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Indian Premier League

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    4 Reviews
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      16.04.2010 14:00
      Very helpful



      one can have full three hour entertainment by watching it !!

      ~~What is IPL~~
      Indian Premiere League is formed by BCCI (Board of Cricket for Control in India). It was formed to give tough competition to rebel league ICL (Indian Cricket League). It is supervised by BCCI Vice-President and IPL Commissioner Lalit Modi. He is the main mastermind of IPL. It is an Indian 20-20 overs cricket tournament played between 8 teams. IPL of cricket is what EPL (English Premiere League) is to soccer. IPL has made BCCI a multi-billionaire organisation overnight. BCCI has earned lots of dollars from sale of TV rights, promotion, endorsements, logos and from various quarters as well.

      ~~Participating Teams~~
      Delhi Daredevils (DD)
      Mumbai Indians (MI)
      Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR)
      Deccan Chargers (DC)
      Kings XI Punjab (KXI)
      Rajasthan Royals (RR)
      Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB)
      Chennai Super Kings (CSK)

      There are 8 teams by the city name. These teams are consists of national players as well as international players, who are being taken from different teams of countries. All players get selected through a bid.
      From IPL 2011 onwards, 2 more teams will compete for the coveted IPL trophy. These teams are: Pune and Kochi. Pune was bought for $370 million while Kochi has been bought for $333 million.

      ~~Players Bidding~~
      The managers of the teams are aligned to very financially able franchisees and their team management constantly look for best international as well as domestic talent available to them, especially for this format. Once the players are spotted, they are offered with lucrative amounts to play for their particular franchisee for the specified period. Mainly, the period is of 1-3 years. The franchises are given limited amount to buy the players. Every year 3 months before the IPL season, an auction takes place in which bids are done on players. The franchisee which has the highest bidding amount, buys out the player.
      IPL has become the biggest sporting event in just 3 years of history leaving behind EPL (English Premier League) and NBA. IPL is very exciting cricket to watch. It is just like to watch 3 hours show.

      ~~Team Structure~~
      The maximum strength of one squad is 18 (16 players + 1 physiotherapist + 1 coach). Each team must have minimum of 8 local players in their squad, including 2 players from under-22 pool. However, the playing XI can have maximum of only 4 foreign players.
      Each of the 8 teams in the tournament plays all other teams twice in round robin league on home and away basis. As a result of which, no team gets more advantage. The round robin league makes up for 56 matches. The top 4 teams from round robin league will make it to the semi-finals. The semi-final winners compete in the final for the coveted IPL trophy. In all, 59 matches (56 + 2 + 1) are played in IPL. But in IPL 2010, 1 more match will be played. It will be between the losing semi-finalists for the third spot. This match will decide the third team which will compete in Champions Trophy which is played between the top domestic T20 champions from Australia, South Africa, Sri Lanka and many more.
      From IPL 2011 onwards, there will be 94 matches in all.
      The winning IPL 2010 team will receive the prize money of $ 2 million and proportionally, the lesser amounts will be allocated to the other teams placed 2nd to 8th depending on the standings of the respective team on points table.

      ~~Revenue Share~~
      The IPL is predicted to bring the income of approximately $ 1.6 billion over a period of ten years. The distribution of revenue till 2017 is as follows: 40% will go to IPL itself, 54% to the franchisees and 6% as prize money. From 2018 onwards, the share of IPL will be of 50%, franchisees getting 45% and prize money 5%. Sony Entertainment Television network and World Sport Group secured the global broadcasting rights of the IPL event for 10 years. DLF Group is the title sponsor and official broadcaster of the tournament for 5 years starting from 2008.
      Many deals have been done between the IPL and the multiplexes to show the matches live in multiplexes. Even this time IPL has made contracts with Google and You Tube in which the matches will be shown deferred live with the delay of 5 minutes on http://www.youtube.com/ipl.

      IPL has remained in controversy right from the day it was formed. Sometimes the controversy is related to the media coverage on IPL matches or sometimes with the other cricket boards.
      Recently, again controversy broke out relating the stakeholders of Kochi franchisee. It is believed that one of the cabinet minister has played a big role in getting Kochi stakeholders the Kochi franchisee and the matter got worsened today and Income Tax department raided IPL office situated in Mumbai.

      ~~Negative impacts~~
      Since every team has to play 14 round robin matches in the span of 5-6 weeks, there is huge work load on the players which can affect the health of players and can lead to niggles and injuries. Till date, 50 IPL 2010 matches have been played and around 10 players have got injured. As T20 World Cup is approaching, it becomes a matter of concern for all cricket boards as the injuries can barred the players from representing their respective countries at the World Cup.
      Smaller boards which are unable to give huge salaries to their players or the players from the countries that have fragile financial situation attract them to participate in IPL rather than representing their countries at international tours or fixtures.
      Already the existence of Test cricket is in danger, such lucrative IPL offers demotivate the players from participating in Tests. Even the younger generation will groom themselves to become just an IPL player rather than an International Test or ODI cricketer.

