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Torvill & Dean's Dancing On Ice The Tour

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    6 Reviews
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      16.08.2014 09:59
      Very helpful


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      • "Last show"

      Dancing on ice the final tour

      Dancing in ice 2014 The Final Tour
      Ticket Price:- £42.50
      Date:- 2nd April 2014
      venue:- Wembley Arena

      I have been a fan of dancing on ice since the very beginning and have watched every season and this year knowing it was the last tour they would ever do I had to be apart of the fun. I had seen the last season on TV with the champions plus joe from the previous shows and loved it so much. I was in the live audience for one of the shows as well which was exciting. Now that I live in the big city of London I knew that I could attend the final tour no matter what! I rung my best friend who doesn't live in London but she was willing to travel up here as she is a huge fan of Gareth Gates. I booked the tickets, neither of us had ever been to wembley before so it took us a little while to select the seats we wanted. We had no clue as the front ones were taken by some right eager beavers and we booked so early! But we made our selection E2 Row F Seats 29 and 30. Great seats!!

      The stars
      Jayne Torvill
      Christopher Dean
      Ray Quinn
      Gareth Gates
      Suzanne Shaw
      Joe Pasquale
      Hayley Tamaddon
      Beth Tweddle
      Kyran Bracken
      Bonnie's Langford

      Doors opened at 6.30 we were there at 6.00 Show started at 7.30
      We took our seats and the show was magical. I can't explain how amazing it was the energy the performances from all were superb. All the stars performed their favourite performance, I loved them all, a few stumbles here and there but overall very good. There was a very funny performance from Joe Pasquale where he took the role of a female skater, I won't ruin it for anyone that is going to see it or if this comes out on DVD but it was hilarious I was shocked and laughing all at the same time. Ray wowed me. He's just a beautiful superb human being who is very talented along with Hayley who was equally as good and perfect. There's a part in the show where you the audience vote for your favourite skater and they are champion of that particular arena performance the winner of this particular one was Ray with Beth as second and Kyran as 3rd. A couple of the performances almost reduced me to tears, Hayley's second skate and the bolero skated by Jayne and Christopher. It was also good to see the judges skating as well. Unfortunately Jason was not one of the judges haha! The judges were Karen, Robin and Nicky.

      After the show (about 10pm) we went to meet the stars and they were all lovely every single one of them. I have photos that I will treasure forever.

      A spectacular show that you all must go and see. Tickets are still available so what are you waiting for.


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      25.01.2013 17:22
      Very helpful



      You must see the tour if you love the series

      Since dancing on ice began my mum had always said how much she would like to be in the audience. Although at that time I didn't know how to make that happen I decided on getting the next best thing for her birthday, tickets to the dancing on ice live tour. This year happened to be the bolero 25th anniversary tour. We decided to go to Manchester and booked for the 18th April. When we eventually told my mum she was thrilled and told everyone, I was equally and we couldn't wait to leave.

      This was the first time we had been to see a show in the UK and we loved it. The atmosphere of the arena made it a much more exciting experience than being sat on the sofa. At the start of the show and after the interval a man came on to get the room excited and explained how the audience would be involved. This included practicing loudest claps and cheers against the opposite side of the arena and showing some members of the audience on the screens. He also encouraged the audience to go "oooh" every time they mentioned the trophy in the show.

      When the show began we saw one dance from each celebrity that was judged.

      The celebrities that year included Ray Quinn, Suzanne Shaw, Kyran Bracken, Roxanne Pallett, Zoe Salmon, Jessica Taylor, Melinda Messanger and the brilliant Todd Carty!

      During Todds best performance from the show he managed to go off in the wrong direction again on top of the planned one from the series.

      After that was an interval where the audience could vote to see their favourite two perform the bolero. Some of the money from this went to a charity.

      At the start of the second half we saw all the celebrities skate again without being judged with the occasional professional dancers and Jayne and Chris performing too. This was continuous and was good as we had no comments and more dancing.

