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Coleen McLoughlin - Brand New Body Workout (DVD)

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Genre: Sports - Fitness / DVD released 26 December, 2006 at Universal Pictures UK / Features of the DVD: PAL

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    6 Reviews
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      20.11.2013 19:24
      Very helpful
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      A nice workout dvd!

      Back in September this year, I started the Weight Watcher's diet. Not being a very sporty person, I just 'weight-watched' my eating. However after losing 16 pounds so far, I am determined to keep going and have started exercising to support my weight loss. I tend to get bored very quickly and so like to 'mix it up a bit' by doing lots of different kinds of exercises; walking, on the exercise bike and by doing workout DVDs. One which I recently tried is this one by Coleen Rooney which is called 'Brand New Body' and is available to buy from Amazon for a price of £2.99.

      The Workout is split up into the following sections: warm up, cardio, conditioning, abs, core and cool down. This is good as it means that you can pick and choose which ones you want to do and so if you are short for time you can do one or two, although if you have more time and you are feeling fit then you can have a go at doing the whole thing.

      Whilst it is hard, my favourite section and the one I tend to do the most is the cardio section as it is quite hardcore. Although it is quite hard, I like doing it as it means I can 'blast the fat off' quickly and get it over with. I found this section a little bit difficult to begin with, although after a few 'goes', it has become a lot easier. Boy do I sweat when I do this section!

      Another hard section is the abs section. I think I did it once, although, it's probably me being lazy, but I find it too much difficult. Also the fact that I have a flabby tummy - me doing a few sit ups isn't going to give me a six pack. Whilst it's good if you are into sit ups etc, to me I would rather use the time to blast the fat off quickly.

      If you fancy a bit of gentle exercise then the core section is quite good as it features pilates and yoga moves and so it's a nice light and easy section. Sometimes, if I want to do a bit of exercise but haven't got the energy to do the hardcore stuff then I will sometimes do this one.

      Since using this DVD - as I am losing weight with Weight Watchers anyway, I don't know if this DVD has actually caused me weight loss although it has probably helped a lot. I do feel more toned after using this DVD.

      All in all, I would recommend this DVD.

      Thanks for reading!
      November 2013


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        14.08.2009 15:00
        Very helpful




        On my mission to lose the fat and bulge I purchased a few DVD's to swap and change throughout my exercising course. I didn't want to become bored to quickly and give up so I do a different DVD each week, this way different parts of my body get a variety in work out each week and my body doesn't become 'immune' to my workouts. One of the DVD's I purchased was Coleen's .. Rooney's Mrs .. Being a Liverpool fan this wasn't purchased because she was his mrs, nor because she's a scouser it was bought simply because it was cheap at just under £5 and it was something differen to the DVD's I already had.

        It doesn't take that long to load the DVD really but whilst it does you are provided with some vital info and advice - the usual advice telling you to consult your doctor before undertaking the fitness programme as well as informing us that results will vary depending on fitness levels etc.

        Once loaded you have three sections to choose from;

        Play Workout - This plays the whole DVD from beginning to end, this includes breaks and talks from Coleen herself and in fact takes up more time than it's worth so I skip to the next section.

        Building The Body - This is the only extra on the DVD, which is nothing special really we just see Coleen and her trainer talking and explaining the background to the DVD and how they put the DVD together.

        Workout Selection - This is where the fun begins. Here you can choose what workout you want to do as there are quite a few, you can swap and change your workout day to day if you find one or two too hard or even if you find yourself gettin bored. It is always best to begin with the warm up though to warm your body and stretch your muscles to prevent injuries during the workout.

        Workout; The workout contains nothing strenuous but it does get your body warm surprisingly. Side stepping your way into a slight warmth introducing arm and leg movements to increase your heart rate slightly. Once you feel the warmth taking over your body you are shown stretches to prevent any muscle pulling or serious injuries when you come to the tough workouts. The workout is easy and if you were to just sit and watch it you would think 'this is not going to make me warm' but it surprisingly does get your body warm and prepared for the hard work ahead.

