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Kundalini Yoga - to Detox and De-stress (DVD)

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Genre: Sports - Fitness / Exempt / DVD released 2007-04-14 at Acacia / Features of the DVD: PAL

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    2 Reviews
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      02.10.2010 12:08
      Very helpful




      Maya Fiennes Detox and Destress Kundalini Yoga DVD

      It is over a year ago now that I purchased this amazing DVD and discovered the many benefits of practising Kundalini Yoga. I had been practising Hatha Yoga for approximately One Year prior to this and so was used to yoga practice.

      Kundalini Yoga is different to Hatha Yoga in that you spend more time in a seated cross legged position, you use the breath with the postures more and you keep your eyes closed in most postures, also the movements are much quicker but for short durations of time. Give it a few goes before making a decision if it is for you or not, you may be surprised.

      The production of this DVD is of a good quality both visually and in sound quality. The accompanying music is composed and presented by Maya herself who is an accomplished pianist.

      Maya gives a good conscise introduction to Kundalinin Yoga and what to expect as the class progresses.

      There is a section for Tuning in via the use of a mantra. This helps to clear your mind and get you prepared for the session.

      Next is a warm up section which focuses on flexing and releasing the spine and warming the body up for the following set of postures. Maya demonstrates beautifully and explains clearly also telling you what a certain posture does to benefit the body. There is some twisting and rotating and flexing. You do it at your own speed and build up as you gain experience and confidence. You coordinate the breath with the movement. Inbetween postures are moments of sitting in meditation and stretcing your legs out to rest them.

      The sets that follow are presented very well by Maya. These are to boost the immune system and clear toxins from the body and once again include some stretching and flexing whilst working with the breath. Breath of fire (Kapalabhati) is introduced in this section which is one of the best detoxifying methods and also good for improving the digestive stystem and clearing and strengthening the sinuses. The pace increases a bit in this section in order to get rid of toxins by building up the body heat and producing sweat.

      The class ends with a relaxation period in savasana pose (lying on your back with arms and legs a little away from the body and neck lengthened, chin tucked in), then a final tune out via mantra.

      I work with this DVD class at least weekly in rotation with my other Kundalini Yoga DVD's, Maya has produced three more box sets called Journey through the Chakra's that are more intense than this one at times so I feel that this is the best one of Maya's to begin with. This class produces so many benefits for me which include calmness, energy, a feeling of peace and contentment and this lasts througout the day.

      Kundalini Yoga is now my main Yoga practice as I completely resonate with it. I have become a much changed person since commencing this practice. I am happier now than I can ever remember being. Additional benefits include toned body, maintained ideal body weight and I am less stressed in times of pressure and have more energy which is very welcome. My appetite and food choices have also changed, I only desire things that are good for my body!

      So all in all if this type of Yoga is for you then you may be in for a few 'good' surprises.

      Enjoy! and 'keep up'

      Included with the DVD class is a Music CD which is what you hear in the background of the class, this is lovely to relax to. I think this is a bargain price at approx £7.00 on amazon.co.uk

      Thank you for reading.

      This review also appears on Ciao under my username Dawnymarie


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        02.02.2009 23:34
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Buy it discounted!

        At the moment my outgoings each month are more than enough without adding gym membership to the list! So I've been trying to find ways to exercise that don't require lots of money or getting two buses just to go for a swim. It's too cold and dark to exercise outside at the moment, so that just left fitness DVDs.

        After browsing Amazon for a while, I came across this DVD, and it had great reviews. Granted, they weren't very helpful, being something along the lines of 'This DVD is great!', but after watching a short clip on youtube I thought I might as well try it out.

        It is reasonably expensive at around £11-12 for an hour long DVD, but you get a bonus CD of the yoga soundtrack which Maya has sung and recorded herself. The music is quite soothing but I've not really listened to the CD in itself yet.

        Maya is the woman who guides you through the workout - she has a soothing and relaxing voice (I think she has a Macedonian accent but don't quote me on it). So if you're sick of DVDs with chirpy American voices, this will make a nice change. She now lives in London and is a sought after yoga teacher, according to the box!

        There is an introduction to Kundalini yoga on the DVD - it's worth watching the first time to understand a bit more about it.

        This is followed by a warm up of stretching and relaxing. It starts off with a mantra, which I skip because I think it's unnecessary (for me personally). I find the sitting and breathing enough to relax me yet focus my mind.

        After the 15-20 minute or so warm up comes the proper workout. This is not particularly hard and I do find it very relaxing. One of the biggest benefits to me is that most of it can be done cross legged in very little space - I rent a room and so space is not something I have a lot of.

        The background and visuals are very simple. The set is completely white, and Maya wears loose, white clothes, both of which are not distracting and are instead calming. She is the only person featured in the workout which also helps to keep things simple.

        I do find this very relaxing as a bedtime workout - it sends me to sleep straight away and I still feel relaxed the next morning, which is a great way to start the day calm for work (my job is quite hectic!).

        On to the disadvantages: firstly, like any other exercise DVD, you're going to get bored of this. The first few times it's okay, and there are some advantages to knowing the disc well e.g. you can skip parts you don't like/don't have time for/don't feel up to. However, some parts start to get a bit repetitive. If you mix it up with some other DVDs, you're likely to get more out of it.

        Secondly, I find some bits quite hard to swallow. I understand that stretching your spine is good for a workout prep and your body generally, but saying that spinal fluid is responsible for keeping you young seems a little far-fetched. Also, I don't really believe that breathing is detoxifying. If there were reasonable explanations I would feel gratified, but some of them are just silly. Feel free to try and be different, but at least be realistic!

        Thirdly, towards the end of the DVD, Maya lies down and there is nothing but soothing music and a cut to grasses and water for minutes on end. Yes this is relaxing, but the music is on the CD and I'd prefer a little more yoga to my yoga DVD - is that to much to ask? With a really long intro you're not going to watch more than once as well, the workout itself has been cut down substantially.

        Judging it in addition to the Amazon reviews, it seems overhyped...on its own, it's a soothing and relaxing form of exercise which isn't too strenuous and doesn't require much flexibility.


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