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Davina - Ultimate Target (DVD)

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4 Reviews

Genre: Sports - Fitness / Exempt / Actors: Davina McCall ... / DVD released 2011-12-05 at 2entertain / Features of the DVD: PAL

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    4 Reviews
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      06.11.2012 13:35
      Very helpful




      I bought this video for myself, as a boost to get myself in shape for my upcoming wedding next year. I love Davina, I think the amount she laughs and generally seems to enjoy herself is uplifting, and if there is ever a time that I need to feel uplifted, it is when I am exercising my butt off.

      I had a bit of a run through of the DVD, purely to see what torture I was about to put my very unhealthy body through, probably not one of my better ideas but I thought at least it wouldn't be a surprise. I then decided that the best place to start with the DVD was the place I felt I was having most issues, the BINGO WINGS!! I got dressed appropriately and with water and dumbbells in hand, I pressed play and got ready for one of the most gruelling workouts I have ever put myself through. I have been using this video now (on and off) for eight months or so, I was ill in the middle of the year, and with emergency hospital stays etc, I had to gave it up for a little while. I have only just really got back into the fitness routine, but I have found with the right diet and this exercise DVD, I have noticed an improvement in my health and general look. I have a more positive outlook also, now I can actually see some changes in my shape etc. I find when you are putting yourself through hell, until you actually see shape or weight changes; it all seems a bit worthless, especially when you really make yourself sweat and you are sore the following day. The day after my first workout, I could hardly move, walking up and down stairs, was not even funny, but over time that has eased and in general all the workouts are all a bit easier. I cant do the whole DVD straight off, and I do have to give up occasionally.

      On the DVD there are two self-contained 30 minute workouts, a fantastic abs routine and three target workouts to focus on those problem areas.
      Fabulous fat burner - A bit of funky cardio using some Latino moves
      Brilliant boot camp - Squats and toning galore
      Target Abs - Tummy toning
      Target Workouts - Three short but effective routines, targeting
      1. Bingo wings
      2. Summer shoulders
      3. Bikini bum

      Davina is my new God, as how she can do all those exercise's and still laugh, smile and joke is beyond me. Awesome woman, awesome DVD, very much recommend it. If you have the willpower to get up and actually do it.


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      29.03.2012 19:23
      Very helpful



      5 stars

      In the middle of last year I went on a sudden and obsessive mad dash to lose some weight and tone up. As a size 10 I don't necessarily need to lose much weight but toning up and getting some kind of fitness level would have been good! I had a wedding to go to in August and decided I would embark on a fitness DVD to help me on my quest! I had always heard about Davina and how her DVDs are really effective and so I bought the Ultimate Target to see how I would get along. It hadn't been out for too long and I quite liked that it was Davina, a celebrity rather than a fitness expert. I'm sure Davina knows what she is talking about, but I didn't want a DVD by a fitness fanatic who I didn't know and which I would probably find out of my depth. I figured if Davina can do it, Carly can do it! And do it I did!.....

      So the DVD itself has 6 workouts and warm ups. Davina and her two trainers guide you through the routines and you can choose which part of your body you would like to concentrate on. This is ideal and a really good idea, as while I want to work on my tummy and am happy with everything else, the next person may want to tone their bum but have a perfect tummy!

      The warm ups is fairly self explanatory and I can't stress enough how important this is. It is so easy to think, I'll skip that bit and get down to doing the actual exercise, but missing this integral part may mean you pull a muscle and be out for a few days. After warming up your arms and legs, stretches follow and it's really important to push yourself as much as possible to avoid aching the next day.

      The 6 workouts all have different goals in mind at the end. Some may be of no use to you depending on how you feel about your body but I would suggest working through them all at least once to see what it's about. The main one that I use is the fabulous fat burner, sounds amazing and is! It works but boy is it hard work (the squats in particular)! No pain no gain as they say! There is an option to take an easier route in this workout by following one of Davina's trainers rather than Davina herself, but I always try to push myself and think of the sofa that I will shortly have collapsed on! It does take around half an hour to complete but it's worth it - you aren't going to get anywhere by not pushing yourself physically! My heart is always pumping after this and I am out of breath as if I have been for a run.

