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Jake The Snake Roberts: Pick Your Poison (DVD)

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2 Reviews

Genre: Wrestling / Sport / Classification: 15+ / Release Date: 5 Dec 2005

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    2 Reviews
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      07.10.2011 14:17



      Well worth the money, well worth the watch

      This DVD looks into the life of Jake Roberts and it is a very honest account of the Wrestler's life by the man himself as he does the talking and guides us from his disturbed origins to a disturbed career.
      I use the word disturbed because that seems to be the only word that I can use, from Jake's troubled childhood (troubled relationship with his Father, murder of his sister etc) to his rise to the top as a great wrestler and the substance abuse that effectively ruined his career.
      Jake speaks honestly with passion and regret in certain parts as to how his life has turned out.
      The other contributors (McMahon, Okerlund, Ross, Hogan etc) do Jake the kind of justice that they didn't do for Jim Hellwig.
      The matches on the DVD were interesting, especially his SMW match with the Dirty White Boy in 1994 which was a real rare match.
      If you love wrestling and its history, you can't do without this DVD.


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      09.03.2011 16:28
      Very helpful



      A brilliant DVD on Jake Roberts

      Jake "The Snake" Roberts was a huge Wrestling Superstar in the late 80's and Early 90's during the heyday of World Wrestling Federation, which is now known as World Wrestling Entertainment. Many an old school fan will know of Jake, and have seen a large amount of his matches. He really was a master of his craft, and he really knew how to work a crowd, as well as wrestle an amazing match. But who was the man behind the character? Who was the real Jake Roberts?

      Well for starters, Jakes real name is Arulian Smith ( I kid you not!) and you can find out so much more about him and his life from this DVD, Pick Your Poison. This DVD is an in depth look at Jake, his life and career, bought to us by the WWE. This DVD was released in 2005, so if you have not had a chance to watch it yet, what have you been doing?

      Jake himself plays a big part in this DVD, and there is many an interview with Jake on here, as well as commentary from. We also get to see a good choice of matches from Jakes career, as well as his promos and interviews from days gone by. I will admit that the matches chosen, whilst they are good choices, could have been better ones, as I have seen many a match where Jake was so much more amazing and alive.

      Most Jake fans will know of Jakes problems and "demons" when it comes to drink and drugs, and this DVD does make a light of this. I was expecting it to hide away from the problems and act like they didn't exist, but the problems are talked about in this DVD and think it is a good thing, as it does show just how Jake really is, and what he has gone through during his life.

      The DVD also tells us about problems Jake had growing up, and how his family was a lot more than just the usual dysfunctional one. There is rumours that Jake was the product of incest, that he was abused as a child, and this is all discussed by Jake on the DVD. He also tells us of the pain he felt over the murder of his sister, even though the killer has never been caught and the body never found.

      This does all seem like quite a dark DVD, but it really is a great insight into the mind and life of Jake Roberts. I was lucky enough to know Jake before I saw this DVD, and I can honestly say that this DVD is a true one, no acting or pretending on the part of Jake. It is all real, all honest - emotions and all.

      We get to see many a great moment from throughout Jake's career, and he also talks us through what he thinks makes them so great and why he chose to put them onto the DVD. There was many, many other moments he could have chosen, but he easily defends the reasons as to why he chose what he chose.

      Compared to many other WWE DVD's of the wrestlers themselves, this is quite a dark, emotional one in places and it lives up to it's 15 rating. I would not let younger fans watch this, although they may not know who Jake is any ways if they are younger. Some parts of this DVD do make you really think, and you may well look at Jake in a whole new light after watching it, it really is some food for thought on many a subject, wrestling related and non wrestling related.

      Most people when they think of a wrestler, they think of their on screen character. They do not think of the person behind the character, and this DVD dares you to think about that person, not just the wrestler. I like the fact that this happens on Pick Your Poison, as it really is something different and refreshing, whilst still being about wrestling and about Jake Roberts.

      The extras on this DVD are just as great as the main part of the DVD. There is a whole extra stack of matches, moments and interviews that all old school fans will love to watch. I sure did enjoy watching them, and his very rarely seen match against Sting in WCW. There is also the Casket Angle with Ultimate Warrior in the extras, and some extra comments and interviews with Jake himself that didn't make the final cut of the main part of the DVD.

      Personally, I think this is a wonderful DVD and there is plenty of things to view and listen to. It really will take you on a journey deep into the soul of the man behind Jake "The Snake" Roberts. I really enjoyed watching this DVD, and I think anyone who is a Jake fan will absolutley love Pick Your Poison.

      You can still get this DVD on Amazon for around £20, but it can be found cheaper online if you look around. It is a wonderful DVD, but anywhere I can save money I will lol.

      I give this DVD a 5 out of 5 stars and I totally recommend it.

      *This review is also on Ciao under the user name of Hailee*


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