        Cardio 1; This is one high intesnsity work out which consists of continuous skipping - you don't need a rope here you just improvise and move your arms the way you would if you did have a rope to hand which does work your biceps too. This is possibly the hardest section on the DVD. Whilst skipping on the spot you introduce yourself to new movements with your legs to increase your heart rate, really get your body working and believe me if you have a jelly belly like me it's guaranteed to get wobbling. You begin with kicking your heels up back to your bum, criss cross jumps, knee ups - changing their direction as well as doubling them up on each leg and the high impact knee ups running on the spot which really works your legs, abs and puts you through your paces. Just as you are about to collapse the trainer informs you that you are about to do it all again. It sounds so simple skipping on the spot, but there are no breaks between each change of movement and it really gets your body moving. This may sound boring to some people but even just simple skipping with a rope has many benefits including cardio-respiratory (heart and lungs) fitness, stamina as well as flexibility and balance. Skipping comes well reccomended by many and I even had to do this whilst taking part in martial arts years ago. I can feel the benefits from this strenous and high impact workout already after just a few weeks and I'm well impressed with this section. It is difficult to complete it all all the way through but as I improve my fitness levels I will soon be able to complete it in one go I think.

        Cardio 2; This section begins as quite a high impact workout with many star jumps - or jumping jacks to do and then introducing jabs in different directions. This really has your body moving about but helping improve coordination too. There is a low impact version of the jacks and jabs but it becomes difficult to manouvre your feet and change directions and I don't feel it works my body all that well. The fat wobbling movements soon slow down to help work the lower half of your body which involves squats and knee ups at a slow and fast pace - this may sound easy but believe me you will feel the burn on your thighs and bum if performed correctly.

        Cardio 3; For the beginning part there is a low impact version and a high impact version - if you live in a flat above anybody else I would say do the low impact as this involves you jumping on the floor many times, really throwing your full weight down so people living below you probably won't appreciate the banging. The low impact version does actually feel like it works you though. After jumping and throwing yourself into a low squat a few times you can really feel your thighs and bum burning. Knee charges are the second section of this cardio. This means facing your body one way or the other with your legs apart lifting your knee up to your stomach and placing your leg back behind you again. You prepare yourself first by doing a few slowly and then begin the full on knee charges at a fast pace, this doesn't half work your legs and bum and after doing quite a few your abs too as you really have to use them muscles to pull your knee up to your body.

        Conditioning 1; Here you begin the toning of your body and muscles as it is great to lose fat and weight but you need to tighten your muscles to try and aid with the looseness of your skin. This first section involves press ups but not a full blown press up section. Instead each press up is done in counts, holding down for so many counts or pushing up. This puts some extreme pressure on your arms and involves alot of hardwork for the muscles in your arms. Believe me your arms will ache after this section but they do show you how to stretch your arms and chest and also confirm that it is normal for your arms to shake as they begin to feel the pressure.

        Conditioning 2; Here you find yourself on all fours pushing your legs and bum to the limit lifting your legs up to the side of you as well as pushing your heels up behind you. This may sound easy enough but you will begin to feel the burn and you do need the determination to carry on through this to reap the rewards of a tight pert bum as well as toned thighs.

        Conditioning 3; In this section you are back up on your feet to take part in so many squats that your bum and legs will ache like hell afterwards. Just when you think the burn will stop you start on your lunges, really sinking deep with your legs - the burn continues!

        Abdominals; If you are looking to tone up your stomach this is definitely one for you. Laying on your back and lifting your body, tightening up those abs repeatedly - after a few you soon begin to feel the effects, but as the saying goes no pain no gain, you need to fight through the burn and continue to push yourself. Obviously depending on your fitness levels as you don't want to push yourself too hard either.

        Abdominals 2; Again this section really works your abs and you may need to stop now and then for a break. You find yourself laying on your back with your legs lifting and moving them as if you are riding a bike. It sounds so easy but it really does make them muscles work hard.

        Abdominals 3; This sections has you taking part in some even harder sit ups, rather than beginning from the lying flat position you begin sitting up and allowing your back and body to go backwards and downwards and lifting back up to the sit up position. Feel the strain!

        Core; In this section you are on your front on the floor leaning on your elbows with your toes touching the floor behind you. After all the previous workouts you now need to find the strength to lift your belly and legs off the floor staying on elbows and toes and holding yourself in the same position for the required amount of counts. You then need to hold your body up either side too which is awkward, requires some concentrated balance and believe it or not alot of strength which is extremely hard to find after finishing all of the workouts beforehand.

        Core 2; This section continues to work your stomach muscles by lying in the correct position you need to lift your knees close to your stomach and place your foot back down again, all slow and steady paced to really benefit your stomach muscles. Carrying on the steady paced and concentrated exercises you lift your legs and extend them up in the air, again working your stomach muscles to the maximum.