      IPL has become the biggest sporting event in just 3 years of history leaving behind EPL (English Premier League) and NBA. IPL is very exciting cricket to watch. It is just like to watch 3 hours show.

      ~~Personal Suggestion~~
      IPL must be played after the World Cup as it will lower the chances of players getting injured before the World Cup and it will help in representing them for their countries.
      The total duration of IPL must be reduced from 5-6 weeks to 3-4 weeks as it will decrease the work load on the players as already there is so much cricket played at International level.


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        05.04.2009 23:43
        Very helpful



        Heart stopping, nail biting action and excitement for 5 solid hours!

        Hello there, all you dooyooers! Today I am going to do a review on the IPL (Indian Premier League).

        WARNING: This is a long review, but I have made it worth your while

        --- What is the IPL? ---

        The IPL is the brainchild of former Word Cup - winning Indian cricket captain, Kapil Dev, in conjunction with Latit Modi (who is now the league's chairman) and former BCCI (Board of Control for Cricket in India) President, Inderjit Singh Bindra. It is an Indian limited overs (20 overs, to be exact) cricket tournament which is contested between 8 teams, i. e. the

        1) Bangalore Royal Challengers,
        2) Chennai Super Kings,
        3) Deccan Chargers,
        4) Delhi Daredevils,
        5) Mumbai Indians,
        6) Kolkota Knight Riders,
        7) Kings XI Punjab and the
        8) Rajasthan Royals.

        The managers of the above mentioned teams are aligned to very financially able franchises, and they and their scouts are on a constant lookout for the very best international cricket talent, for this particular format of the game. Once these players are spotted, they are offered very lucrative financial contracts to play for a particular team/franchise, for a season. The IPL is really nil else than the cricket equivalent of the English Premier Football League.

        ---Background on how the 20 over version of the game is played ---

        Each batting side get the opportunity to bat for 20 overs (1 over = 6 balls, therefore 20 overs = 120 balls). In these allotted overs the 11 batsman must try to accumulate as many runs as possible. In my own humble opinion (hundreds of cricket enthusiasts might very well disagree with me on this), a batting side in this prestigious league, will have failed if it does not end with an average scoring rate of around 8.2 runs per over on an average batting pitch, which adds up to an overall total of . . . 20 x 8.2 = 164 runs.

        As far as the fielding side is concerned, the rules of the 20 over game are very specific . . . no one bowler is allowed to bowl, even a single more ball than 4 overs. This only means that the captain of the side will have to employ AT LEAST 5 bowlers for the 20 overs. I write . . . AT LEAST in capital letters, because often one or perhaps even 2 of a side's 5 usual bowlers does not perform well in a specific match (i.e. too many runs are scored off their bowling), which leaves the captain with little choice, . . . he has to replace such a one (hopefully not more than one in a game, although this has happened many a time, already) rather sooner than later. If he does not act immediately in a situation such as this, his team will lose the mach right here, because this version of the game really affords NO opportunity for a team to recover from, even, 1 critical mistake.

        This is not a difficult decision to make at all; the real headache for the captain is this . . . who on earth do I replace the latter with? If he has a really well balanced cricket side [ 7 batsmen and 4 bowlers in the side = 11 players, with 2 of the 11 being all rounders (players who can both bat and bowl)] at his disposal, he will not have major problems overcoming the above problem, but NOT ALL cricket teams are this well balanced, at all. The above are the most critical issues of the 20 over game, in my opinion. All the other rules are, to one degree or another, the same as the 50 limited over and/or the 5 day cricket game, the latter still being my favourite version. (See my review on . . . The awesome game of Cricket)

        --- The reason why this version of the game will only grow in popularity, in our day, to the, unfortunate, expense of 5 day test cricket, in particular, and even the ODI's (One Day Internationals or 50 limited overs game) ---

        The main reason for the above is, simply . . . TIME. People in our modern world do not have the time to watch 5 day cricket any longer, which, I think, is a real pity. The 5 day test match is like an intricate game of chess between 2 opponents; I wish I could get into it here, but I just remembered . . .

        I am actually reviewing the IPL 20/20 tournament. Another reason for the above, I believe, is modern (especially the younger generation) cricket spectators' insistence on . . . constant action and/or entertainment. The latter, I am sure, is a consequence of the constant array of new, high definition action movies and computer games, which, especially, the youth keeps themselves occupied with these days . . . I might be wrong, but I almost doubt it.

