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ICC Cricket World Cup 2007

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6 Reviews

The opening ceremony for the next ICC Cricket World Cup will be on 11 March 2007.

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    6 Reviews
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      15.01.2009 01:53
      Very helpful



      Lets hope the 2011 world cup will be far better!

      The ICC Cricket world cup 2007 held in the West Indies in March 2007, has got to go down as the greatest flop of all major cricket tournaments! It was the most prolonged, tiresome, boring and monotonuous world cup ever! First of all the structure of the tournament made absolutely no sense. Initially their were 4 groups of 4 teams in each group, with the top two proceeding to the Super Eight.

      During the Super Eight, all teams were grouped into one massive group of 8 teams, and they all played each other (except the team who was in their group in the initial group stage). Where an earth was the sense in making such a huge league in what is meant to be the second stage of the world cup! Their needed to be a bigger element of 'Knock Out' added to the tournament to create more pulsating and entertaining matches. If they wanted to do a Super Eight, it should have been 2 groups of 4 teams each, with the top 2 in each group proceeding to the semi finals. The Super 8 phase just dragged out for far too long, with over 20 matches played! Useless one sided matches such as Australia vs Ireland, created no interest or real cricket value.

      Once the semi finals stage arrived, both semis were one sided again, with sri lanka and australia comfortably winning their respective matches, and once again in the final it was a one sided affair with australia going onto seal their third world title in a row.

      The ICC should revert back to the old style of the world cup format back in 1996, where after the group stage came the quarter finals, semis then final.

      The local interest in the Carribean was non existent, as tickets were over priced and west indies were knocked out in the super eight stage, so technically did not make the proper knock out stages.


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      04.03.2008 00:12



      not the best world cup

      Cricket world cup happens in four year cycles. Last one was held in West Indies from 13 March to 28 April 2007. Australia remained unbeaten in all the matches played; the other finalists were Sri Lanka.

      This world cup will forever be remembered for the untimely death of Pakistan coach Bob Woolmar who managed and played for counties in England in earlier life. He was found dead in a hotel room, earlier his death was declared murder, later natural, and whatever the cause it was very sad.

      This world cup will also be remembered for poor attendance due to over exposure of the game and tickets being too expensive for locals, it will be remembered for poor one sided matches, match fixing that never came to the fore despite Pakistan coming out with dodgy results. And of course the screw up in the final when play was conducted in darkness, umpires not accepting resignation of Sri Lanka captain and not understanding the laws of cricket. The tournament was played over month and half and this was disliked by everyone too.

      I hope the 2011 competition learns from these mistakes. Cricket is a great game and let us hope that it is not destroyed by commercial interests or match fixing.


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      25.04.2007 17:08
      1 Comment



      Roll on the next world cup !

      Is it just me or has the Cricket World Cup 2007 been going on forever ? It began at the beginning of March and we are now at the end of April, for me that is too long. Yes, I love cricket but there is only so many times I can see David Gower and guests sat on the beach in Barbados without getting jealous.
      However, Sky's coverage of this year's tournament has been fantastic with every single match covered from start to finish. With expert anaylis from some of the game's greats.
      Of course, would the world cup be the world cup without England failing and we were not disappointed. We scraped through to the super stage but only managed victories against the so called "smaller sides" like Ireland and then one hollow victory against the West Indies when both sides were already out.
      The final will be between Sri Lanka...who beat New Zealand in style in the semi's....and the winner of the other semi South Africa and Austrailia. Of course if australia do go on and win it....we may ask ourselves why do we bother...it's like Wimbledon, Federer always wins it.
      As for the next world cup....a shorter tournament would keep the fan's interest and a better perforamance from england please.


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        16.03.2007 19:39



        cricket world cup

        Cricket world cup. 16 nations compete.

        Whenever cricket is played in England, weather always has the last say. Same thing is not happening in the Caribbean where it is held. Rain is still affecting the matches.

        For one match and for one player reduced match was a blessing. Herschelle Gibbs broke the world record. Match was reduced to 40 overs. South Africa were struggling against Holland. Gibbs took the bull by the horn and hit six sixes in one over by Daan van Bunge. This has never been don before in one day matches.

        Good news. Gibbs didn't know this at the time, he made one charity very happy. Johnny Walker had promised $1 million to charity Habitat For Humanity.

        World cup is warming up. Matches are great even when smaller nations take on each other.

        Yesterday Zimbabwe tied a match against Ireland. Now how many people know Irish play cricket.

        World cup in the Caribbean is almost perfect for cricket fans. Good weather, good cricket, new records being set twice in two days and we are only in the first week. Who said cricket was boring.

        England are playing New Zealand. England scored 210 in 50 overs. Well under par. Kiwi's are struggling though, current score 19 for 3. Top three batsman are out, pitch is slow and England might have a chance.