        Core 3; Beginning on all fours you reach one arm out in front of you and the opposite leg out behind you. This includes alot of concentration again and really does work your muscles.

        Cool Down; The final and quite rewarding section where you get to stretch your body and muscles to lower your heart rate. This section like the warm up is extremely important to loosen your muscles to again prevent injuries and help soothe aches and pains that you are bound to suffer from the next day.

        Overall I really enjoy this DVD I really feel it works all of my body, each section is short and snappy but does work the parts of my body I need it too.

        There are four lovely ladies to watch in a light and airy studio. There is nothing in the background to distract you from the workout which is really good. The ladies we are watching are Coleen, her trainer elisse who does most of the talking and two other ladies either side who you can see are in tip top shape. The trainer talks us through the workouts giving brief directions as to what to do which at first shocked me as I was expecting her to really talk me through what I had to instead. Instead she just said 'and do this' and carried on with each workout. Luckily though the workouts are easy to pick up and I was soon telling her what to do lol. Coleen does say the odd word here and there which to be honest adds nothing at all to the DVD because it's blatently obvious it's false and she has been either told to say it or she is reading it off a screen. Things such as 'So what does this workout do then' .. as if she really wants to know now she's succeeded in her weightloss.

        Coleen surprised me throughout the DVD as she seems quite negative about every workout, especially the Cardio. You can hear her moaning quite a bit and saying "Aww I hate this bit" which could quite easily make this DVD quite negative and put alot of people off. Although I noticed her negativity throughout some of the workouts she didn't put me off but it shocked me a little as surely in a fitness DVD, especially from a erm celebrity they need to be encouraging, enthusiastic - especially if they want to make some money which is the main reason for bringing out the DVD in the first place. If she lost her negativity in her comments and falseness in her voice, or just never said anything at all this DVD would be so much better. None of the ladies seem to break out in a sweat which shocked me while I was collapsed on my living room floor dripping in the stuff after two weeks of doing it.

        There is about a 2 second break between each section so if you are just beginning or are rather unfit like myself you will probably find yourself pausing the dvd to give yourself a drink of water, especially during the cardio workouts which sometimes leave me gasping for breath.

        I really enjoy every workout and find each one has benefited my body in some way or another in the past three weeks that I've been using it.

        The music in the background is quite repetitive and can be annoying, it's nothing to funky or pumped up to encourage you through the workouts which for me is the only disapointing aspect of the DVD - apart from Coleens comments and moaning sometimes.

        If you are looking for quite a pumped up energetic workout DVD with plenty of action, disco, dancing, and possibly aerobics then this is definitely not one for you. However if you prefer the hardcore cardio workouts, concentrated exercises really focusing on what body parts you want to work at in short and snappy sections with hardly any talking and direction from the trainer for you to try be independant in your own workout then this is definitely one for you - especially if you can put up with the weak music in the background lol!

        To do all the workouts together it takes roughly 1 hour but it does seem to go quite quick. You can however choose your workouts like I mentioned in the beginning so you can do as many or as little as you like and in any order to mix it up a little or change your work outs from day to day so they don't become too boring. This DVD may seem a little boring to some people but I quite enjoy the seriousness of it and the fast paced theme as well as the high impact cardio workouts which push me to the maximum.


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          11.01.2009 13:27
          Very helpful



          A good workout but not very exciting

          I bought this DVD a few months ago as I fancied trying a new fitness DVD to make working out a bit more interesting. I am a big fan of Coleen, really like her style and think she has a good body, so I thought I might enjoy this work out.

          The DVD is split in to different sections. These are:

          Warm up and stretching - this involved doing some basic warm up exercises and also some stretches

          High Intensity cardio - this section is supposed to make your heart beat faster so involves some harder moves and there is also some boxing in there

          Abdominal - this section includes sit ups and other exercises to help work the stomach

          Core Conditioning - this section has exercises to help condition the body

          Cool down - as with any good work out there is a cool down section with more gentle exercises and stretches

          Each section is also split in to further sections so you don't need to do all of these if you didn't want to. You could pick a number of sections to do, although you would have to do the warm up and the cool down.

