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WWE - Before They Were Superstars 2 (DVD)

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    1 Review
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      11.09.2003 23:49
      Very helpful



      • "Gets repetive"

      Here is a break down of each section and also the DVD extras: Shawn Michaels This is a very honest account of HBK?s early life, especially detailed on his breaking in the WWE & the AWA. It brings up some interesting aspects, especially to do with a certain WWE superstar getting Shawn fired from the WWE and his high school wrestling history, unfortunately though without any home camcorder footage the section is a bit dry and does not compare well with others. Tazz This is one of the best interviews, especially when he talks about his childhood in Brooklyn and the school which he attended. His wrestling career (right up to Royal Rumble 2000) is also documented. You will learn a hell of a lot about Tazz from this great section. John Cena His early childhood is slightly disappointing as there are no photos or footage of him much younger than 18, although the stories do make the interview interesting. The best part of this section is when he talks about his college pranks (a lot of nudity pranks are shown) which has to be the funniest part of the whole collection. RVD The interviews with Robs parents produce some great tales from his child hood (aided with Rob?s own comments on growing up) ? plus the tales are backed up with some really funny and interesting camcorder footage of Rob as a child. The interviews with his high school teachers are also really insightful as they bring up stories like Robs suicidal leap off the school roof. Plus Rob?s break into the business is also covered, and it runs through nearly all of his career. Torrie Wilson Clips of Torrie?s career is shown to her parents (including Torrie in some of her more adult costumes) after which her parents are left to comment on their daughters career, its extremely entertaining especially when they talk about some of her more raunchy moments that she has had in the WWE. Stories from her childhood are also interesting (especially as sh
      e drones on about her obsession with goats!) and then as she speaks openly about her severe eating disorder she experienced when she was a teen, which is a real eye opener. This is one of the more shocking and real interviews. Chris Jericho Interviews with his father (NHL Superstar Ted Irvine), plus camcorder footage of Chris from an early age & the history of his love for rock music get this segment off to a great start. Chris Jericho?s beginning in wrestling is also great to watch as he talks honestly about his relationship with Lance Storm, his first ever match in the WFWA, and his rise to fame in Japan, Mexico and finally, USA. Plus with footage of nearly all of the above this is a real insight into the background of the ?King of the World?. Brock Lesnar It starts off with Brock visiting his ?singing? barber and then his old house (a farm) in which he talks about his entire life (mostly about his life of amateur wrestling, he?s only 23!). Vintage footage of his NCAA days are interesting for only the biggest Brock Lesnar fans, normal fans will find this a tad boring. This interview is hardly in depth and isn?t really worth your time. Chris Nowinski This part starts off with footage of Nowinski loosing Tough Enough 1, which infact was a blessing in disguise as he made his mark in the Indy scene. Soon after the unusual childhood tales including Chris?s mom telling Chris wrestling made you stupid and how much of a nerd Chris was, comes the most interesting part Harvard! His tales from Harvard are entertaining, and his Tough Enough break is great, though once again it doesn?t go into enough depth. Al Snow Al tells of how he got in the wrestling business, from the hard knocks he took with the Anderson family to the career ending gimmicks the WWE gave him. The most interesting part of the whole DVD is on this segment as Al talks about how after the WWE gave him two really shocking gimmicks (Avatar & Shinobi)
      he had a break from the WWE which really helped. After some out-break some performances in ECW the WWE were hot at his heels to have him back, that plus tales of WCW make this chapter the best by any means. Randy Orton This segment screams ?I got my job because of my grandfather and father?. Tales of Orton instantly getting WWE trials because of his dad are sickening, even the presence of Cow Boy Bob Borington (Orton) can?t make this document mean anything more than look at me I m a million dollar, cut corner, cocky son of a bitch segment. DVD Extras: Chris Jericho vs. Alex Wright WCW Nitro 26th August 1996 This match starts with a tremendous display of athletic ability at a very fast pace. Jericho seems so full of energy as he is constantly in control with his high risk moves and suplexs. The finish is really awful though, as a no contest rings throughout the arena. This bout could have been so much better, but with a more than slightly disappointing finish this bout will never go down as a match above average. John Cena vs. Kurt Angle WWE Smackdown 27th June After an invitational challenge to any rookies in the locker room from Kurt Angle, John Cena makes his official WWE debut. The match starts with some fast paced action that includes some brutal punches from Angle. Kurt Angle really elevates the youngster John Cena by taking some great bumps and selling everything (although John Cena does take his fair share of bumps as well). Cena hardly looks green in the ring as he counters both the Ankle Lock and the Angle Slam, with a repertoire of impressive moves beneath his belt Cena looks fit to burst. This is a great debut match for John Cena which no doubt benefited his career hugely. The best match on the whole damn disc. Tazz vs. Mikey Whipwreck WWE Raw 24th February 1997 The match starts with some GREAT wrestling from Tazz as he produces perfect suplexs over and over including a w
      onderful Northern Lights Suplex which rocks the ring. However not to be outdone Sabu?s interference in the match via a suicide leap off the Raw tower is awesome, especially when Tazz suplexs Mikey onto Sabu. With hilarious commentary from Paul Heyman and Jerry Lawler this is a must see piece of WWE Raw history. Christopher Nowinski?s Tough Enough Audition Tape This is a hilarious unedited version of the tape Chris Nowinski submitted to the WWE. It includes footage of him beating up his boss, his first ever wrestling match, bashing a bunch of nerds at Harvard and being knocked out by a single punch from a women wrestler. A bonus that you will not forget. The Rockers vs. The Intruder and Iron Mike Sharpe WWE Superstars 18th June 1988 This is The Rockers WWE debut after they had left the AWA .The match starts with Mike Sharpe selling little to nothing from either of the Rockers, but the Rockers seem to spice up the bout after a while as they merge they?re high flying type assault on their opponents. This is a short bout, but it debuts the Rockers well. Bra and Panties Match Torrie Wilson vs. Tyger WCW Australian Tour 2000 The match starts in a typical no talent women?s bout in which there is loads of hair pulling and pushing. The audience doesn?t seem to mind however as the clothes soon starts getting ripped off. The bout lasts about 2 minutes and is a completely pointless extra. RVD kisses Ted Dibiase?s foot WWE Challenge 8th August 1987 Bizarre footage of Rob Van Dam kissing Ted Dibiase?s bare foot on TV as a strange voice over commentates on the going ons! Also I would like to point out its strictly not extra as its also featured on the main section. Snow Job Extended footage of Al Snow?s section. He goes more into detail about his break into wrestling. An excellent insight, but it appears out of place with all the other extras. Avatar (Al Snow) vs. Brian Wash Raw 23rd Octo
      ber 1995 The match starts very technically with lots of technical moves, that are only let down by Brian?s lack of ability to wrestler. Avatar, however, doesn?t let that stop him making the match make him look like a complete cock. The match is really short (again!!!) and lasts about 2 minutes! Best Match: This is easy. Kurt Angle and John Cena's bout is a cracker. Simple as that. Worst Match: The womens match is a really blow off. Why they didn't feature a bikini contest instead is anyone's guess. This complimation is good and honest, but at the same time you feel as if the superstars are holding something back, something they couldn't say on WWE merchandise. E.g. Vince McMahon treated me like a dick. But otherwise it is very insiteful especially upon Tazz, RVD, Torrie Wilsons and Al Snows behalf. The DVD extras are good, but not great and a few more matches would of been nice. Plus look out for the easter eggs on this DVD of Chris Jericho cutting 2 promos! This is a fairly average complimation that doesn't go above or below what is expected of it.


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