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Jessie Wallace - Look At Me Now (DVD)

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Jessie Wallace workout dvd

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    2 Reviews
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      22.09.2012 19:04



      Best dvd I ever bought!

      Having read a lot of negative reviews on Jessie and her trainer, I would like to give my own honest version. Number one, if you're looking for a different persona than what Jessie has portrayed, why are you buying her DVD. Plus, her personal trainer has been portrayed in numerous negative ways, whereas he is actually a sound knowledgeable guy, that eases you through the work out without all the "glam and glitter..."
      Being a lady of a certain age like Jessie, and my partying lifestyle and slack ways had added the pounds steadily over the years, from a once slender body that took no effort to maintain in my younger years. After managing to drop the pounds, I knew I needed to "tone up" back to the body that was once there. Hence, I dusted off her DVD out of the Zumba collection, pilates, Cindy Crawford and others, and finally switched it on.
      Boy has it worked, she gives it you as it is, and in 6 weeks you actually see your body transformed. I'm a working woman, and can't do the full set of 7 sessions everyday, but alternating the full body work out one day, with bums & legs, and abs the next, followed by boxercise the 3rd day, has seen my body transformed. It's simple and maintainable if you don't have the time and motivation to go to be a "gym freak" as is the trend today - plus it works! Try for yourself, it's cheap, and Jessie is chirpy throughout, just telling you stuff that works, while her trainer keeps the momentum, and I think he knows what he's doing just look at his body...and he seems to care and be a really nice down to earth guy.


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      28.10.2010 19:56
      Very helpful



      It's a weird one

      Let me start by saying 'This has got to be the strangest exercise dvd I have done, and I have done alot.'

      The dvd starts out with Jessie telling you have to exercising has worked for her there are no before pictures or video clips which is unusual for starters as with celebrity dvds you usually find that there are before and after clips which personally I think push you to try when you can see what the results are.

      Moving on the instructer is male not a problem but he does seem to be in his own weird little world. The warm up kicks us off then we are told we can do 'whatever' from the next sessions by the instructer who seems to have couldn't care less attitude which I found a bit strange usually on workout dvds the instructers like to give you advice. Anyway I opted to do it all to see what it was about.

      The high impact version was as if it had been thrown together on the spot Jessie was very enthusiastic during this section whilst he again appeared to not be bothered. The moves were just thrown together one after another and there was no routine to it which there usually is when you do workouts. The jumping around did get my pulse raising but I was confused as I did it so couldn't really enjoy it. The instructer also kept swapping from telling me to do so many reps to telling me how many seconds I had to do moves for if he stuck to one or the other then that would have been ok but it just confused me. This was also a dvd where when they say left you actually use you right if you are mirroring whats happening again confusing.

      Next up there was a boxing session which was a bit better, I don't find there is as much need for routine in boxing sections so that was ok but the weird counting kept confusing me as did the instructers laid back attitude.

      The toning sections and cool down I felt were the best sections and I actually think that doing another workout dvd followed by the toning section from this would do me some good, but the routine was to confusing for me follow on a regular basis. The soundtrack was good though.

      I will give this 3 stars as the toning was brilliant and the other sections did get my pulse raised even though it was confusing sometimes.

      Also found on other review sites.


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