          The sections tend to involve repeating the move a lot. This can be good but is what I find quite boring about this routine. For example in one section you have to do loads of squats. Probably quite good but I like to mix things up a bit. Also I do not like the fact that there are three sections for abdominal. I find these exercises quite hard and do not always complete them, so I usually end up skipping this part, which is a big part of the workout. The moves in general are fairly easy though and I am sure most people would not struggle too much to get to grips with them.

          The DVD is not led by Coleen as you would expect but by a fitness instructor. This is good in a way as at least you feel as if you are in the same boat as Coleen. There are also two other girls who do the exercises too. Sometimes the girls in the back do easier versions of the moves, which would be good if you were struggling. The fitness instructor also sometimes points out which part of the body you are working, which is quite good to know.

          There is also a DVD extra which is a short programme about Coleen and how she got to the body she has. It shows all her sessions with her personal trainer etc.

          The workout does seem to do the job, as I ached a bit afterwards so must have been doing the job. I just found it too boring though, the moves were boring and the music wasn't great either. I much prefer a workout that includes an aspect of dance aerobics as this is much more fun.

          Also posted on Ciao.


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            03.12.2008 16:21
            Very helpful
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            Good value for money

            Coleen's fitness DVD was the first of a kind that I bought. It was only £9 from amazon so I thought I'd give it a go. Personally I quite like it, although it does tend to get a little repetitive (hence why I've bought a few others to change it up a bit). The workout DVD includes 6 sections: warming up and stretching, cardio, abdominal work, core body work, conditioning and cool down. I like the abdominal section as it only takes about ten minutes in total and you really feel like you've worked the area. You do sit-ups, the bicycle and backwards sit-ups. For me the cardio section is the hardest. But its works and you really get a sweat on (if you do it properly). Lots of boxing and jumping. Also, the squats and lunges are a killer! But the feeling of exhilaration afterwards if fantastic! I like the music played in the background of the DVD. This enables you to want to push on through the pain, yet not overpowering so that you can't hear the instructions given. What I also liked is that you were given different levels within the DVD, so if you were progressing you had something to move on to, using the same DVD. You can see why she's got the body she has if she does that regularly!!


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              09.08.2008 23:17
              Very helpful
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              simple workout for everyday use

              I bought this DVD on amazon for £9, and i agree with the other reviewer that this is a great price to pay for a workout dvd. If you think how much going to the gym would cost you each day, (or the whole membership fee) this is a one off payment then the dvd is your to do as often or little as you like.

              The moves are repetitve, as the dvd is split into lots of different little sections.. this has its benifits as you can select what you want to do if you dont have alot of time. each little mino section is filled with basically one mive repeated tho, i.e squats.

              Despite being erpetitive, all the moves are simple and dont take alot of explaining you can just get on and do it feeling like youve achieved something from the very first time you do it, instead of having to spend you time learning tricky moves. THe moves although repetive all work your body and successfully help you lose weight and tone up! so stick with it as you will get results with this one.


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                09.07.2007 13:08
                Very helpful



                A challenging workout that will definately work if you keep at it!

                I bought this DVD as it was on special offer at Asda for £4.99 which I thought was fairly well-priced for an exercise DVD. I know you can also buy them on EBay and various other high street shops. I quite like Coleen and I think she has a nice figure so I thought I would give the routine a go. It also states on the front of the DVD that she dropped a jean size from doing this workout so I thought maybe I could too?!!

                The workout lasts for about 1 hour 15 minutes which is quite long but it is broken up into small sections so you can do as little or as much as you like. I usually choose one routine out of each section and variate them each day so I don't get bored.

                A breakdown of the workout is as follows:-

                WARM UP
                Coleen, her instructor Elise and 2 girls named Lucy and Tania are in a nice light airy studio with a wooden floor. They proceed to take you though some light cardio and stretches to prepare you for the main workout. This section isn't too hard and I felt very prepared for the cardio sections ahead. Coleen is very enthusiastic and her figure looks very toned and slim - I was jealous but convinced myself if I kept up the routine I could also get a figure like hers!!

                CARDIO ONE
                This section is quite hard! I was gasping for breath halfway through and had to stop for a large swig of water. It consists completely of skipping (don't worry, you don't need a rope, you just move your arms as if you are skipping) on the spot with various moves such as knee lifts, criss-cross and heel digs. Just when you think it's all over the instructor informs us that we are going to do the routine one more time - arghh!!! You can really feel your biceps working and as you don't pause for breath even once, it definitely gets your heart rate pumping!!