      The next workout is called Brilliant Boot Camp and is my least favourite! It involves using weights and I'm such a weakling that I prefer to exercise without them, hence not liking the routine that much. It involves using kicks, squats and press ups in conjunction with weights (a couple of kilos is recommended so not too heavy). It helps with legs and definitely burns the calories too but is one of the hardest workouts. This also takes around half an hour.

      Bikini Bum is 6 or 7 minutes long and concentrates on the thighs and bum area. It tones and although it's fairly intense, it's short length means you can just about grin and bear the multiple and various types of kicks and squats required. I quite like this and this is usually the one that gets me aching.

      Bingo wings is a workout which I have only done a few times, as along with my sparrow legs (as my mum calls them!), my arms (touch wood) are pretty lean. At around 5 minutes long, it is one of the quickest routines, but it is intense with press ups and weights.

      Summer shoulders concentrates on the shoulders to give you nice toned muscles. Again it is a fairly quick workout but isn't as intense as the bingo wings one.

      Target abs is perfect for me and focuses on the tummy by using a variety of different sit ups. I did sit ups before buying this DVD so didn't struggle too much with it, however friends I know who have done this workout have found it particularly hard. Stick with it, it will get easier. 15 minutes of tummy workouts will soon get you in shape.

      The cool and stretch section is usually my least favourite. By this point, I usually want to collapse in a heap and not move, but just like warming up, it's important that you stretch out and cool down. You can choose to do the basic cool down or carry on for a little longer. I usually just do the bare minimum here, but the relaxing music does help calm your heart down a little after the pumping dance music and difficult workouts.

      The menu of the DVD makes it really easy to select what you want to do such as workout or introduction from Davina where she explains a little behind the routines and how to combine the exercises with a healthy diet.

      All in all this is an excellent work out, and being on DVD allows you to exercise in your own home and at your own convenience. When I first bought this I was using it around 3 or 4 times a week, but as the sun seems to have prematurely arrived, recently I have been using this DVD one or two times a week in conjunction with going for a run. It takes motivation knowing that the routines are fairly difficult, however as I've already mentioned, if you seriously want to get fit and get your body in shape, you have to be prepared to work for it.


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      20.03.2012 22:19
      Very helpful



      A fun and effective exercise DVD.

      Davina: Ultimate Target.

      Nowadays, TV presenter Davina McCall is better known for her fitness DVDs, more so than her presenting skills. This DVD is the eighth in her successful fitness collection. Many celebrities decide to make fitness DVDs, the large majority of which fail miserably. The usual routine is that celebrities lose a lot of weight, make a fitness DVD and then 6 months later, after reaping the financial benefits, they put it all back on. So why has Davina McCall been so successful, where others have failed? Her DVDs are consistent, effective and Davina herself sticks to them. After having three children, many people can relate to her and find her inspirational. Davina always looks great and has a fantastic figure and that is why so many people want to follow her workout routine. Davina is easy to watch and entertaining, she is very down to earth and she comes across as genuine in all of her DVDs.
      Jackie and Mark are the two trainers in the DVD who take you and Davina through the workouts. They have featured in previous DVDs that Davina has released. Between the three of them, there is quite a bit of banter but as with all fitness DVDs, after you have heard it once it gets a little bit irritating. The music on the DVD ranges from some good workout songs to some random samba music. I tend to put it on mute, turn my own music on and follow the routine on the screen. The aim of the DVD is to raise fitness levels, build up muscle strength and tone. The workouts are all designed with this in mind and some of them are quite tough.

      The Workouts.

      Fabulous Fat Burner: a cardio workout with a Zumba feel to it, including Latino dance moves. This workout definitely gets your heart beating and depending on how fit you are, can make you sweat. The workout is very repetitive and so can get a little boring but it means that it is easy to pick up and follow. There are quite a lot of squats in this workout, to build muscle and tone, as well as cardio exercise. The workout is lead by Jackie and it lasts for 30 minutes, quite a lot of stamina is needed to get through it.

