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Wilson is a multi-national manufacturer of sports equipment.

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    1 Review
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      16.07.2011 17:27
      Very helpful



      A high quality sports brand name

      To most of us here in Britain, the sports brand name Wilson relates pretty much to tennis, and not really anything else. For me, it was the same for so many years. You'd see the brand name, with its familiar handwritten style of logo, adorning tennis balls and on tennis racquet covers, the butt of the racquet handle having the 'W' there. We often used to use this to decide who served first at school. Spin the racquet, you serve if it lands W up, I serve if it's upside down, more like an M.

      Ultimately, one thing that was never questioned was the quality, and it's something that has followed through into adulthood, and also for my son. Gone are the days of wooden tennis racquets, it's now all about flexible metals and how much power you can generate from the design of a racquet. Wilson are still very much up there as one of the best brands, and I have found that any Wilson tennis racquets I have used have always been excellent. We have two adult ones, one that is better for heavier shots and one that seems lighter and is easier to swing. A third one is the most recent acquisition, my son's new racquet. He has just started tennis lessons, and we were advised in store about Wilson racquets, and also the grips.

      Our son finds this racquet incredibly comfortable to hold, and while ours are getting old, with the grip fabric flaking away in our hands, the heads and strings are still just as good as they always have been. Their tennis balls are always good quality, although it would probably take a bit more of an expert to work out the dynamics of tennis balls and what makes them 'better'.

      But as I got more into American sports, I realised that Wilson aren't an exclusively tennis brand name after all. They are well known for their high quality basketballs and American footballs. At school, we played basketball quite often, and the bog standard balls were nothing compared to the well crafted contours and ridges of the Wilson. It seemed to bounce better, and sail better with the backspin when shooting.

      Where I really had experience of the kit is with American Football. I played it at Uni, and by my final year I was responsible for the kit, both choosing it and looking after it. We had always used Wilson stuff, on the whole, and I had no reason to change, as they had proven to be very durable. Be it shoulder pads, coccyx pads, hip pads or leg sets, or even the helmets, Wilson is a brand that I have found to be reliable and durable. The same is the case for the balls they make. The bullet shaped aerodynamics for the game balls is of high quality, the stitching and feel of the quality material as you hold the ball in your hands makes you realise just how much better they can be when compared to some of the other, cheaper brands that are often used more for practice than anything else.

      In short, Wilson is an internationally recognised brand name for sports equipment. Their products are used across a large number of sports, and there's a general feeling of quality attached to it as far as I am concerned. I'm very confident whenever I see the brand name, and the majority of their products fall very much within a common price bracket with its closest competitors. I highly recommend Wilson sports equipment.


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  • Product Details

    Wilson is one of the world's leading manufacturers of ball sports equipment. The core sports are tennis, baseball, American football, golf, basketball, softball, badminton and squash. Headquartered in Chicago, Wilson employed 1,919 people at the end of 2006 and operates in over 100 countries.

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