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10 Minute Solution - Blast Off Belly Fat (DVD)

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7 Reviews

Genre: Sports - Fitness / Exempt / DVD released 2008-12-26 at Starz Home Entertainment / Features of the DVD: PAL

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    7 Reviews
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      03.12.2012 18:00
      Very helpful



      Good DVD to go onto if you need a short workout if you are out of time!

      I bought this after having done the 30 Day Shred by Jillian Michaels. I had done it for 4 or 5 weeks, and felt I needed something else to pep up the workout a bit. So I got this!

      There are 5 10 minute sections that you can either do one, or mix a few or do the whole 50 minutes (If you're feeling brave!). The sections are called Flat Belly Fast, where you train your ab muscles to lay flat (You will need a folded towel for this), Pilates Perfect Abs, Belly Fat Blaster (cardio based), Abs Ripper (a mix of all the sections in one ten minute slot) and Six Pack Abs (mat based crunches). To help you get through, I played a little game with myself, and counted the amount of times she said "Abs tight!!"

      Easy to fit in 10 minute sections.
      Mostly clear instruction
      Just as you think you cant go on, she lets you have a rest
      Effective, work up a sweat and feel the muscles worked.
      She tells you why you are doing certain moves, so you know where you are targeting.

      Not a very long warm up (but to be expected considering the time frame) They should have a seperate section with an extended warm up in it.
      The music...its terrible...but if you concentrate as much as I do trying not to pass out, it doesn't matter too much.
      Quite a few shots of her bum and hips and her groin area when doing hard bits, which is kind of off putting!
      She tries to time her saying "now ten tiny tucks" in with the music, which is eye-rollingly cheesy
      Speaking of the ten tiny tucks...there's a lot, and yes, you get shots of her groin whilst she's doing them...

      I wouldn't say this was a very difficult DVD, but after Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred, I can do anything! The section Six Pack Abs and Pilates Perfect Abs are fairly hard on the neck as you spend a fair amount of time curled up, so I wouldn't recommend it to anyone with a neck issue. Its fairly low impact for the knees, although some of the stretches and moves you have to have a fair amount of balance for (or she says you can use a chair/wall to stabilise yourself on!).


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      08.03.2012 20:57
      Very helpful



      10 minute solution dvd with midsection focus

      This 10 minute solution dvd is part of a larger 10 minute solution family, of 20 plus dvds that all follow the same layout, these dvds range from hip hop dance to pilates. I have a few of these dvds now (see my other 10 minute solution dvd review). This dvd is Blast Off Belly Fat, which aims to trim, firm and flatten your midsection. I bought this dvd as I already had a few of the other 10 minute solution dvds and found them helpful in my busy working mum lifestlye. also since having my son I was still carrying some excess weight around my belly. Like all 10 minute solution dvds this dvd includes 5x10 minute workouts. You can customise these workouts to suit yourself, you can do one workout at a time, all together or mix and match. To mix and match all you need to do is select the option from the menu and programme which workouts you want to do using your dvd remote. The only things you need for these workouts is a mat and a towel, in one workout you don't even need your trainers. You can pick this dvd up or any of the others in the range for £5 or less in most supermarkets, HMV, and online.

      Packaging and layout-
      The packaging on all 10 minute solution dvds follow the same layout. The 10 minute solution logo appears in the top left hand corner of the box with the name of the dvd underneath. Below this its states that there are 5x 10 minute workouts and the aime of these workouts in this case it is to trim, firm and flatten your midsection. There is then a list of the 5 workouts. On the right hand side of the box there is a picture of the instructor. All the 10 minute solution dvds have a colour theme, in this case its blue, some of the words are written in blue and the instructors outfit follows this colour theme too.
      The back of the box gives you all the information you need. Below is a list of all 5 workouts and a little bit about each as featured on the back of the box.

      Flat Belly Fast-
      Get a flat belly that will turn heads. This core-focused segement zeros in on the deepest abdominal muscles with a singular goal: to flatten your belly fast.

      Pilates Perfect Abs-
      Pilates is famous for delivering a sexy midsection without traditional crunches or sit ups. This programme delievers those pilates perfect abs.