                CARDIO TWO
                The first part of this section consists of boxing and jumping jacks. Again it gets you quite out of breath but I didn't find it as hard as the skipping section! The second part of the section moves onto squats and knee lifts (ouch!). The section is slightly repetitive but extremely easy to follow and you can definitely feel the squats working your thighs and bum.

                CARDIO THREE
                The first part of this section consists of jumping squats which I hate with a passion as they hurt my knees! There is a low impact version you can do if it is too hard which is what I ended up doing. You start off doing 10, then 9, then 8, then 7 and so on - so it gets extremely repetitive, but again it is very easy to follow and does get your heart rate up and you know it is toning you up at the same time. The second part of the section consists of knee charges which involves you standing sideways and lifting one knee up to your chest, you do this over and over again doing 10, then 9 etc same as before. You then do the other leg. Again, slightly repetitive and I could feel myself getting bored and I wanted to stop as I was really tired by this point!

                CONDITIONING ONE
                In this section we do press-ups with different combinations - e.g. down for 2 counts, up for 1 - down for 3 counts up for 1 etc. I don't mind press-ups so enjoyed this section and it isn't very long either!

                CONDITIONING TWO
                Okay, now we are on all fours and lifting our leg to the side and up in the air in counts of 10, 9, 8, 7 etc as before. After a while I could definitely feel it working and was imagining myself in a pair of size 10 jeans to spur me on!!

                CONDITIONING THREE
                We are now doing squats and lunges over and over again in counts of 10, 9, 8, 7 as before. If you are not used to doing squats or lunges you will definitely find this difficult!!

                ABDOMINALS ONE
                I was so pleased to lie down by this point!! This section is just a few sets of basic crunches which actually felt quite nice after all the earlier leg work.

                ABDOMINALS TWO
                More abs work consisting of working the obliques by doing the ‘bicycle’ which involves moving your legs and arms towards your chest in a twisting motion to work the side muscles in your stomach. Not much else to say as this section is very short.

                ABDOMINALS THREE
                We are now doing the 'reverse sit up' where you start from a sitting up position and move down slowly to the floor using your stomach muscles. A few sets of these and that completes the abs section - phew!!!

                CORE ONE
                These last few sections are pilate/yoga based and are concentrating on working your core muscles. This section introduces you to the pike motion which really works the muscles in your stomach. You lie on all fours and push yourself up onto your toes using your tummy - hold the position for a while. I never usually bother with these sections but they are quite relaxing and nice to cool down to as well as toning up.

                CORE TWO
                Next we lie on our backs and lift our legs towards our stomach which works the lower stomach muscles. You can actually feel this working and it is harder than it sounds!

                CORE THREE
                More pilate based exercises focusing on balance and stability. Again you are on all fours and lifting your legs and arms simultaneously. I found this quite hard as I kept losing my balance but I'm sure with more practice I will get better!

                COOL DOWN
                Some nice well-deserved stretches after all that hard work - believe me you will need it!!

                There is only one extra on this DVD called 'building the body' which follows Coleen from starting out on the workout and to where she is now, showing her weight loss etc. I watched it through once but it wasn't that interesting if I'm honest. It just shows her going through the exercises and getting out of breath and then showing her now being able to do them without getting out of breath - nothing exciting! I watched this before I attempted the workout and it did get me motivated and ready to workout and burn some fat!

                I would recommend this DVD if you are serious about losing weight and toning up as I think it will definitely work if you stick to it. It is very challenging but I do feel great afterwards like I have worked really hard. However it is extremely repetitive and wouldn't be good for people who prefer dancy/aerobic based workouts as there is none of that contained in this DVD. The music is not that good and pretty unmemorable if I'm honest - I also found Coleen slightly irritating at times as some of the things she was saying were so obviously rehearsed and didn't sound natural at all! E.g. 'so Elise, what does cardio work actually do?' Having said that, she did look quite out of breath at some points which made me feel better - although I'm sure they must have paused for make up re-touches in between each section as there was not a drop of sweat on any of them. It made me feel a bit cheated in that respect, as I wanted them to look and feel the same way that I did - knackered!!

                All in all, this is a good DVD for increasing stamina, burning fat and toning up - so go out and buy it if you want to look good in your bikini this summer!! I have not yet managed to drop a dress size but I am persevering!!!


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                Coleen McLoughlin demonstrates her fun new body workout, which led to her dropping a jean size.

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