      This was followed by the two boleros and one from Jayne and Chris and the winner of the tour was announced, which was Ray Quinn, and he was given the trophy (oooh!)

      At the start and end was a fantastic new group routine and the whole show was hosted by Andi Peters. We had an amazing time and only wished we had booked seats closer to the front. And so the next year we went again (with seats closer to the front :-) )

      This year was much the same as last year but with different celebrities. These included Chris Fountain and Ray Quinn again, Gaynor Faye, Hayley Tamaddon (who did her amazing Jai Ho dance), Mikey Graham, Gary Lucy, Emily Atack and Clare Buckfield. This year Kyran Bracken was a judge rather than a skater. As a special guest judge we had Michelle Keegan, who plays Tina in Coronation Street, who I think is a brilliant actress and enjoyed seeing her as a judge. This was even better than the first year and we were really getting into watching them.

      So the following year we went again. This year had Sam Attwater (whose riverdance was phenomenal), Laura Hamilton(who was equally as good), Vanilla ice (who sang part of ice ice baby), Chloe Madeley, Denise Welch, Dave Vitty, Johnston Beharry VC and again Hayley Tamaddon.  This year Christopher Biggins was a judge (I don't really like him but he was bearable as a judge.) This was my favourite year.

      Last year we went again. This included Matthew Wolfenden, Jorgie Porter (both of which were great), Heidi Range, Andy Whyment, Chemmy Alcott, Chico and Sam Attwater. Unfortunately, due to injury, Jennifer Ellison couldn't do the show on the date we saw (in Nottingham this time). Instead in the group performances Karen Barber took her place which was great to see but I had really wanted to see Jennifer. Andi Peter's also didn't host this year and so Jayne and Chris were hosts (they should stick to skating though as I didn't like as hosts much at all.)

      This year I am gutted there won't be a tour and look forward to the next one in 2014 (it's a long time away though :-( )


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      23.02.2010 16:14
      Very helpful



      If you like the TV show, you'll love the live show.

      I have been lucky enough to see the first DOI tour and the most recent - the 25th Bolero tour and both of them were worth every penny. I will admit to Torvill and Dean being the main reason for going - I didn't get a chance to see them when they toured as professionals in the 90s so this was the next best thing. I was interested in seeing the celebrities as well, having avidly watched all the TV series.

      It is a fantastic night and fun for all the family. They loosely base the tour on the TV show and if you want, you can text in and vote. The show starts with a group number, then all the celebrities and their partners skate once. After each routine, the judges give comments and points. There is an interval half way through the show and after it, the celebrities skate again with different routines, but this time there are no judge comments. In between the celebrities are professionals skating together or solo and providing a contrast of skating styles. At the end of the night, the two couples with the most votes and points get the chance to skate the Bolero and the judges decide who the winner is. The best thing of all is that it depends on the audience votes, meaning that each night it could be someone different.

      Both shows follow the same format as above and differed only in celebrities and routines. Also the most recent tour only had four judges from the TV show as Jason Gardiner didn't take part in it. The first tour judges were Karen Barber, Nicky Slater, Jason Gardiner and Robin Cousins. There was an additional guest judge who was a local DJ. The third "Bolero" tour featured Karen, Nicky, Robin and a guest judge who was a local DJ (I can't remember their name).

      The 25th anniversary of Bolero show was definitely my favourite. The first show was exciting and enjoyable but my one gripe was that Torvill and Dean didn't skate a Bolero routine. They did do several others but that was the one I wanted to see. Imagine my delight when the Bolero tour came around - I knew they had to perform it. It is no exaggeration to say that I would have happily watched the routine and left without seeing anything else. It was *the* reason for me being there. And quite frankly, it was amazing. To be honest, the rest of the show was enjoyable too so it was well and truly worth the money. The tickets we had were quite high up at the NIA (Birmingham) and cost about £40 each but if you like the TV show and if you like ice skating, it is money well and truly well spent.


