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Chakra Yoga (DVD)

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Genre: Sports - Fitness / DVD released 2003-30-11

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    1 Review
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      12.10.2011 15:15
      Very helpful



      A great start to the day

      *Chakra Yoga with Gurutej*

      The choice to purchase this DVD was natural, I already had a daily practice of Kundalini Yoga and this class would provide another option to work with. The DVD appealed to me because it works with all of the chakras in order - allowing for a fully balanced system.

      *Check it out before beginning*

      With any Yoga DVD I watch the class first - this prepares you for all that is to come and you can identify anything which may be out of your comfort zone at this time. Whilst investigating the DVD it was obvious that all aspects of the packaging are high quality. The DVD does offer the chance to play from a choice of class scenes but there are no extras - to be honest there really doesn't need to be as all I want from a Kundalini Yoga DVD is a competent teacher leading a clear and well structured class. That is was you get - simple.

      *Morning Glory*
      I don't drink coffee and if I did I would certainly give it a miss in order to work with the beautiful Gurutej. I am immediately calm and relaxed with her soothing voice and genuine approach. The class is filmed outdoors with breathtaking scenery - not that I notice it much as the eyes remain closed once you get the hang of the exercises. Four students are present and this is good as you can see that everyone is different in their ability and it really does not matter - just do what you can.

      I love the introduction that Gurutej gives before you do two exercises that are specific for each chakra - I thought that I would tire of listening to her description once I was familiar with the class but that is not the case. Her enthusiasm and delightful personality are so relaxing that I look forward to those bits of information just as much as the exercises! A testament to her talent to teach - she really is good.

      Kundalini Yoga exercises are small repetitive movements and work to release the spine and sciatic nerve as well as on every other system in the body. I benefit so much from these twists and stretches and my back and core strength are so healthy and strong since beginning the practice. I have also had changes to my appetite and for the foods that I desire - or should I say that my body desires. I only seem to want healthy and nutritious foods and will only eat if I am hungry - also I leave food on my plate when I am full rather than finishing it off. I am in tune with my body now and know automatically what it needs and when it needs it. Another thing I noticed was how my physical form toned and reduced in weight effortlessly. Also my philosophy and reactions to everyday situations has changed - I have the capacity to remain calm in situations that years ago would have certainly made me see red. Amazing stuff.

      I would say that all the exercises on this DVD are okay for a beginner as long as you are working wisely and within your limitations. I had already practiced Hatha Yoga prior to discovering Kundalini Yoga so I was experienced and understood body alignment and foundations etc.

      I really like the fact that Gurutej teaches the breathing techniques for a beginner on this DVD class - not all Kundalini Yoga DVD's do this and seeing as the breath is worked with often (eg Breath of Fire - a fast sniffing type breath) it is important to know how to do the breath technique correctly and with competence. She allows for plenty of time to develop a confidence and feel for the breath. It really does not matter that this beginner instruction is on the class if you are experienced with the breath because it allows you to see if you are still doing it right. Does no harm to check.

      When I first worked with this class I thought that it was less challenging than other classes that I have on DVD - in a sense it is because it is less demanding physically. But it is a powerful class and all of the small exercises ask for a commitment - surprisingly I do find that it asks more of me than I would have thought. This is how Kundalini Yoga is - you can begin doing a movement and think 'this is great I can do this easily' but then as the minutes go by you will be tested and it is not as easy as you thought.

      There are some wonderful exercises in this class and they develop focus, concentration, strength, willpower, stamina and really benefit the spine big time! This is achieved at a comfortable pace, with plenty small rest/meditation periods incorporated, by stretching, twisting, flexing and balancing in various positions and with small movements in time with a breathing technique.

      One aspect of Kundalini Yoga that I really enjoy is the breathing that complements and works with an exercise - I have discovered just how powerful the breath is and what a difference it can make to helping you to 'keep up' or 'keep going'. Really empowering.

      Gurutej does a lovely meditation via mantra and a glorious and well deserved relaxation session at the end - this is a favourite part of the class as I feel my body relax in every way and my mind is calm.

      *If you are interested in purchasing this gem of a class*

      Amazon.co.uk have it for £26.99 or the Market place at Amazon from £19.99 used
      It is well worth keeping an eye out on eBay as I got this one and her two others as a set of three for approximately £15.00 about two years ago.

      I am not sure why but Kundalini Yoga DVD classes retail for much more than other Yoga DVD's but they hold their value too.

      If you want to begin this practice but are not sure it is for you then a much cheaper option for you would be Maya Fiennes Detox and Destress and this is normally approximately £7.00 on Amazon.co.uk and includes a CD. An exceptional class and good for beginners.

      *Does Gurutej get the green light?*

      I have no problem at all in recommending this quality DVD class to you. Gurutej is an extremely talented and warm teacher. She teaches this deceptively powerful class beautifully and has the capability to produce an air of calm in her wonderful tuition. Everything about this DVD is top quality. The production of the package and disk, the cinematography, sound production and location of filming are very pleasing. The class lasts for approximately 70 minutes which is doable as there are lots of small rest periods built in to the session. Benefits from working with this class are amazing and I can not wait to get on my mat in the morning to get my Kundalini Yoga fix for the day - more invigorating, energising and calming than anything I have ever experienced.

      *For those who want the information*

      Duration 72 mins
      Region 2
      Price approximately £26.99 (shop around for less)

      *That's all for now guys*

      Thank you for reading - also published on Ciao


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