        Any cricket fan will love this world cup because of location and extra matches. Sky are doing a special deal 1/3 off for a year off world package.

        Back to the match..

        Cricket is the winner and so are the charity that is going to get a million.


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          16.03.2007 13:13
          Very helpful



          Fine exhibitions of the game and a chance to see the best players and teams.

          After the debacle of the Ashes 2006/07 we have the ICC Cricket World Cup. Unlike it’s football equivalent and the Olympics the cricket world cup often slips under the radar in terms of popularity, media coverage and as a general conversational topic. We are often told that cricket has minority following, played only amongst the commonwealth nations, and at first glance that may be a correct analysis. Yet, it’s popularity is far greater if we are to believe some. The world cup is expected to be televised in 200 nations with an expected television audience of two billion. In some parts of the world cricket is the number one sport and greater than football. In England it started without a whimper, many still oblivious of how and what cricket is. Yet for the fans it is potential to be a great tournament, one of the most open and competitive in years.

          The Hosts

          The 2007 Cricket world cup is being hosted in the West Indies, this first time they have hosted the tournament and this in itself creates a very unique feel about it. It becomes a true cultural event as the climate, conditions and atmosphere varies enormously across the cricketing world. The West Indies naturally has a reputation for being one of the great cricketing nations, a legacy of great players and a inimitable and joyful atmosphere. Hosting the event in different parts of the world is perhaps one of the best features the cricket world cup has. Yes all other major sports do the same, but in cricket there is a big difference in the style of cricket that can be played depending where you are in the world. The West Indies has smaller grounds, lower bouncing and slower pitches. It promises to be beneficial tournament for those who like big hitting, great for the likes of Freddie Flintoff and Kevin Pietersen.

          Groups and Format
          There are only 16 teams in the tournament, 8 of the teams are considered major cricketing nations the other 8 vary from valuable contenders to no hopers. Seeding in brackets

          Group A:
          Australia (1)
          South Africa (5)
          Scotland (12)
          Netherlands (16)

          Group B:
          Sri Lanka (2)
          India (8)
          Bangladesh (11)
          Bermuda (15)

          Group C:
          New Zealand (3)
          England (7)
          Kenya (10)
          Canada (14)

          Group D:
          Pakistan (4)
          West Indies (6)
          Zimbabwe (9)
          Ireland (13)

          The groups are rather interestingly designed, each one containing 2 of the major cricketing nations and so it is pretty much a for gone conclusion which teams will reach the next stage. The match up between Australia vs South Africa will probably be the most keenly anticipated match, as they are number 1 and number 2 rank teams in the world and amongst the favourites for the World Cup. The next stage after this is the super 8’s, where all teams play each other once apart from the team already faced in the group stage. So in effect each team will play 6 games in this phase of the tournament. This stage promises to be the best part of the tournament, all the sides will compete and presumably in need of a win and there will be plenty of interesting match ups. Amongst these should be a repeat of the Ashes match in Australia vs England and the always fiery and keenly contested India vs Pakistan match. Here 4 teams will go through to the semi finals and then 2 to the final.

          Major Contenders
          Australia : They were overwhelming favourites for the tournament a few weeks ago but the defeats to England and New Zealand in VB tournament showed vulnerability of the team and the don’t posses the invincible allure. Having said that, they sheer quality of the team still re-enforces their favourites tag, Ponting, Hussey and Gilchrist make up an impressive batting lineup. Bowling is slightly suspect with Warne retiring, Lee injured and McGrath playing in his last tournament. The fielding as you can expect is exceptional and with their intensely competitive attitude it is hard to see many teams defeat Australia and they should make the final, if not win it for the third time in a row.

          Sri Lanka : The dark horses of the tournament and most peoples biggest threat ouside Australia and South Africa. They have talented batsmen and bowlers who crucially will love the conditions in West Indies. The small grounds should suit the likes of Jayasuria and the turn bring Murali into the game. They do have a habit of failing to live up to their potential often. They have improved immensely and can give any team a hammering but will they be consistent enough to get their way to the final, it remains to be seen.

          New Zealand : Never really considered amongst the favourites, they always seem to have some good players but you feel they lack match winners. Things may be slightly different in this tournament they have Shane Bond and Jacob Oram who look star quality. 1992 was their best chance of winning a world cup, they have reached the semis since then but still will be one of the outsiders.

          Pakistan: Probably the most unpredictable sides in the competition, posses some amazing talent yet many times do not deliver. They have the capability to beat any team in the competition but consistency maybe their major downfall. They have a fast bowling reputations but they will miss 3 of their main bowlers and it will definitely affect them. Biggest hope lies in the middle order of Younis, Yousuf and Inzimam. They will need strong performances outside this and have players like Afridi who can win a match on his own. Not a team you like to back because of their unpredictable nature but would be the last team to write off.