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        23.04.2009 03:14
        Very helpful



        It's now after 2 in the morning, so I must go to bed and dream about all those Ice Hunks in sequins

        It's Just gone midnight as I begin to write this, but having literally just got home from The Dancing on Ice: The Bolero 25Th Anniversary Tour 2009, I had to write while it's still so fresh in my mind.

        I'm a big fan of the show, I have watched from the very first series, but I would never have thought about buying a ticket to go to the live tour. My Aunty, famous for missing Christmas, bought the tickets for herself, my mam and me a couple of month ago. Not one to turn my nose up at a free night out to a show, I looked forward to it.

        We saw the show tonight (22/4/09) at the Metro Radio Arena in Newcastle. Our seats where second tier seats in a side corner, but as the ice was in the middle, for this show there where no bad seats. We had an excellent view, which had it been a stage show would have been pretty restricted.

        The show opened with a warm up guy who was pretty funny in a cheesy kind of way, got the audience up and cheering and briefed us on the show. There where cameras that zoomed in on different parts of the audience and showed on a huge screen, and he made a few jokes at some peoples expense. Luckily I was spared this humiliation, I was cringing a bit here. The warm up lasted around 10 minutes.

        And then the skating began. The show opened with a theatrical, flamboyant Gothic like number from the professional skaters. Dressed in black, red and deep purples with eerie masquerade ball type face masks they skated spectacularly to some powerful classical music (I couldn't say which piece I'm afraid). The lighting was reds and purples and very dramatic. One skater adorned huge purple wings which added to the drama. Then a large white circular curtain came down from the ceiling into the middle of the ice containing all the skaters within. At first lit with red lights, you could see the silhouettes of the skaters inside. This then went back to white and flashes of Torvill and Dean dancing Their Gold Medal winning performance at the Sarajevo Olympics in 1984 where projected onto it. Suddenly the curtains where ripped down and pulled away from the ice and there in the middle of the ice, in that now iconic kneeling pose, was Jane Torvill and Christopher Dean.

        I was only a little girl of 7 when Torvill and Dean performed The Bolero in 1984, and became the highest scoring figure skaters of all time receiving an across the board perfect 6.0 score from all judges. I remember seeing it on TV, and like most little girls of that time, wanting to be like Jane Torvill. 25 years later it certainly hasn't lost any of its magic. It was absolutely breathtakingly stunning. The ROM pom a pom pom of the famous Bolero music pounded through my heart and I had goosebumps everywhere. I felt very emotional and had tears in my eyes. No matter how many times I have seen this performed on TV, it can not compare to seeing it live. The rest of the audience seemed to feel the same, as there was a moments hush as they fell to the floor and the routine ended, and then they where given a huge standing ovation. I honestly feel it was worth going to the show just for the privilege of seeing this Iconic and beautiful Ice dance by Torvill and Dean themselves.

        Then Andy Peters takes over as the host. The first half of the show follows the same format as the TV show in that 9 Celebrity skaters from the recent show, and a couple of favourites from previous years perform with a professional skater and are then judged by a panel. The panel consisted of TV show judges Ruthie Henshall, Karen Barber, Nicky Slater and Robin Cousins. Unfortunately sharp tongued Jason Gardiner didn't take part in the tour, depriving us the pantomime booing that his harsh comments generally provoke. A surprise guest judge was billed, but this turned out to be some old bloke from The Northern Echo!?! The full line up of Celeb skaters where:

        Melinda Messenger
        Zoe Salmon
        Todd Carty
        Jessica Taylor
        Roxanne Pallet
        Suzanne Shaw (winner 08)
        Kieren Bracken (winner 07)
        Chris Fountain(runner up 08)
        Ray Quinn (winner 09)

        I won't go through every single performance but the highlights where:

        Chris Fountain dancing with professional partner Frankie Poultney. They skated to 'You raise me up' and was a slower number than what we are used to seeing from Chris. However it was graceful with breathtaking lifts. Absolutely brilliant.

