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WWE - Summerslam 2008 (DVD)

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Genre: Sports - Wrestling / Theatrical Release: 2008 / Actors: Edge, Triple H, The Undertaker, Shawn Michaels, Jeff Hardy ... / DVD released 2008-09-16 at World Wrestling / Features of the DVD: Colour, Dubbed, DVD-Video, Full Screen, NTSC

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    5 Reviews
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      08.03.2012 17:24
      Very helpful



      Decent event

      WWE Summerslam 2008 this year was the 21st WWE summerslam in history.The event featured wrestlers from the three WWE brands Raw, Smackdown and ECW. The match which highlighted the card was The Undertaker vs Edge in a hell in a cell match and also John Cena taking on Batista for the first time as well.

      Match Card

      Montel Vontavious Porter vs Jeff Hardy
      This match kicked the night off, MVP came to out to boos and Hardy came out to a strong pop from the crowd. Hardy and MVP went at it well and it was a good match to kick the show off.

      Santino Marella and Beth Phoenix vs Kofi Kingston (c) and Mickie James (c) Intergender tag team match for the Intercontinental and Women's championships
      This was a good match Santino Marella really knows how to annoy a live crowd, The match was a good one and the crowd were into it.

      Matt Hardy vs Mark Henry for the ECW Title
      This was a short match and it was also the worst match of the night seeing how rubbish Henry is.

      CM Punk (C) vs JBL for the World Heavyweight Title
      Punk made his title defence against JBL, The crowd was into him but the match was not a good one, JBL did not work well in the ring did get a strong heel reaction from the crowd though.

      Triple H vs The Great Khali for the WWE Title
      The Great Khali came in this match with all the hype that he was going to win, A lot of the crowd were chanting for HHH in the match, The match lasted ten minutes and you probably know who won even without me telling you.

      Batista vs John Cena
      This was a total classic battle, For the first time these mega superstars got in the ring. The crowd was going both ways with some fans cheering for Cena and some for Batista, It was a good match which saw a great ending. This could be match of the year easily.

      The Undertaker vs Edge Hell in the Cell
      The Undertaker returned to the WWE in his best match the Hell in the Cell match. Edge came out looking all scared,.The match saw the use of weapons a lot and the cell it self was used as well, But nothing special really a pretty average Hell in the Cell Match which at the end saw the ring break as well!


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      11.01.2010 04:33
      Very helpful



      Not great but not TOO bad either

      Summerslam 2008 was billed as the "blockbuster of the Summer", yet this was a curiously distant, often underwhelming PPV.

      The show opens with a singles bout between Jeff Hardy and Montel Vontavious Porter. Curiously without stakes, it's nevertheless a good fight with a satisfying close and makes a solid opener that sets a good precedent for the rest of the card.

      Next was a Winners Take All Intergender tag match, with WWE Intercontinental Champion Kofi Kingston and the WWE Women's Champion Mickie James defending against Santino Marella and Beth Phoenix. It's a unique idea and one that's well done, with a satisfying result.

      Thirdly, ECW Champion Mark Henry defended against Matt Hardy, but sadly the match ended very quickly with a dumb judgemental call that made the match seem quite pointless, and squandered a chance for a satisfying title change.

      In the first main event match, World Heavyweight Champion CM Punk defended against JBL. While the end result is pleasing, the match was quite boring, simply because JBL isn't an especially good wrestler. It drags on with a sluggish pace.

      Next up, Triple H defends his WWE Championship against the Great Khali, and yes, that's a match that is as bad and tiresome as you'd expect. It runs an agonising ten minutes and is just poorly concieved throughout.

      John Cena and Batista then face off in their first EVER singles contest. I dislike both wrestlers so found this one quite tiresome, frankly. It didn't end how I was sure it would, though, so it gets a few points for that, even if from a technical perspectie it is hardly good wrestling.

      The final bout is by far the best; a Hell in a Cell match between The Undertaker and Edge. It is very long, very brutal, and very entertaining, and makes up for some of the shorter and more disappointing matches on the card.


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      30.05.2009 04:01
      Very helpful



      The Biggest Blockbuster of the Summer... Wont be long until it is around the corner again!

      WWE Summerslam 2008 (August 17th 2008) was the 21st annual event of the Series held by World Wrestling Entertainment. Live from Indianapolis, Indiana in the Conseco Fieldhouse, the event boasted 15, 997 spectators to witness the biggest blockbuster of the summer in the WWE. The Pay Per View featured wrestlers from all three brands; RAW, Smackdown and ECW. The theme tune for the event was "Ready to Roll" by Jet Black Stare.