      Brilliant Boot Camp: Mark's boot camp is a lot of fun. It is quite gruelling but the workout really hits where it needs to in terms of toning up your body. Weights are introduced in this workout to maximise the results of squats and weight lifting. This workout is not as fast paced as the fat burner but you can definitely feel it working. There is a lot of karate kicking and air punching in this brilliant 30-minute boot camp session. Perfect for getting a more sculpted figure.

      Target Abs: this is a 15-minute workout, specifically for your abs. It includes numerous exercises which aim to tone up your tummy. This is definitely not for the faint-hearted and if you are not used to doing ab exercises then it can be quite difficult at first. Persistence is the key though and remember: no pain, no gain!

      Target Workouts: these are three workouts, which are shorter than the others, but still very effective, and they aim to target specific parts of the body. They are; bingo wings, summer shoulders and bikini bum. These workouts are definitely not easy but if you want to tone up then they are ideal and do the job.

      Warm Up/Cool Down: Before any of the workouts there is a warm up with Jackie, which is essential and very effective. It contains some great techniques that really get you warmed up and ready to go. At the end of the workouts, there are cool down stretches with Mark, this section allows your body to slow down and reap the benefits of all the brilliant exercise you have just done.


      I have been following this DVD for about 2 months now and I can definitely see and feel the results. I settled into the workouts quite easily and quickly realised that Mark's boot camp was my favourite part. I like it because it concentrates on toning the body in a fun and effective way. I have bought quite a few fitness DVDs in the past and this is one of the best ones by far. It is easy to motivate myself to follow this DVD, as the exercise is actually enjoyable. The workouts target those problem areas and there is something for everyone.

      Would I Recommend It?

      I would definitely recommend this DVD to anyone who wants to get fit and more toned. It might seem difficult at first but a little bit of persistence can go a long way and it will not be long before you start seeing results.


      The DVD can be bought from play.com for £12.99

      Thank you for reading : )


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        19.02.2012 17:36
        Very helpful



        A brilliant way to get fit in your own home

        Davina Ultimate Target Fitness DVD

        ---------- Introduction ----------
        It was a Sunday afternoon, and I was sat thinking to myself, I really need to start to get fit and lose a bit of weight, however meanwhile I was lying on the sofa watching Eastenders omnibus, and stuffing down a packet of fig rolls. Yep, that describes me perfectly, I always THINK about getting up and doing exercise, however, I never actually DO it. I mean I always plan to go on jogs, I get my trainers and running clothes ready, set the alarm for 6 in the morning, however when the buzzing wakes me up at the crack of dawn, I have never been able to pull myself out of my cosy bed, and go running in the cold, dark weather. Let's face it; I'm sure most of you have been there!

        Anyway back to the point, I plan to exercise, but just never get around to doing it. However I thought, a new year, a new me! So I was thinking this year I really need to choose a method of exercise that actually works for me. Instantly I had a brain wave, what about a fitness DVD!

        ---------- What I Wanted from the DVD ----------
        So I quickly started searching the internet for all the best fitness DVD's out there. I knew that I wanted one that was quite recently released, and I also liked the idea of it being a celebrity fitness DVD (I thought it would make the exercise a little bit more interesting). I'm also not experienced at exercise, and so I didn't want a DVD that had complex moves and complex foot sequences, as I would probably just end up tripping over myself. And finally, I wanted a DVD that was within my price range as I wasn't prepared to pay more than £15.

        ---------- Why I chose Davina Ultimate Target Fitness DVD ----------
        After searching through the fitness DVD's I noticed that Davina's DVD had good reviews from Amazon (4.5 out of 5 stars). And after reading some of the positive comments about how good this DVD was and how it actually works, and people was seeing an improvement in their fitness and their weight, I started to like the sound of it even more. I've never been Davina's number one fan, however I have always admired her enthusiasm, and I did in fact quite like her. (For those who don't know who Davina McCall is, she is a famous presenter). And so even though this DVD was a little on the pricey side, (£10.99 from Amazon) I decided to go ahead and buy it.

