glanced at the instructions. When attaching the springs, place them on the canvas first then pull to the frame. The other way arround is much more difficult.

        Near the end the spring pull gets quite difficult and you may need two of you.

        Once all of this is done you will have a trampoline with a fitted surround.

        Build Quality
        This trampoline seems to be made of strong stuff and as it was assembled seemed to get sturdier. The metal is galvanized and shoulh withstand the worst of the weather. I do plan to store it for winter. This looks like it will be easy. Once the surround is down the actual matt and the top of the frame can be taken off the feet, making storage relatively easy.

        The surround seems to fit closely arround the outside of the trampoline. But if a teenager 'slams' into it, there is a risk of toppling if the base is not fixed down. There is a plastic matt covering the springs and does not move off easily, even when my son insists in using it as a running track. Some of the other trampolines have the surround cage inside the springs.

        Using it-Fun time
        Its great. My son goes on and spends hours jumping, falling, running and kicking a football around. All of my sons older cousins love it, as do kids in the local area. There are even one or two forty year old children who use it from time to time especially late at night.

        Value For Money?
        It is expensive to buy, but I did a small calculation and I have calculated that it is actually only £23. This is based on using it for ten years which I think is reasonable. This then seems like a bargain.

        Overall, I think this has been an excellant buy, and remind my wife every day that it was my idea to buy it.


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