      Belly Fat Blaster-
      Toned, firm ab muscles can be hidden from view by a layer of fat. This standing segment will burn mega calories and bring you that much closer to revealing your chiseled ab muscles.

      Ab Ripper-
      Instructor Suzanne Bowen picked her favourite, most effective exercises and put them together into this powerful, 10 minute , all out attack on belly fat.

      Six Pack Abs-
      If you won't be satisfied until you have washboard abs, let's hit the floor and crunch it out with this jam-packed workout that will leave you well on your way to six pack abs.

      There is also a small section of information about the instructor on the back of the box. Suzanne Bowen is a certified group fitness instructor from Nashville, Tennessee and has been a fitness professional for more than 10 years. This is the only 10 minute solution dvd I have at the moment with this instructor.

      Dvd and my view-
      Like most fitness dvds the instructor looks good and has amazing abs so this really encourages you to keep going as you can see what working hard could get you. The workouts are only 10 minutes but the end of each one you can really feel that ache in your belly.
      Each workout does include a short warm up and a short cool down, and like I stated in my other 10 minute solution review, just as you are starting to get into an exercise its time to move onto another. I found it helpful to watch a section through before trying it as there is alot to take in, however as most of this dvd is floor based its less difficult to keep up. The whole dvd like stated on the book is midsection focused. There is alot of floor work, including planks, press ups and lots of crunches, so if you aren't a fan of floor work this dvd isn't for you. I am not the biggest fan of floor work so my favourite 10 minute workout is the Belly Fat Blaster as there is no floor work included.
      You don't need much floor space for these workouts a few paces in each direction, and space to lay your mat out is all you need.
      The music on the dvd works well with the workouts, music varies for each workout to suit mood and pace of the workout. It isn't annoying and doesn't overpower the instructors instructions.
      If I'm totally honest this is one of the harder 10 minute solution dvds I have. The workouts are quite intense and leave you with that sore feeling in your belly. Beginners will struggle for sure and even the more experienced will struggle in parts. Like anything it does get easier the more you do it, but I tend to use some of my other 10 minute solution dvds more than this one. I'm sure the results will be fab and worth it if continued with. The instructor makes it all look far to easy.

      This is a good value for money dvd, like the whole range, however its an intense belly fat fighting workout that I struggled with. Its worth a try, especially for those who want that belly gone.


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      19.10.2010 11:00
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      A great 10 minute solution!

      I'm a fitness freak and love working out I was looking for something that would shed a few extra pounds on my midsection. So the first 10 minute solutions DVD I saw was relativity the same as the blast off belly fat but was for toning. (I'm going to buy the toning one after I shed a few extra pounds)
      So I seen the blast off belly fat DVD and was thinking about getting it but didn't so I went home and looked at the reviews on this exact one. They were all 4 or 5 star ratings and a lot of them mentioned losing weight and really feeling the burn which is great. So I went back and bought it from Tesco for only £4.00 it also has a sticker on it with a five 5 rating from women's weekly. The 10 minute solution program is part of a package there's around 10 different ones from Latin dancing to yoga and Pilates and many more which I will be purchasing over time. You can buy these DVD's online or at a lot of other big brand name stores but the prices may vary.

      The DVD packing is helpful enough itself, it tells you all the workouts and what there for. It has a picture of the instructor on there and its not hard to miss.
      There's a great introduction explaining them all in detail and showing you clips which was really helpful.
      In the beginning of each work out there's also a little introduction.
      The instructor Suzanne browen is a AFAA certified group fitness instructor that has been a professional for almost 10 years. She's great she makes it very easy and is very motivating. And tells you before hand what to do if you're a beginner in everyone of her workouts. All of the work out are on the floor but the belly fat blaster is not. It's handy to have socks of trainers on all of these workouts or try and do it on a carpet surface if you don't have a yoga mat then, just use a towel. You can also add some weights into your workouts maybe arm ones I have arm ones which are about 1b or 2. Also, if you don't want to do the workouts or find them abit too hard, you can always just do some of the excersises shown on the dvd.

      Okay, so there's five workouts all 10 minutes long.