        ---------- Packaging ----------
        The DVD comes in quite a simple DVD case. Its plain white, with a picture of Davina looking fabulously toned on the front, it certainly motivated me to get going! Next to the picture of Davina it says 'Davina' 'Ultimate Target'. On the back of the DVD there is a short paragraph supposedly written by Davina telling you about the DVD, and all the exercise routines that are in it.

        ---------- About the DVD ----------
        I think this is about the 8th Fitness DVD Davina has now released. The DVD has 6 workouts, as well as a warm up and a cool down. I was a bit surprised at first to find out that this DVD isn't actually Davina leading the workouts, her two trainers, Mark and Jackie, are actually with Davina leading the workouts. Of course, Davina is in every work out, however either Mark or Jackie will be leading it and telling her what to do. I actually liked this as I find that as there were 3 people, or 2 (sometimes Jackie or Mark isn't in every work out), they talk to each other, and make jokes, so it makes the workout more interesting and entertaining. Also as Jackie and Mark have been Davina's trainers for a long time, you can tell that they have a very good relationship, so it's lovely to see them all having fun together.

        When you first turn on the DVD, it comes up with a women speaking about how you shouldn't do the exercises if, you have eaten a heavy meal in the last 2 hours, if you have been drinking alcohol, etc etc. After that first little warning section, up comes the main menu of the DVD. The main menu has short clips of the work outs along to fast paced high energy music. You have the option to chose either introduction, workouts, extra, and subtitle on/off.

        If you select introduction it is just a short 5 minute introduction. It is just Davina stood in the studio telling us about the DVD, and a bit about each work out. She recommends that you do at least 3 work outs a week, as well as combining it with a healthy diet. I would recommend you watch this introduction as I found it useful.

        If you select 'extra', it is an extra called 'Davina's School Run', it is a 10 minute feature where Davina, Mark and Jackie go to a secondary school to surprise a bunch of year 10 girls in their PE class, as in their PE class they work out to Davina's DVD. I found it a nice little extra to watch, however it's not necessary that you watch it.

        ---------- About the Workouts ----------
        The DVD is called 'Ultimate Target' for a reason. There are different work outs designed to target, exercise and tone different parts of your body, so you can choose what areas of your body you really want to work on.

        The Warm Up:
        Davina really stresses at the start of the warm up that it is very important to do the warm up before you exercise as otherwise you will get injured. It Is Jackie who leads the work out, however Davina, Mark and Jackie are all doing it. The moves are quite easy and simple to follow, and Jackie is very good at leading it. The moves are things such as marching forwards and backwards, circling your arms in the air and pointing your toes forwards, sideways, and backwards. Near the end of the workout the moves do get a little bit harder, but nothing too hard. After you have warmed up, Jackie then takes you through a few stretches. The first time I did the warm up, I don't think I stretched enough, as after I had done the warm up, fabulous fat burner, and the cool down, the next day I was aching a lot, however the next time I did the warm up, I made sure that I stretched a lot harder, and then after that I didn't ache anymore, so make sure that you stretch properly, otherwise you will end up like me with aching limbs! I would definitely recommend you do the warm up before trying out any of the other workouts. The warm up takes 10 minutes.

        Fabulous Fat Burner:
        Again on this one Jackie leads the work out. You are kept moving the whole time. Some of the moves are things such as marching in and out, jumping side to side, lifting your legs up, and some ski jumps. One moment of the routine that particularly stood out to me is the squats, my god they hurt like hell! You have to squat and then move your hips side to side while you're squatting, it is really hard, however you can actually feel your legs toning, it does work! What I liked about this workout is that Jackie offers some easier moves so you can follow her if you don't want to work as hard as Davina and Mark. So if you really want to push yourself then you can follow Davina and Mark, however if you are in need of a little rest, you can copy Jackie. I have to say that this work out really does work, it keeps your heart rate high the whole time, and I really do think it burns fat! The first few times I tried it, I had to keep pausing it and collapsing on the sofa, however the more times you do it, the easier it gets, so don't give up! I really don't understand how Davina keeps her smiling face throughout the workout, and how all 3 of them even manage to speak, I could hardly breathe! This is one of my favourite workouts, as I feel it's very effective, and it has some nice suitable music throughout. Fabulous Fat Burner takes roughly 27 minutes.