        Todd Carty dancing with professional partner Susie Lipanova. Doing the hilarious routine to The Beatles 'Help' which in the live shows saw Todd accidentally fall right out the stage exit, only to be shoved back on. Todd has improved, slightly, from the shows. He actually managed 2.5 scores from 4 judges and a 6.0 from the guest judge! The routine was hilarious as ever, having the three us in tears of laughter. He included his, this time contrived, awkward exit. While he was gone from the stage, the big screens showed pictures of him supposedly passing through the dressing rooms, cafe and reading a newspaper before arriving back on the stage. It was very funny and the audience loved him.

        Jessica Taylor dancing with professional partner Pavel Aubrecht. Jessica came 3rd runner up in this years TV series and I felt she was somewhat cheated. I did root for Donnel who pipped her to second place as he was undoubtedly the celeb with the biggest journey during the series. However I felt Jessica was the better skater. And she has improved even more since the show. Performing to Annie Lennox's 'Why' it was elegant, graceful, beautiful to watch. I couldn't take my eyes away, she connected so well with Pavel, it was very romantic. And she looked stunning in a floaty pink dress.

        Roxanne Pallet skating with Professional skater Dan Whiston. Now Roxy wasn't everyone's cup of tea, particularly the judges. I felt she got a hard time during the TV show. I have to mention her performance to Marylin Monroe's 'I Wanna Be Loved By You' for her death defying 'headbanger' (a move where she is swung round by her feet and raised high then dipped down so her head was almost banging off the ice) which is terrifying to witness live. I liked her cheeky and fun performance, and she deserves credit for being so brave! She's also from my town so 'Go Roxy'!

        Kieren Bracken did a fast number to I'll be there for you (Theme tune from Friends) and was really good. Ray Quin was a bit disappointing. His heart didn't seem to be in it tonight and his performance lacked some spark, although we did get that famous and impressive Russian Split Jump to the audiences delight. Suzanne Shaw was very disappointing, looking hefty and stiff.

        Then came an interval break, in which just like the TV show, the audience has the opportunity to vote for their favourite by text (which goes to charity and cost 50p). The audiences votes would be combined with the judges scores and the winner would win the opportunity to perform The Bolero at the end.

        The second half opened with a routine to 80's pop favourites Wham and Wake Me Up Before You Go Go. This included all the celebs and professionals and Torvill and Dean. It was a very fun up tempo routine and had us all clapping away in the audience. Very enjoyable.

        The rest of the second half was a mix of more celeb performances and performances from the professionals only. And here's where we see some really fantastic skating with unbelievable stomach churning tricks. The professional skaters get over shadowed by their celeb partners in the TV show, so it was absolutely fantastic to see them perform alone and has really inspired me to look out for other Ice shows. My favourite here was a routine to 'When Two Tribes Go To War' Performed by Dan Whiston, Frankie Poultney and Matt Evers. This was fast and action packed, with Frankie's gymnastics on the ice leaving the audience gasping.

        We were also treated to another performance from the King and Queen of Ice Dance, Torvill and Dean. This time to an uptempo version of 'Save The Last Dance For Me' Its hard to believe the pair of them are in their 50's (The same age as my Mother!) yet they still manage to be modern and contemporary in their ice skating, never failing to impress. Another standing ovation.

        Finally the results are announced, Ray Quin and Chris Fountain are the favoured 2 ( I would have preferred to see Jessica here rather than Ray) and they dance the Bolero. Both are beautiful, but Chris out does Ray by far to become the winner of the evening.

        I thoroughly enjoyed the whole show. There wasn't a boring moment amongst it. Like I said at the beginning of the review it was worth going just to see Torvill and Dean perform The Bolero. There are only 4 dates left for this tour, all in the next few days in Birmingham and I have no idea if there are any tickets still available. However if you are a fan of this show, I would hugely recommend you make sure you book yourself a ticket next year. You won't be disappointed, I promise.

        It's now after 2 in the morning, so I must go to bed and dream about all those Ice Hunks in sequined vests. Night ;-)


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          20.04.2009 11:26
          Very helpful



          A night to remember :)

          I spent last night at the Manchester Evening News Arena (MEN) watching the Dancing on Ice, Bolero 25th Anniversary tour.

