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Kundalini Yoga with Maya Fiennes: Wisdom and Bliss (DVD)

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Genre: Sports - Fitness / Exempt / DVD released 2009-10-12 at Body In Balance / Features of the DVD: Box set, PAL, Widescreen

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    1 Review
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      17.11.2011 11:58
      Very helpful



      More of Maya's magic

      Maya Fiennes Journey through the Chakras - Wisdom & Bliss

      Why Maya?
      I have the first two box sets of Maya's Journey through the chakras and they are high quality classes. Maya teaches this style of yoga (Kundalini) with expert ease and it is obvious that she is experienced. I find her personable and feel like I am in a class with her whilst doing the DVD classes.

      Why Wisdom & Bliss? Why not?
      I want wisdom and I certainly desire bliss! This was a very appealing title and I looked forward to working with it. I rather fancied that it would be less effort than the lower body work with these classes being involved with the higher chakras - the third eye and crown. I imagined less challenge and floaty serene experiences.

      What is in the box? - a quick look!
      Much like the first two box sets all presented in white. Immaculate and clear. Maya is on the front of the outer in inner boxes. Two separate disks - this is good as the classes are obvious and easy to locate. High quality cardboard. No fuss.

      Short word on Kundalini Yoga....
      Different to Hatha and other more well known styles. Short movements work in time with the breath. Eyes remain closed most of the time for a deeper inner experience and focus. Seated cross legged often. Works on every system in the body. Very effective for releasing the spine and developing good flexibility of the spine. It is great if you have already studied Hatha yoga prior to undertaking Kundalini as you will be familiar with the alignment, foundations and breath technique - if not just take your time and work within your own limits. Maya's first DVD called Detox and De stress is a good place to start and less money.

      Two classes to choose from - I'm ready for Wisdom & Bliss....
      I have worked with these classes often now and they were not as I anticipated. They are both excellent and doable classes but certainly not the doddle I thought they would be! Indeed they challenge as much as any of the lower chakra classes.

      Both classes have use of mantra which helps to focus the mind - I find this really effective. They both include a good warm up series - these can be a challenge in themselves and really loosen up the spine and get you limbered up and focused. The sets that follow are achievable and fun - whilst being somewhat challenging and beneficial for the whole system. I was lulled into a false sense of security after doing the warm up and chakra sets as I kind of relaxed then as I knew the meditation section was due up - oh boy was that a surprise! There I was fantasising about all manner of dreamy relaxed postures when in reality I found the meditation section a real test - more so than the rest of the class! Phew - as always I just do what I can on any day. These classes are powerful and you are rewarded for all of your efforts - it's not all floaty business going on afterwards but it is quite euphoric. There is clarity. It works.

      During the classes you will stretch and use deep breathing to lengthen muscles, twist in time with the breath, flex the spine in a delicious sequence on all fours which is often referred to as yoga's chiropractic set. Small repetitive movements make up much of the class and initially I feel like it is so very easy but after a short time the challenge sets in and I realise my error of judgement!

      There is no competition here with anyone else or yourself - just focus on what you can achieve at the time and that is how you will progress with yoga. The classes for Wisdom and Bliss are a test - willpower and focus combined with the breath will help you achieve. It's an impressive box set this one! Not the easiest but nothing worth having is ever going to be easy.

      Maya is a lovely teacher but she knows how to keep you going too - she puts you through your paces with this one and you can expect to work those arms! I really like her teaching style - with a sweet smile and gentle tuition she somehow finds a way to assert her instruction to 'keep up' and you do!


      Price starts at approximately £17.95
      Play.com and Amazon have normally been the most competitive in my experience.

      Well worth a visit. Lovely website to browse where you will find out all about Maya and her products. She offers private online tuition and has workshops and retreats. She also has nutritional advice.

      Extra time?
      There are options to choose from which include an introduction to Kundalini Yoga, the particular Chakra, Mantra and places to begin the class. Simple and straightforward - no fuss. You want a yoga class that is what you get.

      DVD specifics...
      ASIN: B002PXHRGK
      Region 2
      Duration of each class approximately 50 minutes

      My thoughts on Maya's Wisdom & Bliss....
      Utterly beautiful experience. Quality in every way - from box set to Maya's expert and professional tuition. Lovely music accompanies the class which is performed by Maya herself, she is a talented girl. Visually the classes are sharp and aesthetically pleasing. Sound is clear and always audible. Classes are well structured and tuition is clear. Camera work is creative. Competitively priced for two DVD classes by a quality teacher. Benefits from working regularly with the classes are impressive. I can confirm that I experience bliss and definitely make wiser decisions - it has worked well for me and it is fantastic. Would I recommend - yes.

      Star rating...
      FIVE all the way

      Thank you for reading also published on Ciao


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