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American Chopper - The Series - Parts 4 to 6 (DVD)

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Genre: Sports - Motorsport / DVD released 25 October, 2004 at Duke Video / Features of the DVD: PAL

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    3 Reviews
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      10.11.2008 17:19
      Very helpful



      A great show that I never fail to miss!

      American chopper is a TV series on the Discovery channel that follows the business of the Teutel's, Paul Snr, the father and Paul Jnr and Mikey, sons.

      Paul Snr is the owner of the company which he started in own garage and Paul Jnr is the main designer and fabricator of the bikes. Mikey is the erm............. whackey guy who does nothing productive in the shop but make people laugh.

      The show is not all about the tuetels and shows other employees such as Vince (now left) Cody (now left), Rick Petko, Steve Morrell, Jim Quinn and Jason Pohl (spelling) which al add their own wit and genious ideas to the show.

      The bikes that are designed by Orange County Choppers are really initiative and show the great creativity of the company. The most famous of the choppers is probably the black widow bike.

      They have done some great bikes which include, the fire bike design for the NYFD, the eragon bike for the film of the same name and Paul Snr's favourite The POW MIA bike which is for the recognition of the work done by the home guard.

      The show is not all about the bikes though and is almost as famous for the major arguments between Paul Snr and Jnr which often get so heated it can scare you into what is going happen next!!!

      One of the favourite characters in the show is Mikey Teutel who can only be described as a clown. He does no work but shows that he can rub people the right way to make them laugh. He is forever getting into mishaps, including dumping his fathers car into the lake at his new house and almost getting run over by a hummer being driven by his dad's dog, Gus.

      The show is great for everyone whether you enjoy motorbikes or not.


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      01.11.2008 01:19
      Very helpful
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      Brilliant TV show, they really are superb at what they do.

      Produced by Pilgrim Films & Television Inc. American Chopper is a TV show which follows Paul Teutul SR. & JR. during the fabrication of some specially designed and ordered motorcycles, BUT, i dont think the show would be the same without all of the other guys on the show (Mike Teutul, Vincent (Vinnie) DiMartino Rick Petko, Cody Connelly, Christian Welter) because without them, it just wouldn't have the same atmosphere.

      The staff of OCC are a very unique bunch indeed, in 9 out of 10 episodes i can almost guarantee you will hear a lot of shouting and profanities, mostly because of the fact that not a day goes by without Senior and Junior yelling at one another and just downright making a scene, usually about who does more around the shop.

      Dont get me wrong, the show isn't all about work, work and even more work. You also are filled in on their activities outside the shop, you follow them pretty much everywhere they go and this gives you a real sense of attachment in some ways because you feel like whatever they are going through, you are going through, and for me, this makes the show a lot better and definitely is one of the reasons i keep watching, i gotta check up on my buddies!

      Paul Jr. does a lot of the fabrication alongside the rest of the guys in the shop, who always put in a good job and deliver FANTASTIC results in the shape of a one of a kind motorcycle EVERY time.

      Paul Sr. on the other hand is your typical 'boss' type he does all of the ordering and what not (the easy stuff) and then comes out onto the shop floor and just hurls abuse at people that aren't working properly, this provides a LOT of good entertaining moments and is a defining factor in the overall feel of the show, it just wouldn't be the same without those little (sometimes big) arguments they have.

      Anybody who is a fan of motorcycles, or even just reality shows, would very much enjoy this programme and i would definitely recommend it. It's a fantastic and entertaining show and i LOVE it!


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        06.11.2007 20:26
        Very helpful
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        A fascinating and entertaining series.

        Ive always loved motorbikes (I know I dont look the type) despite the fact Ive never been on one and certainly wouldnt be brave enough to learn to ride, so when I stumbled on the American Chopper series on the discovery channel I was immediately hooked, I think the combination of the amazing creativity and design of the bikes combined with the sometimes hilarious warring between the family has kept me addicted to the show.

        The series is set at Orange County Choppers, owned by Paul Teutal Senior, a motorcycle company specialising in Chopper motorcycles and custom designs. We follow the crew which includes Paul Sr, his sons Paul Jr and Mikey and their colleagues Rick and Vinnie as they build custom bikes for special clients such as Will Smith, Lance Armstrong and the New York Jets. Being a family buisness things dont always run smoothly and there are often heated exchanges between the 2 pauls as their ideas clash. It is reality tv meets documentary and spawned many similar reality documentary series such as the West Coast Choppers series.

        First for those who have never heard of American Chopper or OCC, heres a little back ground info.
        Based in Orange County, New York OCC started as a sideline to the family's steel manufacturing enterprise, Orange County Ironworks (founded in the 1970s) In the 1990s, Paul Sr. began manufacturing custom motorcycles as an extension of Orange County Ironworks and in 1999 he founded Orange County Choppers. The company's first bike, "True Blue", was debuted at the 1999 Daytona Biketoberfest.

        Paul Sr-
        Born May 1st 1949 Paul Senior founded both the Orange county ironworks and Orange County Choppers. The former US Marine and Vietnam War Veteran is famous for his short temper and clashes with son paul.

        Paul Jr-
        Having co-founded OCC with his father in 1999 Paul jr is is the chief designer and fabricator of OCC, prior to that was head of the rail shop at Orange County Ironworks. Paul has control of all creative aspects of the custom builds and is also a talented stell worker.

        Mikey is the youngest of the Teutal boys (including another brother Daniel) he started working for the company as a secretary and custodian(basically he took the bins out occasionally) he is the shows comic relief, alway making jokes and being light hearted. Mikey has become the show's most popualr character and has even merchandised "Mikey for president" t-shirts.