          The show has been running for three years now and so has the tour which happens after the live competition has finished.
          I have never been before but we decided to treat ourselves this year as I love Dancing on Ice!
          My fiancé accompanied me; he isn't as keen on the show as me but does enjoy it.

          We had driven over to Manchester last week to find a decent car park before the busy madness of the night, we found a car park just across the road from the arena which said 'All day parking £3'....when we returned last night this sign had disappeared and a new one said 'Events parking £6', that was still the cheapest in the area but we were annoyed it had doubled!
          The MEN Arena also has a car park run by NCP but the parking there is more expensive, around £2 an hour.

          There are many entrances into the arena and we were in quickly after a very brief check of the contents of my handbag. There were stands inside selling food, drinks and merchandise....we just had a regular drink of Coke for £2.

          The merchandise on sale included key rings, t-shirts, DVDs and Programmes. We bought a programme for a ridiculous £10, everything was quite overpriced!

          The show
          We were seated on the second tier on the front row, very good seats I think as we could see perfectly.

          The show started promptly at 6.30pm which was impressive seen as most things are late these days.
          Andi Peters was the host of the show, I'd have rather had Phillip Schofield and Holly Wiloughby but I guess my tickets would have cost a lot more then!!

          The opening act was fantastic, around 8 ice dancers dressed in masquerade costumes with beautiful huge dresses. A silk tent type thing came from above the ice and lit up with various images of Torville and Dean doing Bolero. Some of the dancers were spinning around inside and you could see their silhouettes. All but two came out and carried on ice dancing, the silk tent lifted up and there were Torville and Dean in their starting Bolero position knelt on the ice complete with purple outfits.

          This year is the 25th anniversary of Torville and Deans winning Bolero act at the Sarajevo Olympics in 1984 so we knew this was going to be a special tour but never dreamed the opening act would be Bolero, the crowd went silent as we watched the spell binding romanticism of the dance.

          The judges (minus Jason) were there too; Nicky Slater, Karen Barber, Robin Cousins and Ruthie Henshall. There was also a guest judge who was a DJ at Manchester Galaxy FM.
          In the first half, the celebrities and their partners danced one of their routines from the TV shows and they were marked by the judges as on TV.
          The couples on the tour this year were:
          2007 Winner Kyran Bracken and his partner Melanie Lambert.
          2009 useless dancer Todd Carty and Susie Lipanova.
          2008 runner up Chris Fountain and Frankie Poultney.
          2009 contenders-
          Melinda Messenger and Fred Palascak.
          Roxanne Pallett and Dan Whiston.
          Zoe Salmon and Matt Evers.
          Jessica Taylor and Pavel Aubrecht.
          2009 winner Ray Quinn and Maria Filippov.
          2008 winner Suzanne Shaw and a new partner Lukasz Rozycki because her partner in the show was Matt Evers who is performing with Zoe Salmon.

          At the end of the first half of the show the text lines were opened so we could vote for our winner, the votes are combined with the judges marks and the winning two got to perform Bolero and then the judges chose the Dancing on Ice tour champion and they got a pretty trophy :)

          The most impressive acts were for me Chris Fountain and Ray Quinn, I voted Chris in the end though.

          There was a 15 minute interval at around 7.45pm and then the second half commenced.

          In the second half the celebrities again skated with their partners but the best bits for me were the routines of the professionals.

          Frankie, Matt and Dan performed a fantastic routine to 'When two tribes go to war' the two men were fighting over Frankie and throwing her between them on the ice at one point!
          Their speed on the ice was breathtaking

          Suzannes new partner Lucasz performed a routine with his wife, a skater that has never been associated with the show before either - Alexandra Schauman. I really hope both of them will be on the TV show next year as they were absolutely the best act of the evening, the only act to get a standing ovation!
          He is a polish champion skater and she is a Swedish champion, they met whilst skating and now dance together as a perfect pairing!

