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David Haye's Box & Tone (DVD)

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Genre: Sports - Fitness / Exempt / Actors: David Haye ... / DVD released 2013-01-10 at Lace DVD / Features of the DVD: PAL

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    1 Review
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      26.04.2013 20:34
      Very helpful



      This is a great workout for any level of fitness.

      After spending the last year out of the gym and keeping fit by doing a lot of running, I decided I wanted to try something a little different. I decided to go down the route of finding a fitness DVD. The one that stood out to me was David Haye's box and tone.


      For those that don't know who David Haye is I will write a brief summary of his career.
      David Haye as you may have guessed from the DVD title was a boxer. He fought in the cruiserweight and heavyweight divisions.

      Haye is one of only two fighters in history to unify the world cruiserweight belts and then go on to become heavyweight champion of the world. No mean feat.
      Haye was sometimes a little to brash and cocky and courted quite a lot of controversy in the build up to his fights and I didn't really like this side of him but you couldn't question his ability when he was actually in the ring.

      Nicknamed the "Hayemaker". A haymaker is a powerful punch that is usually a wild swing that is similar to a hook but the arm stays straighter. If you connect with a haymaker you will more than likely knock your opponent out. Good nickname for a boxer and a nice play on words.
      Aside from boxing, David Haye also appeared on ITV's I'm a celebrity get me out of here. So for all the ladies that are reading and couldn't care less about boxing, he was the guy with that was continually shown showering naked. In all fairness if i had David Haye's physique I would probably go out everywhere in a pair of speedos.

      The physique of David Haye is exactly why I found this DVD interesting. Whenever Haye fought he was always in the best condition he could possibly be, reknowned for his conditioning and fitness. If this DVD passed on at least some of his training techniques I would be onto a winner.
      I ordered the DVD from a seller on play.com for £9.61.

      Wrapped in a cardboard cover the words David Hayes box and tone stand out above a picture of Haye in a boxing stance stood between two very fit and looking very pleased with themselves ladies. Both of which take part in the training alongside David Haye. At the bottom the ultimate fighting fit workout is how the DVD is described. Fighting talk indeed.
      Whilst waiting for the DVD to lad it goes through plenty of warnings. Don't train if ill, don't train if you have consumed alcohol, keep yourself hydrated, you get the drift.

      The first thing that appears is the choice between your leading hand being your left or your right. Choose your stronger side that you would punch with. Whatever side you choose will affect your workout. Hay will mirror your choice tailoring the workout to your strengths.
      The next menu has four sections to choose from: Full workout, select a section, create a workout or set-up.

      The DVD consists of six sections. As the menu suggests you can either work your way straight through all six sections. This will take you approximately one hour and forty minutes.
      Or you can select just one section to work out to. Or use the create a workout option to pick exactly which workouts you want to do on this occasion.

      The set up section basically consists of two choices that aren't really that important. You can choose to workout without instruction from David Haye and just have music in the background or keep the instruction on. Personally I would leave it on because from my point of view I hadn't ever done some of the exercises before so it was handy to have the instruction.


      I'll give a brief description of each workout and what I thought of them.

      WARM UP. (15 minutes)

      The warm up begins with some marching on the spot just to get you moving and loosened up. It moves on to a few moves where you are doing a bit of bobbing and weaving and throwing some slow punches. There are also so movements that need a little footwork, its basically hopping from side to side but it will need a bit of space. It finishes with rotating the hips and ankles.
      It is a good energetic warm up that gets you ready for the workout ahead. To anybody that is only just staring to exercise this might even be a good work out to begin with for your first time before moving onto anything more strenuous.

      SHADOW BOXING. (21 mins)

      This workout consists of jabs, hooks, uppercut and the 'Hayemaker' and also incorporates a defensive movement where you first rock forward stand back up and then rock backward. Each technique is performed on it own building up to a higher tempo and frequency before finally putting all the actions together into one full combination.
      Each punch requires you to use footwork. It probably sounds quite simple but after doing the shadow boxing I actually had a bit more appreciation for how difficult it must be for boxers to throw combinations whilst concentrating on balance.

      This is the least taxing of the workouts but is still a good cardio workout. It does get your heart rate going.

      CIRCUIT TRAINING (16 mins)

      Squats, press ups, star jumps, leg thrusts and squat jumps.

      All five are simple exercises but make sure for the star jumps and squat jumps that there is nothing above you that is hanging low. Last thing you need when working out is to whack your hand or head. Always make sure you have enough room.
      Again it starts slowly and builds up in tempo. I consider myself fairly fit from running and cycling but this works a whole new set of muscles. The first time I did it I ached for the next three days.

      Start slowly and only do what you can. It is hard work. You do get breaks in between exercises but only for fifteen seconds. It can be wise to pause the DVD whilst you rest a little if you are struggling instead of keeping to their schedule. If you rush you will end up injuring yourself and probably never try again.

      CONDITIONING (22 mins)

      Sumo squat, military press ups, lunges, L thrust and spotty dogs.

      Again the workout gets more difficult and I still struggle with these exercises, especially the military press ups.
      In this section you perform each of the five exercises, four times each. Do the exercises for thirty seconds with a thirty second break in between. Again don't be a hero. If you are finding it hard going you are either not ready for the step up or just take a longer break.

      ABS/CORE STRENGTH (17 mins)

      I've only tried this section once and without much success.
      The exercises are plank, rotation crucifix, alternate knee plank and an exercise David Haye swears by, the Hayemaker crunch.

      Again the exercises are staggered between thirty second exercises and thirty second breaks.
      These exercises put a lot of strain of your stomach muscles and the plank alone is extremely difficult to endure. The reason I haven't done this section much is because I still ache from the other sections. I can stand my legs aching and even a bit of shoulder pain but I hate the feeling of pain when you have strained stomach muscles.

      WARM DOWN (15 mins)

      The warm down is a series of stretches that are very important. After any form of exercise a warm down is important. Unfortunately I very rarely take my own advice and miss out on a warm down but the fact is, if I did warm down I probably wouldn't ache so much.


      I would recommend trying the David Haye box and tone workout. When you break it down it is a very basic workout but it does exactly what its supposed to. There's no point In working out if you aren't going to get hot and sweaty and feel tired afterward. On the other hand you can take it easy when you first start out.

      The whole point of the DVD is to build up to the day when you can do every section in one go. To do that will be tough but if you can keep at it until you get the full benefits then you will certainly have got your moneys worth from this DVD.
      Two things I particularly like about the DVD is that the instructions are so clear. Not only for the exercises but during breaks Haye continually reminds you that if you are struggling have a rest or reminds you to go get a drink of water.

      Secondly Haye has others doing the workout with him. They split different techniques between them and work out at different tempos. When you first get the DVD it might be worth watching through it first to not only get the hang off the exercises themselves but to see the different techniques. You might want to start of with something a little easier and build up. I liked this aspect of the workouts because it doesn't assume that everybody can just jump in head first and go for it.
      Every workout has its different benefits and if you're like me you might find it hard to find time to exercise but with this DVD I'm sure that by doing at least one of the workouts every couple of days you will see some benefits.

      One final warning I would give is to make sure you don't do this workout in a confined space. Give yourself some room at your side, possibly two metres either way and make sure nothing is hanging down close to your head.

      Overall I would recommend this workout to anybody that wants to do exercise at home. It will suit anybody from being a beginner to anybody with a high fitness level.


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