        Brilliant Boot Camp:
        This workout is led by Mark. For this workout you will need a set of weights, and in the introduction section of the DVD Davina recommends either 1 or 2 kilo weights. This workout contains kicks, punches, weight lifting, squats and press ups. The hardest part of this workout, for me, is where you have to combine weight lifting with squats. I find this workout is brilliant for toning legs and arms, as well as actually fat burning, as at the end of the workout my heart rate is always high. This workout, along with the fabulous fat burner, is also hard, and leaves me gasping for breath. However I do find that I slightly prefer the fat burner workout as there are a lot more varied moves, where as in this boot camp workout, as I've already said it's mainly weight lifting, squats and kickboxing moves, and I really do not like squats as I find they hurt like hell! All in all, I do still like this workout, it is very very very hard, probably the hardest out of all the workouts, however I can feel it toning my legs and arms and bum, so it's all worth it! I also love the music in this section; my favourite tunes from this section has to be 'jump around' by 'house of pain', and 'express yourself'. Brilliant Boot Camp takes 27 minutes.

        Target Abs:
        You can probably tell from the name of this workout, that it focuses on your tummy section. This workout is led by Jackie, and Mark isn't in this workout at all. Davina is the only person doing the different moves, and Jackie is sat next to her, telling her what to do. I find that Jackie is excellent in this workout, and is very clear about telling you what to do. The moves in this workout are basically just different kind of sit ups. You can definitely feel that this workout is focusing on your stomach area. Often when I do this workout, I find that my back starts to hurt. However Jackie keeps reminding you that if your back is hurting, to stop and relax. Overall this section is brilliant at toning up your tummy area, and helping you to achieve abs. Target Abs takes 14 minutes.

        Bingo Wings:
        This section is aimed to tone up your bingo wings, which is the top section of your arms. The workout is led by Mark telling Davina what to do. Most of the moves in this workout are weight lifting and press ups. This section is kind of like a shorter version of Mark's boot camp; it is very hard and tires me out easily! However it is an effective workout. Bingo Wings takes only 5 minutes.

        Summer Shoulders:
        This section is designed to target your shoulders, at first I thought this was a bit of a funny area of your body to exercise as I don't actually mind my shoulders, but never mind I still do it anyway! This workout is led by Mark, him and Davina do the workout together. This section again is mainly weight lifting. Summer Shoulders takes about 5 minutes.

        Bikini Bum:
        This workout is designed to target not only your bum, but it does wonders to your legs and thighs as well! This section is led by Mark, him and Davina do the workout together. This workout is mainly different types of squats, including squatting and them jumping to squatting and kicking. I do this workout a lot, not because I like squats, because believe me I don't, but because I really want to tone up my legs and bum. I find that although this workout is hard, and makes my legs ache, it's very very effective. Bikini Bum takes 7 minutes

        Cool Down and Stretch:
        The cool down is just as important as the warm up, it's important to stretch after you have worked out. Mark leads this workout. The work out contains some simple stretches; however you then have the choice to carry on to do some additional stretches. The music in this section is slow and relaxing. If you do the full Cool Down and Stretch it takes 20 minutes.

        ---------- Overall ----------
        Overall I love this DVD, I have been using it a few weeks and have been doing at least 3 workouts a week, and I can already start seeing a difference in my fitness. Also I have noticed parts of my body are looking more toned, especially my legs! Of course if you want to see results you have to eat healthy, which is hard and I don't always stick to, but I do try. Davina, Mark and Jackie are brilliant throughout the whole DVD, and they make the workouts more fun. I love using this DVD as I'm in the privacy of my own home so no one can see me red faced and sweaty! I would definitely recommend this DVD to anyone who is looking to get fit or lose weight. It is everything I wanted from a fitness DVD, and more.

        ---------- Price and Availability ----------
        You can buy this DVD for £10.99 from Amazon.


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