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Kate's Cardio Combat (DVD)

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Genre: Sports - Fitness / Exempt / Director: Steve Kemsley / Actors: Kate Lawler, Rhydian Lewis ... / DVD released 2002-12-26 at 2 Entertain Video / Features of the DVD: PAL

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    1 Review
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      07.10.2012 00:43
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      If you like boxercise you'll like this!

      Kate's Cardio Combat!

      Over the last few years I have had many fitness dvd's that have been really disappointing so I really don't buy them any more and choose to do the odd workout on one of the fitness channels on tv instead.
      When in my library about a year ago, I was looking for a film to watch and I got distracted by a picture of a very flat stomach on the cover of this.
      The dvd sat on top of the dvd player for 6 days as I put my feet up, stuffed my face and watched tv until I realised it had to go back the following day and decided to throw it on.

      For those of you who watched the reality programme 'Big Brother', you may recognise this flat stomach as that belonging to Kate Lawler, she was on the third series and was the first female to win. When on the programme she had a great figure, so I was a bit sceptical as to whether she is naturally a small girl or whether this workout helped. At least with other celebrities who release dvds who have lost weight themselves it gives the buyer some motivation seeing the before and after pictures.

      In the dvd she is joined by her trainer Rhydian Lewis, who happens to be extremely handsome - a bonus feature not listed on the cover!

      The direction wasn't great and they didn't explain what you are to do very well, but I don't usually listen to a word they say on these things anyway and just throw a shape that resembles what they are doing.
      I didn't think she was a great presenter, and with her having done tv presenting, being on radio and still a DJ I would've thought she'd be a bit more entertaining but I found the dvd so tough and fast that I didn't have the time or energy to care much about their presenting talent. The actual workout was the important part and as long as I enjoyed that the rest didn't matter.


      This has got to be one of the hardest warm up's I have even seen in my life, I actually had to stop and sit down and drink water, it didn't look good for the rest of the workout. I wouldn't say I am that heavy or unfit (just need a bit less eating and a bit more toning), but I was absolutely puffed out.
      I found the warm up much better and more interesting than other workouts, where I just want them to be over and done with and get on with the real workout. It doesn't last too long and this warm up is fast paced and certainly gets you warm.
      The main workout has plenty and it really is an all over work out. There are some stretches, exercises for legs, bums, tums and a lot of punching and kicking. It is a bit similar to a boxercise workout in places but has a really good variety and I don't find that you are stuck doing one particular move for too long. Also I don't find that you are concentrating on one body part for too long.
      The cool down is long and designed to lessen any aches and pains you may get but I don't think it lessened my pain.

      There are a couple of extra features on the dvd, a rubbish interview with Kate, a self defence section and a partner workout. I don't use any of the extra features as the main workout itself is more than enough!
      In total the main workout lasts 50 minutes which goes by really quickly and although I struggled a few times at first, when my body had got used to doing it a few times I thought the length was just right.

      I don't think someone who is extremely unfit or a complete beginner would like this one, if anything because it is so fast paced I think it would put people off doing it again, so if you are new to exercise something a little slower might be better as a starting point.

      Well it's no wonder she has a stomach like that if she does this workout very often! It's definitely hard work and I was thoroughly exhausted after it. After any workout I would feel a bit tired, but this was a different tired! My limbs were like jelly, I was a mess, and I was nodding off in front of the telly at 8 that night! The following morning there was worse to come..... I waddled around the streets resembling a cross between a zombie and a robot, I discovered pain in muscles I didn't know I had and I continued to ache for at least 3 days before the pain became bearable.
      Fast forward a couple of weeks when I felt somewhat human again and I checked the dvd out again and gave it another go, with similar effects, I had to go and buy it! So I found it and paid around £10 and I would do it once or twice a week until the side effects lessened and I tried to do it every other day.
      I found the dvd more interesting than a lot of dvds where I want to turn them off during the warm up, it definitely made me feel good and I could see results, unfortunately I just found I didn't have the time to do it as often, and when I got out of the habit I just got lazy and it was stuck in a drawer.

      It's currently £6.99 including delivery online and this is a great price for something that produces results, you will feel results after a couple of weeks and both see and feel it within a month. Obviously the results depend on how often you do it but 3 times a week is plenty.

      I just spotted it before writing this, collecting dust and the cogs in my brain started turning...... bridesmaid dress ...... satin ......... 7 weeks ...... flat stomach ...... yeah I could do with one of them! I'm going to throw it on in the morning and see if I can stick at it. No doubt I'll be in agony again as I haven't done it for a while but if I can stick with it I think it will all be worth it!


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