          South Africa: If the world cup was being played in green climes such as England, Australia at their own home, South Africa would be the favourites to reach the final. They have developed an extremely strong side, which has depth and is powerful in batting, bowling and fielding. Spin may play an important part of the tournament and this is not the South Africa’s strong point. There batting is the strongest on paper and so they may be able to minimise this loss and with Nel and Pollock as an opening bowling line-up they will be a threat to all teams. Should get to the semi-finals at least, in the past they have never gone further than this. If they can develop the big game mentality there is no reason why they can’t win the tournament.

          West Indies : The hosts are quite erratic and will focus much of their chances on home support and performances of key players. Namely Brian Lara, Gayle and Chanderpaul, outside this there is not a lot of star quality however there is a lot of talent and the world cup is known to transform many a talented player into a superstar. Bowling is no the most imposing but is tidy and efficient and they will hope consistency holds throughout the tournament. Many are tipping them to go far in this tournament, but no side has won the tournament on their own soil and it is hard to see West Indies overcoming many of the bigger sides consistently enough to win the tournament. They did reach the final of the Champions Trophy and will draw upon that for inspiration.

          England: Over the last few years , decade even, England and one day cricket have not gone hand in hand. A few weeks ago they would have ranked as outsiders in the top 8 teams. England have found it difficult to build a competitive one day side and their record over the last few years has been poor. However there does seem to be a glimpse of a revival and the underdog tag could work well for them. Previously England didn’t focus enough on developing specialist one day players, leaving them behind many other nations. Many players were tried but failed and it seemed like another world cup failure was on the cards. Recent success in Australia in the 50 over game meant renewed confidence. They will rely on a few players in particular, Pietersen, Collingwood, Flintoff will be key players you feel. Fielding is quality and the bowling is also developing with the likes of Panesar, Plunkett and Mahmood. Still a lot of luck required if they are to progress even to a semi-final stage, but prospects look a whole lot better than a few weeks back. Pressure will also not be as much as the football side.

          India : Have developed a strong side over the last year which is strong in batting and increasingly so in their bowling. The top order will be their backbone, with Ganguly, Tendulkar and Dravid amongst those who will pose problems for the oppositions bowling. There is a lot of pressure on the side and expectation to do well, often in these conditions India have faltered in the past, it would have been better for them to be underdogs like in the 2003 tournament. Yet if they can hold their nerve they have the potential to go far if not win it. Major games will be against Australia and South Africa against both nations whom they struggle against. Slow bowling like the other subcontinent sides will be a strong point they have plenty of options in the bowling.

          Players To Watch.

          This tournament is a last hurrah for many great players in the game, Brian Lara, Inzimam, McGrath, Jayasuria will have their last tournament and many other leading players are in the same boat. As always though, new stars are likely to emerge from this world cup aswell as some enhancing their reputations. Here are 8 that are likely to do well

          Ricky Ponting :
          The new bradman as he is dubbed, has a thirst for getting big scores and the big tournaments. Had his reputation marked with his 140 in the final of the 2003 tournament. A bit of an obvious choice, but will again star in this tournament. Can dominate even the best of bowling line-ups and has no obvious weakness, favourite for the top scorer title surely.

          Kevin Pietersen:
          The linchpin in the England batting line-up, although interestingly England managed to win the their last odi tournament with him injured. Will be one of the most feared batsmen and the main target of the opposition team . He has an unorthodox, aggressive style which is very effective and keeps bowlers under pressure. Small boundaries will suit him, with his frequent lofty shots for 6.

          Shane Bond:
          Perhaps the most dangerous fast bowler in the world cup with Shoaib Akhtar and Brett Lee injured. Has the ability to single handily skittle a side out by himself, clever varieties make him more dangerous and the stats show he is one of the top odi bowlers for a generation. Only problem is injuries and there he hasn’t gone too long in his career without them.

          Mohammad Yousuf:
          Has had an amazing record breaking year in test cricket, which has galvanised him from a good player to one of the top 3 batsmen in the world. His odi game is based upon impeccable timing rather than big shots and most totals for Pakistan revolve around his innings. Very hard to dislodge once he gets in.

          Mahendra Singh Dhoni:
          A talented wicketkeeper who amazed world cricket with his 183* in his first year in odi cricket. A dangerous big hitter, mainly he sixes are clean of the middle of the bat and aim down the ground. Will cause a lot of headaches for the opposition bowling if he is allowed to settle.

          Kumar Sangakkara:
          Another wicketkeeper, more of cultured and orthodox and has the ability to bat his way through the innings. Very versatile and his timing is immaculate, will help form a strong middle order for Sri Lanka.

