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10 Minute Solution - Quick Tummy Toners (DVD)

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Genre: Sports - Fitness / Theatrical Release: 2008 / Exempt / Director: Andrea Ambandos / DVD released 2009-05-25 at Anchor Bay Home Entertainment / Features of the DVD: PAL

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    2 Reviews
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      12.03.2012 23:19
      Very helpful



      Toned tummy in 10 minutes

      This 10 minute solution dvd is part of a larger 10 minute solution family, of 20 plus dvds that all follow the same layout, there is a huge range, everything from yoga to dance. This dvd is the Quick Tummy Toners which aims to shape your abs. I bought this dvd as I have quite a few others ( see my other 10 minute solution reviews) and have found them helpful and easy to fit into my busy working mum life. This dvd features the instructor that is on some of my other 10 minute solution dvds, and after losing some weight I wanted to tone up more so this dvd really appealed to me. Like all other dvds in the 10 minute solution range, this dvd comes with 5x 10 minute workouts, you can customise these workouts, you can either do one at a time, all together or mix and match. To mix and match all you need to do is select the option from the main menu and programme your choice of workouts using your remote control. The only thing you need for doing the workouts featured on this dvd is a mat. You can pick this dvd and others in the range up for £5 or less from supermarkets, HMV or online.

      Packaging and information-
      The packaging of this dvd follows the same style/layout as all the others in the range. The 10 minute solution logo appears in the top left hand corner of the box, with the name of the dvd written underneath. Below this it states 5x10 minute workouts and the aim of these workouts, i.e to shape your abs. Below all this is a list of the 5 workouts that are featured. On the right hand side of the box there is a picture of the instructor. Each of the different 10 minute solution dvds has a colour theme to it, in this case it is green. Various words and part of the instructor's outfit follow this colour theme.
      The back of the box has all the information you need. The 5 workouts are listed again and have a few lines to let you know a bit more about each, they are as follows,

      -Crunch free abs
      No need for bunches of crunches to get a toned tummy. This workout will tighten your entire midsection without a single crunch.

      -Yoga Abs
      Ever heard that stress contributes to abdominal fat? In this segment, use specific yoga poses to relieve stress and tension while building strong, flat abs.

      -Bikini Belly
      Combine calorie burning cardio with standing ab exercises to sculpt your six pack and blast away fat. This multi-tasking workout will get your belly into bikini shape-fast!

      -Ab & Waist definer
      Use specially designed rotational exercises to twist and turn your tummy into shape. These moves have a cinching effect on your midsection and create a beautifully defined waistline.

      -Sexy Sporty Abs
      Strong abs are sexy. These all time favourite exercises will build strong, functional abs that are great for improving your game or just showing off at the beach!

      There is also a little bit about the instructor on the back of the box. There are different instructors on each dvd. I have a few dvds with this instructor ( see my Belly butt and thigh busters review). On this dvd the instructor is Jessica Smith. She is a wellness coach and fitness expert with over 10 years experience. She holds certifications from American college of sports medicine, Aerobics and fitness association of America and Powerhouse pilates.

      Dvd and my view-
      The instructor on this dvd has perfect abs and although I pretty sure mine will never be that good, this along with her encouraging positive attitude helped me stay focussed and kept me going through the dvd. Although each workout is only 10 minutes these workouts are quite intense and you really can feel that workout pain in your midsection, even after only one 10 minute workout.
      I hate crunches and I enjoy cardio workouts much more, so for me Crunch free abs, and Bikini Belly workouts were my favourites. I would say these workout aren't for beginners, they are more focussed on toning up, after losing weight, which was perfect for what I was looking for, but I would suggest beginners started on something else first, then came back to this after fitness has improved.
      I have found in most 10 minute solution dvds things more really fast and I have always watched through sections first before I tried them out. Although I would still say this is worth doing, this dvd has move repeated moves so is a bit easier to catch up with if you lose your place.
      The yoga abs workout although features some hard yoga moves especially if you haven't done yoga before, is actually quite releaxing. The instructor shows us how to breath and relieve stress. This is a great workout after a stressful day at work or running around after the kids.
      The music in this dvd is great for working out to and each section has music that fits prefectly with what exercises you are doing, without being overpowering or annoying.
      Like most 10 minute solution dvds the workouts featured don't require much floor space and as long as you can move a few paces each way you're sorted.
      I found alot of the moves difficult to begin with but they do get easier as you continue with the dvd, so don't be alarmed if you really struggle with certain moves to begin with.

      A great value dvd, but I feel a good fitness level is needed to get the most from this dvd. I would say if you are a beginner come back to this one later. Great for toning up after weight loss, or just to show off on the beach.


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      03.08.2009 19:12
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      A good, cheap exercise DVD for anyone with a wobbly tummy

      I always struggle with exercise videos (or DVDs!). They always seem to go too fast and involve complex dance moves or routines that I have no hope of ever achieving. So I hoped this one would be different - and it is.

      The DVD is led by a sweet young woman with an almost impossibly toned stomach! She is quite encouraging and not disturbingly enthusiastic or over the top.

      She leads five separate work outs - a toning one, a yoga one, a cardio one, a twisty defining one and a crunch based sporty one. These vary in difficulty - the cardio one for example would be very tricky for someone who wasn't too fit, and the sporty one would be nigh on impossible for someone who can't do crunches like me!

      However they are all well explained and don't go too quickly, so it's not too hard to pick up the moves. There is a lot of repetition, especially in the cardio section, so if you struggle with remembering moves like I do then this will be useful for you.

      There are also moves that can be modified to make them more advanced, so if you've been doing it for a while then you can do the advanced move, and if not then you can carry on doing the original move. This means the DVD can still give you new things to try even after you've been doing it for a while.

      A nice touch to the DVD is that you can customise your workout and have different sections play after each other - for example if you just fancy the yoga and defining sections, you can set them to play.

      I think this is pretty good as exercise videos go. Bite sized work outs appeal to me (though you can be sure they feel like more than 10 minutes when you're doing them!) and I hope that I can keep doing it.

      The DVD has an RRP of £9.99 but can be bought on Amazon.co.uk for just £5.98 at the moment - bargain!

      (updated from my review on Amazon.co.uk)


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