        Well, if you are one of those people who "blames" the game of cricket, so to speak, for one or both of the above mentioned concerns, I can tell you, confidently, and without the slightest reservation . . . the IPL matches are short (an entire match is over in about 5 hours, flat), and the excitement and action is fast, furious and non stop. Even though my knowledge of computer games is non existent, I am 100% confident that there is not ONE, in existence, that can, even, nearly, recreate this kind of heart stopping, nail biting excitement for 10 minutes, never mind 5 solid hours. You will need to stay far away from watching these games if you have a weak heart, or are, otherwise, a nervous kind of person, because a heart attack or a nervous breakdown might very well be the inevitable result, if you don't. I am not kidding!

        --- Some other useful information on the IPL ---

        The official website of the IPL is . . . www.iplt.com It is a really worthwhile site to visit. What you won't find here about the different teams in the tournament, especially, is not worth knowing.

        The BCCI has made close to $ 1.75 billion U.S. to date; . . . $ 908 million from the sale of TV rights, $108 million from promotion and approximately $700 million from the different franchises. No less than ten players have been offered contracts which are worth more than $1million U.S., annually. There is an entire cricket economy out there, which is, apparently, completely unaffected by the global recession.

        The maximum strength of one squad in the IPL tournament is 18 (16 players + 1 physio-therapist + 1 coach.) During this second IPL season any one team may acquire a maximum of 10 foreign players. Each squad must have a minimum of 8 local (i. e. Indian) players, including 2 players from the BCCI under 22 - pool. The playing XI may, however, only have a maximum of 4 international players.

        Each of the 8 teams in the tournament plays all the other teams twice in a round robin league. This part of the tournament will, therefore, consist of 56 matches. The top 4 teams go through to the semi finals (2 games), after which the final is contested between the two remaining teams. Altogether 59 matches (56 + 2 + 1) will be contested.

        The BCCI is the body which is in control of, and ultimately responsible for every issue regarding the IPL. It gives 54% of the revenue the IPL earns, every year, to the various franchises, 6% is kept back for prize money and the remaining 40% goes into its own (the BCCI's) coffers.

        The winning IPL team will receive prize money of $ 960,000 U.S. and the runner up $ 480,000 with proportionally lesser amounts allocated to the teams placed 3rd to 8th.

        The English cricketer, Kevin Petersen, is the highest paid player in the IPL; he was offered a whopping $1,55 million U.S. deal by the Bangalore Royal Challengers to play for them in the IPL.

        This year the tournament is taking place in South Africa, due to the fact that India's National Elections will be held at the time the IPL matches are scheduled to be played. The 2009 tournament is only the IPL's second season. The U. K. was considered, but because their cricketing governing body could not give the BCCI sufficient assurances of good weather in England for the time period during which the tournament would take place [no one can give such assurances but Almighty Elohim (G-d) alone], South Africa got the nod.

        Another contributing factor, in favour of South Africa, was, undoubtedly, the BCCI's foreknowledge of the South African cricket supporters' love for this format of the game. They were fairly confident, from the word go, that they would, pretty much, get all the money, which they would have had to fork out to the South African Cricket Board for the use of all their best cricket venues, back, through the IPL ticket sales.

        --- My favourite IPL team as well as my 4 favourite all time players ---

        My favourite team in the IPL is the Delhi Daredevils. The team's captain is the Indian Cricketer Virender Sehwag, who is an extremely talented cricketer in his own right, and a good choice as captain. The former South African and Australian cricketer, Kepler Wessels is the team coach. He has a very shrewd cricketing brain, something which is absolutely vital in this form of the game.

        My all time 4 favourite players in the IPL is . . .

        Johan Botha (S. A.; unfortunately he does not play for the Delhi Daredevils . . . I say unfortunately, because this guy is a match winner on his very own),

        Tillakaratne Dilshan (Sri Lanka; he plays for the DD's and is one of their greatest assets. An Australian cricket commentator baptised him . . . Tildil, coming from the first 3 letters of his name, coupled with the first 3 letters of his surname.),

        A. B. de Villiers (S. A.; he is, and will always be, one of my all time favourite cricketers. He is an extremely talented cricketer in all formats of the game. It is just as well that he plays for the DD's) and

        Jean Paul Duminy (S. A.; he is South Africa's latest cricketing hero, and a tremendous find. The Mumbai Indians snapped him up in double quick time, before any one else was any the wiser)

        --- Conclusion ---
        If you think that the English Premier Football League is the greatest sporting event in the world, you have seen nothing yet, baby!! Don't you dare to miss the final of the second season of the IPL, which will be played at the Wanderers Cricket Stadium (otherwise known as the . . . "Bullring"), in Johannesburg, South Africa, on the 24th of May 2009.


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          23.03.2009 19:02
          Very helpful



          Mumbai Indians will be 2009's winner!

          The first Indian Premier League Twenty20 tournament was last year and we are quickly approaching the start of the second season which is due to start early next month.