      First workout:
      FLAT BELLY FAST - Get a flat belly that will turn-heads. This core focusing segment zeros in on the deepest abdominal muscles with a singular goal: to flatten your belly. (This one uses a mixture of different workouts so it's good if you get bored easy but may be hard to beginners.)

      Second workout:
      PILATES PERFECT ABS - Pilates is famous for delivering a sexy midsection without traditional crunches or sit-ups. This programme delivers those Pilates perfect abs.

      (This is one of my favourite ones, it's quite hard and can strain the neck but you can feel the burn so it's a great one to start off with. It's also on the floor)

      Third workout:
      BELLY FAT BLASTER: Toned, firm ab muscles can be hidden from view by a layer of fat. This standing segment will burn mega calories and bring you that much closer to revealing your chiselled ab muscles.

      (This is my all time favourite one. Not only will you tone up but you will burn a lot of fat and you will feel it as well the burn comes almost instantly and your heart rate goes up and you will be sweating within 5 minutes! If this is the only one you do your sure to get the results you want. It concentrates mainly on crunches and it involved a lot of squats which are great for toning up your bottom. So you'll really feel the burn all over and also it works your arms as well. )

      Fourth workout:
      AB RIPPER - In this one, Suzanne picks her favourite most effective exercises and put them together into this powerful 10-minute all-out attack on belly fat.

      Fifth workout:
      SIX PAC ABS - If you won't be satisfied until you have washboard abs, let's hit the floor and crunch it out with this jam-packed workout that will you leave you well on your way to six pack abs,.

      There's a DVD BONUS: You can create your own custom workout program by selecting and programming any of the five segments in the order you select. You can find this option on the menu.

      So, you can either do one or maybe 2 or 3 if your not pressed for time or combine all 5 for an amazing belly fat blasting workout!
      On the DVD it does recommend that you consult your doctor before starting any exercise program and this one.

      I love this DVD so much I will be buying all of them. Its more effective than all of my other workouts out I've done and there around an hour long it usually takes me about an hour to get my heart rate going and too sweat but by doing these I sweat within 5 minutes and my whole body is aching the next day but that's mostly when doing the belly fat blaster. I would recommend these workouts to anyone of any age and no matter how hectic there daily lifestyle is they'll always find time to do this and will always be able to buy it. I give this a 10/10 rating.


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        17.09.2010 00:21



        Very well worth the money, a great workout without taking up too much time.

        I brought this DVD as I seriously wanted to loose some weight. After gaining a considerable amount of weight a few years back, I decided I needed to loose some. Due to being a single mum and working full time I didn't get much time for exercise, so I searched amazon for Fitness DVDs and came across this one. Initally I thought that 10 minutes would not do anything, but thought I would give it a go anyway. After the first session I could really feel it working, My muscles were aching, my whole body felt like I had just run a few miles. It was fantastic. I have kept it up 5 days a week (mon - fri) for the last 3 months and have been eating a little bit more sensible and have lost a stone and a half.

        I would definitely recommend this DVD to anyone that is trying to loose weight but doesn't have the time for a full long work out as this targets all the right areas and every section is only 10 minutes long.. Im sure everyone can find 10mins in their day for this. Well worth the money.


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        22.07.2010 19:50
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        If you're experience it'll benefit you, if you're not I wouldn't recommend.

        I'm a sucker for workout DVDs. I'm one of those women who's always on a diet and always looking for the next best way of losing weight and getting healthy. I discovered the '10 Minute Solution' DVDs around a year ago, and started with the 'Slim and Sculpt Pilates' workout, and found it so much fun that I decided to get another. The most relevant one for me was the 'Blast off Belly Fat' workout. I got it assuming that it'd be a lot of sit-ups, planks and push-ups. However, I was mistaken.

        The workout consists of five 10-minute sections: Flat Belly Fast; Pilates Perfect Abs; Belly Fast Blaster; Ab Ripper and Six Pack Abs. The first time I watched the workout and attempted it for myself, I ended up skipping most of the movements in each section. I could only comfortably complete the more cardio orientated 'Belly Fat Blaster'. The rest were simply too hard. The moves are very advanced and require a great deal of balance, strength and knowledge about fitness to carry out. The moves I could do were effective and I really felt the burn, but due to the instructor needing to keep each segment to 10 minutes, the warm up and cool down on each section was extremely brief so I was left extremely -and very painfully - achy for a couple of days afterwards, meaning that I was reluctant to go back to it.

