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Dirty Dancing : The Official Dance Workout (DVD)

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Genre: Sports - Fitness / Exempt / DVD released 2008-01-07 at Lions Gate Home Entertainment / Features of the DVD: PAL, Colour

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    1 Review
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      13.04.2012 18:07
      Very helpful



      A fitness DVD based on the hit Dirty Dancing film.

      My mum and I love doing car boot sales and we could certainly give any of those market stall hagglers a run for their money! If anyone dares to think they can pull a fast one over my mum they're in for a rather big shock, her haggling powers are immense and before the poor shoppers have even realised they've paid her double what they were planning and are walking away with three more items than they originally wanted! We tend to do one about once a year or whenever we feel we've built up enough "junk" to warrant a trip to a car boot sale. We're planning on doing one in May so I've just started gathering stuff together already; it's absolutely amazing how quickly my little shed gets filled up with unwanted items, not to mention my cupboards! While I was going through my DVD cupboard the other day I came across a DVD which instantly made me smile... Dirty Dancing: The Official Dance Workout. Now this takes me back to my University days when we invested in a copy of this during a HMV sale, we probably only did the actual workout about three or four times but we sure did sing along to it!

      The DVD was released back in 2008 so it is a couple of years dated now and since then there have probably been thousands of fitness DVDs related. The DVD is advertised as making you want to "get out of the corner and get your dancing shoes on" while teaching you the moves to the much loved music from the Dirty Dancing movie. The DVD is split into sections, as most fitness DVDs are, with different areas and different workouts that can either be completed individually or you can pick and choose which you want to do. The first part is "the syllabus" as such as this goes over the basic moves with you which are taught more slowly than in the rest of the DVD to allow you to get to grips with them. There's also certain sections such as a breathing section which lasts for five minutes and merely teaches you to, well er... breathe while bending over in strange positions! After this are the different dances, only some of which I should add are actually to songs from Dirty Dancing. There are a couple of tracks that are used in this DVD that certainly don't feature on my full DVD version of the film!

      Each dance is demonstrated to you at a fairly good pace with many of the moves being used from the syllabus section of the DVD. You have time to pick up sections of the dance before putting it all together and I like how they break the dances down into manageable steps. The instructions are fairly easy enough to follow and the moves are clearly shown. Some of the dances are quite fast once they're put to the proper music, which might get some people a bit confused (including myself)! The moves are typical to what you see in the film, there's a bit of salsa thrown in and even some country dancing moves. They focus on getting your whole body moving (which again can cause me problems) as you need to coordinate your feet and your arms at the same time! The good thing about this DVD is that you can choose which sections you want to complete as they're clearly set out on the menu screen, this means you can skip the syllabus certain times and get straight to the dancing. Once you master the moves the syllabus section becomes a bit redundant really as you're hardly likely to forget them are you?!

      In order to relive my youth I decided to try this DVD last weekend and it was everything I remembered... yet far more annoying! The first thing I should warn you about is the presenters; they take annoying and cheesy voices to a new level. I can remember having to resist the urge to throw something at the television when I tried to do the DVD for the first time. You can't deny their enthusiasm and my friend did find them quite endearing but their voices and their continuous cheesy grins did start to grate on my nerves after about fifteen minutes. Their outfits are also quite comical, they're obviously trying to recreate the 80s disco craze but what gets me every time is that they have black ankle socks on, the sort you send your children to school in! What was refreshing with this DVD is that even the dancers made mistakes, there's a great bit where one of the male dancer's shoelaces become undone during Johnny's Mambo yet he tries to soldier on while glancing at the floor every two seconds!

      I got about half way through this DVD before I gave up, this equated to about twenty five minutes in total. At the end I was quite warm but I hadn't really worked up as much of a sweat as I have done with my other fitness DVDs that I've used in the past to be fair. I'd personally recommend using this as backing music to dance and sing along to, before you know it you'll be doing your own dance routines and getting fit while trying not to collapse into fits of laughter! It's currently priced at £4.47 on Amazon which is fairly cheap, I think we paid something similar in HMV a few years ago. The downsides to this are that (unfortunately) the presenters are just slightly too irritating for my liking (in terms of their accents and their rather forced joviality), it was clearly made with quite a low budget (as they've left many of the mistakes in there although this does provide room for laughs) and it won't get you as hot and sweaty (which to me equates to getting fit!) as I'd have liked really. I'm giving this just two stars as I think there are far better versions on the market... I sadly didn't have the time of my life!

      Thanks for reading.


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