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Clare Nasir's Boot Camp (DVD)

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Genre: Sports - Fitness / Exempt / DVD released 2010-12-27 at Universal Pictures UK / Features of the DVD: PAL

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    2 Reviews
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      08.09.2012 00:37
      Very helpful



      Get this if you want to get fit!

      I bought this dvd for two reasons (1) I founds Clare Nasir quite likeable on GMTV and thought she would be non smug and easy to listen to over the DVD compared to some other female stars (Davina) and (2) OMG she looks soo toned now, has lost a load of work and has managed to keep it off

      The DVD
      The DVD is split into four different sections - an arms section, legs section, mixed section and a fourth toning and stretching section. Each section is 20 mins long - so the DVD is 1 hour 20 in total. You can choose to do all of any combination of the sections with the recommendation that you do the warm down at the end. According to Clare Nasir by doing the whole DVD you will burn around 1,000 (!) calories. This is an immense amount of calories (an hour running usually burns 600-650). The high level of calorie burning is due to the fact that this is effectively interval training - burst of activity to bring your heart rate up (such as jumping jacks) followed by some toning exercises (press up, sit ups etc) which burn fat and build muscle.

      I consider myself to be reasonably fit - I run a couple of times a week and maybe one gym session so I dived straight in and did the whole 1hour 20 mins. But wow was this hard!! I have tried a few celebrity exercise dvds before but found them a little bit straighforward but this was like a proper bootcamp work out.

      Arms - start with warm up stretches and gentle knee lifts then move onto rapid knee lifts to get the heart racing. Do a variety of arm exercises, mostly revolving around punching with weights followed by some more knee lifts then mat exercises - press up etcs - 10 min section which you repeat twice . Some of it is difficult to get the hang of first time so I found it useful that it was repeated
      Legs - again some rapid knee lifts to get the heart racing then some a variety of squats, side kicks and front kicks. Again a 10 section which you repeat twice
      Mixed section - mixed work for arms and legs with squats, jumping jacks, press ups, knee lifts - this section knackered me!10 mins repeat twice
      Tuming & stretching - 10 mins of floor exercises focus on the six pack area - these are not the light hearted. Ten mins of stretching to fully cool down and relax the body

      BTW my arms and legs ached for 3 days after the first time but stick with it - it does get easier and you will notice results!

      -The dvd is really challenging so you will feel that you get a proper work out at home
      - Effectively covers the whole body and you can pick and choose which section you want to work on if you dont have time to do the whole dvd. The stretching at the end is v good as I think most other work out dvds do not give proper cool downs
      - You can do this at home (the only thing you need is arm weights.)
      - Clare Nassir is not smug or annoying - she is accompanied by two fitness structors who are both watchable
      - No annoying music
      - One of the fitness instructors does an easy version of the exercises you can follow her if you starting from a limited fitness base.

      - You need weights or dumbells
      - Some of the movements are difficult and will take a couple of goes to master
      - Its is very difficult and sometimes the thought of it puts me a off a little!But it is worth it in the end


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      09.05.2011 19:13
      Very helpful



      A good way to get fit!

      Summer's almost here, and I want to look good this Summer!!

      Clare Nasir's Boot Camp DVD is a fitness DVD which was released in the United Kingdom in December 2010. This DVD is currently available at Amazon for a price of £12.93 which I do think is quite expensive, although having said that, it's not going to out of date, and so this DVD will last for years, so I suppose in a way it is well worth the money.

      The workout is split down into four twenty minute workouts. I was really happy when I realised this because it actually works out really well for me. I have quite a busy lifestyle, juggling college and work, and so what I needed was something that wasn't going to be time consuming, and so this is great! It also means that I feel motivated, because I know I have only have so many more minutes left to do and then I can stop. So that is one of the major things that I like about this workout, as I absolutely cannot stand workouts which go on forever and ever.

      One thing which I like about this DVD is that the workouts are actually easy-to-do (for me anyway). They are a little bit challenging and you do get out of puff a bit, but not so much that I feel that I have to stop, which is good, because if I had to stop it would really annoy me because I would feel that I wasn't able to it! So in that respect it is a good workout!

      I have been doing this workout for three weeks now, and I can say that I am looking more toned! I have dropped around 5lb since the start of January since I have been doing this workout, and so I am very pleased.

      I liked the workouts on this DVD because they seemed to be more about dancing than aerobics which I enjoyed. It's always good to do a workout where you actually learn something (in this case a couple of dance routines), than just 'kicking' and 'punching' as it makes you feel as though you have achieved something. There is a 'punching' section and a 'kicking' section on this DVD yet it's quite good; I could really feel my arms and legs working.

      Despite Clare being quite famous-ish (she's off GMTV), although I didn't really know what she was really like. She was so likeable and friendly. I also thought that the trainer was really good; not at all annoying and 'pushy' like a lot of other trainers, but very encouraging which motivated me.

      I wouldn't really stay that this DVD is for very very beginners, although if you are not very active, like me, then this is a good workout! It is especially great if you don't have much time, as you can do sections.

      If you are looking for a good workout DVD. Try this!

      Thanks for reading!
      May 9th 2011
      xd-o-n-z-x (also posted on ciao under xdonzx)


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