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10 Minute Solution - Target Toning (DVD)

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3 Reviews

Genre: Sports - Fitness / Exempt / DVD released 2006-12-26 at Anchor Bay Home Entertainment / Features of the DVD: PAL

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    3 Reviews
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      09.06.2012 22:33
      Very helpful



      The best 10 minute solution DVD

      I own a large range of the 10 Minute Solution workout DVD's as on the whole I find them to be simple and effective. I like that they are broken down into 10 minute sections as it means I can do as many or as few as I like, depending on how busy/lazy I am that day!

      The Target Toning DVD from this range is presented by a lady called Cindy who advises that 'as a busy mom, wife and business owner', she has developed these workouts to fit into the schedules of those of us who struggle to find the time to exercise. She takes you through all the workouts and whereas I've found a few of the presenters of these 10 minute solution DVD's to be quite irritating, I actually find her really pleasant, and she has an amazing body which spurs me on, as I definitely wouldn't mind looking like that!

      I will give a quick run down of each of the five sections and my thoughts on them.

      ~~Arms and shoulders~~

      I have been trying to do this section at least a couple of times a week lately, as I feel the tops of my arms are lacking definition at the moment. The instructor advises you to use weights for this section, although I have done it without in the past and that's fine too. My personal feeling is that beginners shouldn't use weights and I think if you are not used to exercise you should try it without weights a few times first and build up to using them.

      The exercises in this section are simple and easy to follow and work all parts of the arms and shoulders. It starts off with simple shoulder raises, but progresses to floor exercises such as push ups and lying face down on the floor whilst raising your arms and shoulders. I find this section to be quite effective and am noticing visible results from it, although I am also working out with a kettlebell now and then, so that may also be contributing.


      I love this workout - I'd actually like it to be longer, which is not something you will hear me say everyday! The exercises in this section are very simple and very basic, yet incredibly effective. Lunges, squats and simple back and side leg extensions make up the bulk of this workout.

      Whilst the exercises are easy to follow, you can really feel them working, especially on the inner thigh. I always notice a real difference to my thighs after doing this section for a couple of weeks. My only criticism is that there are not really enough stretches to cool down the thighs, so I normally find myself doing my own stretches or the power stretch section afterwards, or my legs will be really sore the next day.

      ~~ Buns~~

      You can tell this is an American workout just from the fact they call it buns rather than bums! I don't do this section all that often really, mainly because although half of it is done standing up, the other half is done on the floor and I don't really like floor exercises.

      The moves in this section are really simple and easy to follow. There are plenty of squats in the standing up section, whilst the floor section involves getting on your knees and doing leg raises and then a not so elegant move where you lie on your back and sort of thrust! You can really feel this section of the DVD working, although not my favourite section, I would really recommend it to anyone wanting to tone their bum as it really does work.


      I hate this section! My stomach is one of my biggest problem areas and I always struggle with ab exercises like these ones which are mostly done on the floor. There are lots of sit ups in this section which I hate with a passion, although there are some more favourable moves such as those that work the obliques and lower part of the stomach.

      With the exception of the sit ups, which I've never been able to do properly, this is an OK section. I would have liked to have seen something new and different, but the exercises featured feel like they are doing something, although I will hold my hands up and say I don't do this section often enough to have noticed any real results from it.

      ~~Bonus Power Stretch~~

      As the title would suggest this is a section of stretches. I often do this one last as a cool down. You will need to have a towel handy for this section. The stretches in this section are all very simple easy to follow, but you can really feel them working. You will stretch the back, legs, arms and stomach in this section.

      I find this section very effective - especially when done after the thighs or buns sections. It's great for both warming up and cooling down the muscles and doing it means that I am often not aching the day after doing this.


      Of all the 10 Minute Solution DVD's I own (I'd say approximately seven or eight) this one is definitely the best.

      Each section is made up of very simple exercises but they really work. I have actually done this DVD six times this week and I am noticing the difference already, especially in my thighs, which feel much firmer.

      Like all the 10 minute solution range, you can do as many or as few as you like, so it is great for beginners or those who want to target a certain area of their body. The exercises tend to be non-aerobic and low impact, but they really do work and are not too difficult, so I think even beginners will enjoy this. I like the presenter too, she makes the workout more enjoyable and comes across as friendly and encouraging.

      At just £4.06 from Amazon, I don't think you can afford not to try this DVD!


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        07.02.2011 11:22



        the best fitness dvd for beginners, really works and doesnt take hours

        I brought this dvd a few weeks ago but wasnt quite sure whether it would be good for me as although it says for beginners i was extemely unfit and had tried fitness dvds before that were apparantly for 'begginers' and were impossible to do.
        As i said i was extremely unfit i have a 9month old baby and hadnt done any excercise since before i was pregnant with him and having a baby i get little time to excercise so i needed something quick that would work.
        This dvd is fantastic, there a 5 different 10minute sections abs, buns, thighs, arms and bonus powerstrech. You can choose to do as much or as little as you like. The instructor cindy is really encouraging and says if your getting too tired you can stop but join again when you feel ready and always reminds you to get some water.
        It uses simple, gentle but effective moves that even unfit people like me can manage. You feel it working but dont get completely knackered. And you really feel it the next day too.
        This is the perfect dvd for people short on time as even if your really busy you can still fit ten minutes into your day.
        You can alternate the excercises e.g. thighs, abs one day, arms, buns the next day to let each muscle group have time to recover.
        I would reccomend this product to anyone who is unfit, short on time and wants to get back into excercising, it really works and at only £3.98 it is an amazing price i would happily pay double for it.


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        04.06.2009 15:15
        Very helpful



        The one and only dvd workout that does what it says

        If like me you rush out and buy the latest fitness dvd only to find it hard
        going keeping up with them ( Even though they make it look easy!).
        Then look now further than this dvd, you will be pleased to know there is one that really works. It consists of 5 x 10 minute workouts, they are Abs, Thighs,
        Buns, Arms and Shoulders plus Bonus Powerstretch.
        The joy of this dvd is you choose which ones you want to do and if you only have a limited amount of time you can fit in just two. The excercises are
        easy to do and the instructor Cindy Whitmarsh is very encouraging and pushes you to carry on. I was not to sure about buying this dvd as it had the word beginner on the front. I thought of myself as a bit more advanced
        than a beginner, but you can really feel it when you have finished each set.
        I usually get some sort of injury or muscle pull when I have done other
        workouts, but with this one there are stretches after most excercises
        and I havent suffered from any. I didnt think the results would be so quick,
        I done 3 sets 3 times a week for about a month, when I had some relatives
        over one weekend, they noticed straight away that I looked different. They
        said that I looked more toned and my waist was back again! Another good point is that the dvd only costs £3.98 online which is brilliant!
        So I will be locking all my other workouts away and continue with this
        great one !


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