        I can definitely say that if you were to stick at these exercises, completing them accurately and safely, this workout will do you wonders. However, if you don't already have a great deal amount of body strength, I'd say this DVD isn't for you.


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          15.04.2010 14:37
          Very helpful



          Great if you need to tone up fast!

          As some of you may know , this year I will be going on a two week cruise around the Mediteranean. So now I have decided , is the time for me to finally get in shape and get myself 'bikini ready'. Although , working fulltime , and long , odd hours I rarely find the time to do much exercise , and even if I do have the time , I always seem to be too tired. However , not wanting to look like a whale on the beach , I decided , if I am to look good on the beach then I'll have to at least try and do some exercise , and so I bought this DVD ; 10 Minute Solution : Blast Off Belly Fat which was released at the end of 2008 and is available to buy from Amazon for a price of £5.00.

          First of all , I think it's easy to say that if you make time , no matter how busy your lifestyle is , everyone can find ten minutes in their schedule where they can exercise. I am not a massive fitness fan and also get bored really quickly , so I was looking for something that would be really quick , yet still show great results. One thing that's good about this DVD is the fact that it has five ten minute workouts , so depending on how much time you have , you can do as little or as much as you want , when you want!

          I have been doing this DVD about five times a week and even though ten minutes doesn't sound like a long time to have a big effect , I have noticed quite a difference. My belly seems more toned and less wobbly , and my clothes seem to fit better and that is exactly what I was hoping for. I think I've even lost a little bit of weight off my belly too.

          I'll be honest , and say that I did find the workouts , slightly challenging to begin with , but I kept with it , reminding myself that each workout only lasts a few minutes. I could really feel my muscles working. As time went on though , and the more I exercised I found that they became easier and easier which was good news!

          One thing which helps determine whether or not I like a workout DVD is whether or not I like the instructor. If they're cocky and annoying then I won't do the workout again , simple is. But the fitness intructor on this DVD was lovely , really friendly , and came across as though she was one of your closest friends , which is good. She was also very encouraging , yet not pushy , yet still remained profressional. She makes the workouts fun too!

          If you're looking for a quick-fit solution , then this is perfect , especially if like me you have a holiday or event coming up in a few weeks and want to get toned up fast!

          Thanks for reading!
          April 15th 2010
          xd-o-n-z-x (also posted on ciao under xdonzx)


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          29.06.2009 15:17
          Very helpful



          A good DVD that will deliver what it say's but is really hard work

          If you read my other review (10 minute solution target toning) you will know that I was very impressed with the results it achieved, so I thought I would try another one.This being the Blast Off Belly Fat, sounded good to me so when I received it in the post I couldn't wait to put it in the dvd player.

          Was I in for a shock!

          It consisted of five different sections ;

          Flat Belly Fast;
          It says get a flat belly fast core-focused segment zeros in the deepest
          abdominal muscles.Well it sure would if I could do them! You need to be
          at such a high fitness level to achieve these excercises.

          Pilates Perfect Abs;
          This is the only one that wasn't to bad to do.

          Belly Fat Blaster;
          This says that toned,firm ab muscles can be hidden by a layer of fat which
          we all know.It claims that these excercises burn mega calories which I believe it would, but if you have a bit of a problem area around your middle
          it's not that easy to do balancing acts on one leg!

          Ab Ripper;
          Much the same as above really just very difficult to keep up with, without falling over!

          Six Pack Abs;
          This claims to give you washboard abs in no time,but you would have to be
          in pretty peak fitness level to do these !

          I thought prehaps I was being a bit wimpy not being able to do these
          workouts, but much to my relief my 26year old daughter and her friends
          struggled as well! I will give it another go, maybe I need to try a bit harder
          as I'm sure If I could get to this level I would have the body I want!

          This DVD is certainly not for beginners, but if you are in pretty good shape this would be a good one to have on the shelf to keep you trim and fit!


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