          Torville and Dean also performed again in this half and as always were flawless.

          The results of the voting were counted and verified.....and the two celebrities which danced the Bolero were Ray Quinn (unsurprisingly) and Jessica Taylor. Everyone was shocked when Chris was eliminated from the line-up so he must have had a fair few votes!

          These two were in the final of Dancing on Ice 2009 so we had seen them perform the routine before but they were both brilliant.

          And the champion is..........

          Ray Quinn!

          We had a fantastic night, every minute was pack jammed with dancing and entertainment. The highlight for most people judging by the audience reaction was Torville and Deans Bolero and the new skaters routine together.

          I'm sure we'll be going next year :)

          Ticket Prices
          Upper second tier: £27.50
          Second tier: £32.50
          First tier: £45
          And a few rinkside seats at a cost of around £60.
          (plus booking fee and postage so our two tickets cost us £72 in total)

          The tour goes around the UK; Sheffield, London, Manchester, Newcastle, Birmingham and Belfast.


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            17.05.2007 15:08
            Very helpful



            Buy the DVD when it comes out, and if they tour again, go see them. Amazing!!

            Dancing on Ice Live

            A little piece of my childhood, relived….

            I was ten years old when, on the 14th February, Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean skated their way into the record books when they took Gold at the 1984 Winter Olympics in Sarajevo. Today, in preparation for writing this review, I watched their performance all the way through for the first time in 23 years. Half a box of tissues later (and it’s not just because I’m pregnant and weeping at everything, honest!) I’m finding it quite hard to express how beautiful and how moving that Bolero routine is to watch, even now, so many years later.

            At the time, coming off the ice to rows of perfect scores, armfuls of flowers and with a couple of shiny gold medals to collect, Christopher Dean was reported as saying that it was the most emotional routine they had ever performed together, and I can honestly say that everyone I’ve ever talked to about it, then and now, has had to agree. Their synchronicity, the flow of their bodies and their timing, coupled with such a grace across the ice as we had never seen before, and moves that were so perfectly in tune with the mood and the pace of the score, it was a routine that truly did change the face of ice dancing forever.

            I feel the same about that day, as perhaps some of you might, remembering where you were when Kennedy was shot, or Neil Armstrong placed his foot on the surface of the moon for the first time. It was the first time in my life I had been moved to tears by strangers, the first time I had felt such a strong longing to be THAT graceful and THAT beautiful. It feels strange today, watching it again from inside a grown up mind, inside a skin that I am content and comfortable with, and to still feel the memories of that long lost 10 year old’s longing.

            The TV Show

            When the Dancing on Ice show began on ITV1, I knew even before the first episode that I was going to love it. What could be better than celebrities who’ve never set foot on the ice before, being taught how to ice dance by the ultimate ice dancing team. A perfect show design and I proved myself right by loving every second of that Saturday night TV.

            After the second series, which finished earlier this year, it was announced that stars from the show, along with the wonderful Torvill and Dean, would be going on tour, taking the show around the country. My sister (an avid ice dancing fan) and I decided there was no question – if we could get tickets, we were going! Tickets sold out fast, but another, final date was announced, and it just so happened to be in Newcastle, so as soon as they went on sale she bought three, so mum could come too, and we were on our way!

            The Dancing on Ice Live Show

            The final show for which we had tickets was on Sunday 6th May 2007, and I woke up that morning as excited as if it were Christmas, or my birthday! My sister picked us up and we drove the 10 minutes or so to the Newcastle Arena. Getting into the arena was up a huge flight of stone steps, though I’m sure there must have been disabled access for people who used wheelchairs or had problems with mobility.

            Mum bought a programme (£10.00 and in a shiny protective sleeve), and we went in to find our seats. We had paid about £45.00 each for our tickets and when we found our seats, we understood why – best seats in the house we crowed to each other with huge smiles on our faces. We had a perfect view of the ice, and were close enough to be able to really see facial expressions etc.

