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Kundalini Yoga with Maya Fiennes - A Journey Through the Chakras: Love & Truth (DVD)

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Genre: Sports - Fitness / Exempt / Director: Mike Connolly / Actors: Maya Fiennes ... / DVD released 2009-08-17 at Body In Balance / Features of the DVD: PAL

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    1 Review
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      13.09.2011 12:55
      Very helpful



      Another treat from Maya

      The is the second box set of Maya Fiennes delightful Journey Through The Charkras. This is Kundalini Yoga - a system that works on all aspects of the human body through exercises - based on repeated small movements. Maya Fiennes is an accomplished instructor whose presence is captivating - she is inspirational.

      It was logical to purchase the next box set in this series and this one contains classes for the fourth and fifth chakras. At £17.99 the price was good so I had no hesitation in buying.

      The packaging is high quality. Adequate information is attractively presented on the rear of the boxes. The outer box houses two book style sleeves which contain the discs. I am impressed with the aesthetics of this set and am hopeful that the content will prove to be as good.

      I am not disappointed in any way with these classes. (One in particular is so good that it is my most popular choice - Truth). I like the simple background - you couldn't get any more basic than white. This works well as it not only looks pure and clear but it does not distract from Maya's demonstration. The images are sharp and Maya is filmed from a variety of angles so that you get a good idea of what the poses look like. The sound quality is excellent - this is very important in a yoga DVD class as you need clear and concise instruction.

      The class is taught immaculately and follows the teachings of Yogi Bhajan - Master of Kundalini Yoga who brought the system to the West in 1969. The classes include use of Mantra's to empower and develop intense focus - rather like meditation in motion. The Mantra's are easy to learn and the words appear on screen. As with any form of exercise there is a warm up section on each DVD - these work on releasing the spine and hips, they also stretch the sciatic nerve. I enjoy the warm up sections hugely as my body really gets to wake up and lengthen. The exercises in the warm up section and Kriya's (sets) include twists, stretches and sitting in various positions whilst doing small continuous movements for a timed duration of approximately 1 - 2 minutes. You might think that this sounds easy but I can testify that the exercises will challenge - especially any that involve the arms moving above the head! They always test me to the limit! The breath is used with all of the movements and I have realised that my lung capacity is maximized since working with the classes. The breath also has a very calming yet energising effect and that lasts throughout the day. The meditation sections on both DVD classes are very powerful and have amazing effects. The throat chakra is massaged and so is the thyroid and parathyroid gland - this feels weird initially but once used to the sensation it is rather nice. The heart chakra is balanced and the physical heart benefits from the gentle sets - I don't feel any discomfort - the chest and shoulders gradually release and open which enables me to breath more deeply and relieves tension in the shoulder area. You are rewarded with a lovely relaxation period following the classes - this is a special time for 'me' and I really appreciate every minute.

      Both the classes are favourites in my collection. I am drawn to the Throat chakra class more so though - this one will help you speak the truth with compassion! It is one that I work with when menstruating as it is less challenging and does not have contraindications such as inverted postures. The only thing to avoid doing on this class is Breath of Fire (fast sniffing type breath which includes navel pumping) when menstruating.

      Introduction to Kundalini Yoga by Maya - well worth watching.
      Introduction to 4th and 5th Chakras on the relevant DVD - Maya explains beautifully.
      Introduction to Mantra - Maya explains the use of Mantra's - worth seeing.
      Play DVD

      Running Time approx 52 Mins
      Region 0
      16.9 Widescreen

      In my opinion this DVD Box Set would be suitable for experienced students and also beginners to Kundalini Yoga as long as you are sensible and work within your limits - there is no competition. Take care not to push yourself too hard initially and focus on getting the correct posture and movement. I benefited from practicing Hatha Yoga prior to commencing Kundalini Yoga and understood fully the body alignment and foundations.

      I find the best prices are normally offered by amazon.co.uk and play.com at approximately £17.99. You can purchase from Maya's website but this will cost more at £21.95.


      I can highly recommend this DVD Box Set. High quality in every aspect. Taught by a talented and motivational teacher - Maya Fiennes. Accompanied by sublime music that is composed by Maya. Two excellent classes that are well structured and delivered in a clear and concise manner both visually and vocally. Competitively priced and available from Amazon and Play.com at the best prices normally which at present is £17.99.

      Also published on CIAO


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