        ------------------------------------------------------------ -----------

        The DVD set is split into 3 discs each featuring a different themed bike

        Disc 1-MIKEYS BIKE
        Mike Teutul is one of paul Sr younger sons, he made his first step into the world of custom building with his blues themed chopper. Being a novice and having little experience in bike fabrication mikey was supposed to be helped by Paul Jr, but he grows fed up with his brother's lack of help or interest in the project and enlists the help of other OCC members to create his unique bike, Paul jr's lack of interest causes upset at OCC especially with his father Paul sr who needs the other staff to concentrate on their own work instead of doing Paul jrs.

        Being a huge blues fan Mikey designed the bike around blues music, the bulk of the bike was obviously blue, the wheels were spoked with gold spokes and their inside edges featured musical notes. The paint work also features the images of various famous bluesmen such as B. B. King, Robert Johnson, Taj Mahal, and Gatemouth Brown.

        Of course there is one major flaw in the plan of building Mikey a bike, he has yet to pass his cylce test!

        The OCC crew head off to Daytona bike week(the biggest motorcycle event in the world) taking the beach by storm, they spend 10 days enjoying the event and showcasing their incredible creations.

        While the younger OCC members prefer new style choppers and custom fabrication Paul Sr is of the old school and likes the old school style bikes. In this episode he takes young crew member Cody under his wing and the pair design and build an old school chopper together.

        The Old school chopper is based around a Harley Davidson replica frame. Detailed in deep maroon with gold leaf accents the bike has an 88ci (cubic inch) pan head motor that delivers 40 horsepower through a chain drive to the back wheel. It features a springer front end, sportster style tank, old style ape hanger handlebars and foot clutch/suicide shift(such traditional features do not often feature on OCC cycles)
        Cody had previously designed a green old school chopper for a client and being his first bike was sad to see it leave, in a nice moment when we see Paul Sr soft side he takes Cody aside and tells him the Old School bike is his, he hands the youngster the keys before telling him in a slightly more manly fashion to go and make sure the bike is cleaned.

        Disc 3-COMMANCHE BIKE 12&3
        Named after the RAH-66 Comanche Helicopter, The Comanche Bike was designed by Paul Jr, its construction took longer than their usual customs as Paul jr wanted to make the bike truly unique, representing the helicopter in every inch of the bike. He spent time around the real thing, gathering information and inspiration for his project.

        The Commanche Chopper was debuted at a major cycle event in which the family made their entrance by flying in on a Bell 206 helicopter, however the bike experineces some problems before even leaving the truck and only Vinnie is there to fix the bike. Vinnie manages to call in a few favours and gets a crew together, in the last seconds Vinnie and the crew get the bike started up.

        -----------------------------------------------------------------------DVD & INFORMATION
        The DVD set comes in an outer card sleeve and has a 4 fold style card case, open it up like a greetings card and then fold out the left and right flaps to reveal the 3 dvds.

        The set has a run time of 350 minutes in total
        Certificated- E(excempt from classification)
        Sytem- 4:3
        Sound- Stereo
        The 3 disc set is available in store and online from £20, store such as Virgin, HMV and online stores like Amazon and Play stock this DVD set and others from the series.

        Other DVDs available
        -American Chopper the series,inle dvd's featuring a different
        bike each time
        -American Chopper the series parts 1-3(series titles go all the
        way up to "parts 22-24")
        -American Chopper complete first season
        -American Chopper complete second season
        -American Chopper complete third season
        -American Chopper PS2 game

        As this set is part of a larger series and features a television documentary it has no special features or bonuses.

        MY OPINION
        I love the American Chopper series and while my favourite bikes are not featured on this particular set I still enjoy watching it. Out of the bikes shown on these DVD's the Commanche bike has to be my favourite purely because of the work and attention to detail that went into making the bike, however each of the bikes is a work of art and seeing their creation from concept to finish is fascinating.

        Episodes wise, they're all very enjoyable. It is good to see Mikey featured more while making his bike, he's a great character that always handles situations with good spirit. There is a great part in his episode where the design of his choppers seat has been made wrong and features just his fathers face instead of his and Mikeys, after a heated arguement with his father Mikey lightens the air with a gag about breaking wind on his fathers face everytime he rides the bike. It is also good to see the group out of the workshop and enjoying Daytona bike week, the usual stresses of work and deadlines are gone and they are able to relax and enjoy themselves.

        The Commanche episode is definately the best as far as seeing the work that goes into a bike, from start to finish absolute care and attention go into making the bike a perfect representation of the helicopter, Paul jr spends alot of time with the original helicopter and researching to ensure he gets all the details right, I was fortunate enough to see this bike at a festival a few years ago and it is a fantastic creation, just as impressive in real life as on screen.

        Naturally being a reality series there is alot of focus on the relationships between the crew members. I think we can all identify with the idea of dissagreements while working alongside family and the strain it will have on relationships. It is interesting to see how they resolve their issues and how each member copes differently with the conflicts that arise. While the arguements get heated they do not get out of hand and always resolve themselves one way or another, inevitabley they are down to difficulties with production of the bike and the time restrictions on the order.

        If you are a motorcyle enthusiast and like choppers in particular then you'll love this show, equally you'll enjoy if you love seeing how things are created, just be prepared to see an equal measure of the human side as well as the mechanical. You dont have to be a bike rider to enjoy the series as I am proof to, I love it and have never been near a cycle.


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        Challenges the barriers of motorcycle design and fabrication. Features episodes four to six.

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