            The show was hosted by Andy Peters, who stood at the far end of the ice rink, on a small stage, with the judges, Jane, and Chris, when they weren’t performing. The show was in two halves, the first being exactly like the TV show, with the celebrities and their partners performing for votes from us in the audience and the judges.

            As the lights went down, I wasn’t sure of how much we’d get to see Jane and Chris in action, but I wasn’t disappointed – the first routine was theirs, and they completely owned the ice and wowed the audience into stunned silence, showing that for them, being on the ice is more first nature than second, and that for all the time they’ve worked together, they’ve never lost that sense of connection between them. Watching them, it was as though they were part of each other, and knew exactly what the other was thinking, feeling, doing, and moved in time with that connection. Amazing to watch!

            The celebrities came on one by one and performed routines they had done in the TV show, then went to the stage and chatted with Andy and the judges, and heard comments on their performance by Jane and Chris. The format was exactly the same as the TV show, the only difference being how emotional the whole cast were, as it was their last ever show performing together. It was obvious from the way their were talking (and crying, in some of the ladies’ cases!) that they were all very sad to be leaving each other, and that they had all been touched in extraordinary ways by the experience. Kyran Bracken, who of course won the TV show, was particularly moving, as he tried to express to Andy and us in the audience the passion he felt for skating that even surpassed his passion for rugby, the sport which earned him his fame.

            All the celebrities performed really well, no-one fell over or made any mistakes, and they all got good scores not just from us, but from the judges as well, even Jason Gardiner, who we got to boo occasionally, but good naturedly! Jane remarked that their performances all showed how much they realised this would be their last performance, and that because of that, they all seemed to really be putting every last drop of effort, energy and emotion into it, and it really did show.

            During the first half, Jane and Chris skated twice more, once alone, and once with all the celebrities, and we came out of the first half to buy hotdogs and run to the loo to cool our clap-sore hands feeling we really were getting our money’s worth!

            The second half was incredible, as it was a mixture of the celebrities and the professionals doing routines. There were no pauses for chatter between routines, and we all felt they had managed to pack an incredible amount of wonderful skating into this section. Jane and Chris performed Imagine, by John Lennon, and the celebrities did some of their favourite routines from the show, but it was the professional skaters who stole the show, with some fast and furious routines, as well as some simply magical ones. Daniel Whiston silenced the Arena with his heavenly interpretation of Angels, by Robbie Williams. If you’re going out to buy the DVD (which incidentally was filmed that night) you will want to fast forward it to this routine and have a box of tissues by you, it was truly remarkable. Another of the professional skaters to wow us was the lovely Andrei (who partnered Claire Buckfield in the TV show), who skated with his wife, who hails from Newcastle. He was quite emotional when he was interviewed in the first half, with both him and Claire (who was in floods of tears) both saying that Newcastle was a very special place for them. His routine with his wife was slow, loving and really beautiful!

            Once this flurry of routines was over, the winner of the night was announced – I won’t let on who it was in case you’re buying the DVD, but before that happened, two skaters had to perform their version of Bolero. Kyran Bracken was one, but will you guess who the other one was?!! After the champion of the night was awarded their gong, a finale dance with all the stars of the show, including Jane and Chris, was performed, to thunderous applause and cheers and screeches (that would be me…!) and then the stars sailed off and the lights came back on in the Arena, and we all tripped, light-headed and still in skating land, off home to our beds.

            My Overall Opinion.

            Well in case you haven’t worked it out already, I loved every minute of it. There were times when I knew my mouth was open in a very unladylike fashion but couldn’t have closed it if you paid me a hundred pounds! There were times when I could barely breathe for sheer wonder, and times when the hairs on the back of my neck stood up like someone had walked over my grave. It was magical, beautiful, serene, graceful, all the things and more that I felt that February day over 20 years ago, watching history being made, and I’m ever so glad I got to be there.

            Thank you for reading, Kate x

            **The DVD of the last night’s performance of the Dancing on Ice Live Tour 2007 should be available soon – probably just before the next series airs! I’ll update this review as soon as there is a release date.**


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