          There is much controversy which has surrounded this tournament since its conception and the latest one which has got everyone in a frenzy is that due to security reasons this year's tournament will not be played in India and as of today(23/3/09) they are still unsure as to where it will be played although countries like England, New Zealand and Canada are amongst the hot favourites.

          Although I am not Twenty20 number one fan I would love to see this tournament in the UK and am looking forward to watching this year's tournament regardless of where it will be played! In some ways I think they should change the country every year so more of us get a chance to watch the great cricket!

          The reason I am not Twnety2o's biggest fan is because I like many other cricket fans think a cricket match should last a minimum of 50 overs as 20 overs is just too short to play any sort of real strategy cricket and its more hit and hope!! In my opinion I think the one day internationals and test matches have more prestige than the Twenty20 game. However even though I am not its number one fan I do see its benefits as its format can fit nicely into an evening's viewing rather than having to take a whole day of work (or week for a test match!) and its good for those short attention span kiddies! Since the last tournament I have to sat I have become a supporter of this format and at the end of the day anything which brings a bit of attention to cricket it a plus in my opinion!

          There have been other complaints about this league such as taking the players away from their international duties but last year's IPL tournament was extremely exciting to watch and it was this tournament rather than the World Cup which drew me into being a Twnety20 advocate. The tournament has a lot of fans especially in South East Asia. There are loads of fantastic cricketers (who all get paid well!) who play in this tournament and they all played extremely well last year especially the likes of Sachin Tendulakar and Rahul Dravid.

          In the tournament there are eight teams Mumbai Indians, Royal Challengers Bangalore, Hyderabad Deccan Chargers, Chennai Super Kings, Delhi Daredevils, Kings XI Punjab, Kolkata Knight Riders and the Rajasthan Royals who all play each other twice than the top four scoring teams play off in a semi final and final. They are also looking to have more teams in years to come.

          Last year's tournament was won by the Rajasthan Royals (part owned by Celeb Big Bro star Shilpa Shetty!!) who beat the Chennai Super Kings in the final at the DY Patil Stadium in Mumbai even though at the start of the competition they were thought of as the least likely to win because they di not purchase one of the "Icon Players", looks like they did well not waste their money. This was a great match which was a great ending to a superb tournament!

          I loved watching last year's tournament and can't wait to watch this years! As well as great exciting cricket there are also always loads of great celebs that come out to watch and support (I especially love the Bollywood Babes!).

          Let's hope they sort out a location soon so we can get on with the cricket!


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            07.12.2008 15:43
            Very helpful
            1 Comment



            definitely worth checking out when it returns

            Twenty-Twenty Cricket has caused a real mix of opinion within the cricketing fraternity. Some say that it is great for the sport and encourages young people to get involved because it is fast paced and very entertaining. Others think it is destroying cricket and taking prestige away from the test form of the game. I can see both sides of the argument to be honest, but think you have to accept both forms of the game for what they are. Nothing will ever deface the fact that international test match cricket is the highest level of cricket and what ultimately separates the good players from the exceptional players. The Cricket Boards themselves were also upset about the idea because they felt that International players should be available to play for the National side at all times and they were concerned that players may opt to play in the IPL as opposed to representing their country.

            The Indian Premier League (IPL) has caused a lot of uproar in England with the media constantly hounding England's top cricketers, asking their opinions on it and whether they would ever play in the IPL. There is a lot of money available to players over there and some have been tempted by this. To date I think I'm correct in saying that Dimitri Mascarenhas is the only English International to have played in the IPL, playing for the Rajasthan Royals who actually won the competition, whilst on a break from his county side Hampshire. I'm sure he won't be the only one though; next season when the competition is run again I think a few more will join up, maybe not International players but some top county players looking to make a name for themselves.

            This years competition ran from the 18th April - 1st June and involved eight teams and fifty-nine matches. The teams were the Mumbai Indians, Royal Challengers Bangalore, Hyderabad Deccan Chargers, Chennai Super Kings, Delhi Daredevils, Kings XI Punjab, Kolkata Knight Riders and the winners Rajasthan Royals. As it was a totally new setup teams had to pick their players, similar to the draft system implemented in American Football when young players leave high school and join teams in the NFL. The draft was held in February. Sixteen players made up a team, there were no more than eight 'foreign' players in a team and four players had to be local. Each player cost the team different amounts of money depending upon their reputation etc. Teams could spend no more than $5,000,000 on their squad.

            The competition was a huge success and because of this they're trying to add four additional teams to the competition, but this probably won't occur until 2010. With the success of the Stanford Series I'm sure the future of twenty-twenty Cricket is bright and the appeal of the IPL will grow. If sky sports get the television rights to next years competition it will be even better, even replays of the matches would be useful due to the time differences between the UK and India.

            Thanks for reading, feel free to comment.


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