          Chris Gayle:
          Lazy elegance is perhaps the best way to describe Gayle. Can effortlessly lift a fast bowler for 6 at the top of an innings. Never fears to throw the bat and often pays off. He can be found in the field with his shades on and has a very relaxed approach to cricket it seems. But don’t let this beguile his talent as he is dangerous with both bat and bowl and is one of the world’s premier all rounders who could perform even better on home soil.

          Makhaya Ntini:
          A dangerous fast bowler, who will trouble all batsmen, can be expensive at times but has that wicket taking ability that will scare most sides. He has Pollock to support him at the other end and so there will be no let up for batsmen.

          This World Cup looks very difficult to predict simply because there are so many teams in with a chance. Australia are still favourites for the trophy, which will be their 3rd in a row should they win. Yet the nature of odi cricket particularly in the last few years means that any team can be beaten on the day. After all it was only a year ago that South Africa managed to chase down a world record 438 against Australia. With the grounds being small, it opens it up to some daring batsmen to become a match winner in a short space of time. The pressure on the players will be quite high and it wouldn’t be surprising to see some low scoring matches with close finishes, perhaps determined by exceptional piece of fielding.

          Amongst the other contenders, South Africa, India, Sri Lanka and New Zealand should fancy themselves to make it to the semi-finals at least. West Indies, England and Pakistan will hope to perform well under lessened expectations. Momentum will be key and thus it will not be surprising to see any of the top 8 nations get to the final. The tournament is pretty open and this makes for exciting viewing, it could be one of the best tournaments in years.


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            15.03.2007 12:10
            Very helpful



            cricket world cup

            Cricket world cup began in West Indies on 13th of March. First match was played in Jamaica.

            In the first stage of the cup. Two Test nations take on two miner teams.

            Second stage starts on 28th March and it is played between top two teams from four groups.

            Final is on 27th April.

            Cricket is not like football. It is exclusively played between commonwealth countries. Unlike Soccer cricket doesn't represent world nations. It should be called Queens cup.

            Seven weeks of cricket is too much. People will get bored. I disagree with letting 16 teams compete. Good ones will qualify to second phase. However most of the matches will be uncompetitive.

            Why did ICC (people who run cricket) adopt this format. Answer is for commercial reasons. Cricket matches take whole day to complete. There will be 51 matches played in the tournament. That is too much cricket. Bigger nations will play each other at least three times.

            If I could have seven weeks off I wouldn't mind the format. Lovely weather, people and cricket, fans of every playing nation will be loving it up there.

            On TV I will only watch matches between test nations. Watching cricket in the ground doesn't compare to watching it on TV. Atmosphere adds half the fun to the sport.



            Sorry for not being original. I don't think other teams are strong as Aussies.

            I love to be in the Islands watching these matches. It is almost perfect dream isn't it. Holidays in the sun and cricket at the same time.

            List of first stage matches.

            Thursday, 15 March 2007
            ICC World Cup
            Bermuda v Sri Lanka, Trinidad, 13:30
            Ireland v Zimbabwe, Jamaica, 14:30


            Friday, 16 March 2007
            ICC World Cup
            England v New Zealand, St Lucia, 13:30
            Netherlands v South Africa, St Kitts, 13:30


            Saturday, 17 March 2007
            ICC World Cup
            Bangladesh v India, Trinidad, 13:30
            Ireland v Pakistan, Jamaica, 14:30


            Sunday, 18 March 2007
            ICC World Cup
            Canada v England, St Lucia, 13:30
            Australia v Netherlands, St Kitts, 13:30


            Monday, 19 March 2007
            ICC World Cup
            Bermuda v India, Trinidad, 13:30
            West Indies v Zimbabwe, Jamaica, 14:30


            Tuesday, 20 March 2007
            ICC World Cup
            Kenya v New Zealand, St Lucia, 13:30
            Scotland v South Africa, St Kitts, 13:30


            Wednesday, 21 March 2007
            ICC World Cup
            Bangladesh v Sri Lanka, Trinidad, 13:30
            Pakistan v Zimbabwe, Jamaica, 14:30


            Thursday, 22 March 2007
            ICC World Cup
            Canada v New Zealand, St Lucia, 13:30
            Netherlands v Scotland, St Kitts, 13:30


            Friday, 23 March 2007
            ICC World Cup
            India v Sri Lanka, Trinidad, 13:30
            Ireland v West Indies, Jamaica, 14:30


            Saturday, 24 March 2007
            ICC World Cup
            England v Kenya, St Lucia, 13:30
            Australia v South Africa, St Kitts, 13:30


            Sunday, 25 March 2007
            ICC World Cup
            Bangladesh v Bermuda, Trinidad, 14:30


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