      The event featured seven matches with a total of 5 title belts on the line in this historic evening. The opening bout between Matt Hardy and MVP was fast paced and a decent opener. There were some moments of groundwork and submission but the heated feud built up in weeks prior to the event showed through in the tenacity of the manoeuvres. It was a close contest where the result could have gone either way (6/10).

      The next bout was between Santino Marella and Beth Pheonix vs Kofi Kingston and Mickie James. The winners would have won the Womens title and Intercontinental Title respectively. The match was ok but not great. Mickie and Kofi gave the match greater excitement with some highflying moves. The match was interesting though as you second-guessed the entire way about who would win. The ending was quite poor but the celebrations afterward were quite funny (6/10).

      The ECW Title match was a complete waste of time; well not really considering it lasted about 1 minute. It was pointless and I don't think there was a point to it being on the card. It was a real let down for the ECW brand who have been trying to receive some recognition this year after bringing in some new exciting wrestlers. However, the brand was not well represented in this match at all. Interference from Tony Atlas played a large part in this match (1/10).

      Cm Punk vs. JBL was not a great match for a World Heavyweight Title bout. It was more of a brawl with more punches, kicks, chops and slams than actual wrestling. Punk was grounded for a lot of the match which made it real slow. The fact that a title match was shown half way through the event and not as one of the last matches shows that the two wrestlers don't have a good enough draw. In all though the match was ok but not near good enough for a title match standard (7/10).

      Triple H vs. the Great Khali for the WWE Title was again a decent match. It is hard to create a good match with a poor worker like Khali. It is difficult when you are less manoeuvrable. HHH did well to hype this match up. The tow met in exchanged prior to Summerslam but always left HHH on the floor after a beating by Khali(6/10).

      The last tow matches were what made this event great. Batista vs Cena was a fast paced match with lots of power and finishing moves. There was so many false finishes that this match gave away no clues of who was going to win. The two really were an even match. The ending was great. The match really was a bout between two heavyweights. Cena should gain some recognition for this fight. He was however injured as a result of this match (9/10).

      The final match was a Hell in a Cell match between the Undertaker and Edge. Prior to Summerslam, HHH interrupted the wedding reception of Edge and Vickie Guerrero on Smackdown showing a tape that proved Edge was cheating on Vickie. Vickie as a result, reinstated the Undertaker from his ban and Edge in a Hell in a Cell match with him. After a chat with Mick Foley on smackdown, Edge became maniacal. He put people through tables and assaulted more people with ladders and chairs. It truly made the lead up to the Summerslam main event a good one. The match had nearly everything. It had the cell, tables, ladders, chairs, and camera. Someone even fell through the canvas. There was blood in this great fight. There was a cheesy ending which kind of does ruin any realism the fight has, but if you can get past this then you can recognise it was a good matchup(9/10).

      In my opinion, the event was not that well put together, and was saved by the last two matches, which funnily enough neither incorporated the World champions of any brand.

      The DVD Extras were ok, the main one involving an ECW TITLE rematch the next week on its show between Mark Henry and Matt Hardy. This match is a must watch as it is a more worthily worked match than it was at Summerslam.

      I would recommend that you watch the event but probably not to purchase it on DVD. If you can get your hold on the entire Summerlsam boxset then it is much more worth it.

      Jelboy18 (as written on comparedby.us - never got viewed so ama back to the best review site around... dooyoo)


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      22.05.2009 17:17



      Worth a look

      This card was highlighted by a fantastic Hell in the Cell match between Edge and The Undertaker, two of the stars of 2008. Despite the fact that nobody really thought that Edge was going to lose to "The Dead Man" but he put in a fantastic showing and looked like he was going to surprise everybody throughout.

      Elsewhere there was a supposed dream match between John Cena and Batista. However, a match of this magnitude should have been either saved for Wrestlemania or given months of build up. It just seemed to be thrown together and whilst it was entertaining, it could have been so much more.

      Elsewhere, Triple H stunk the place up with the Great Khali, MVP battled Jeff Hardy in a good opener and CM Punk defended his World Heavyweight Title against JBL in a predictably poor affair, despite some strong build up in the previous weeks.

      Worth watching if only for the battle between Taker and Edge.


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      01.12.2008 22:24
      Very helpful



      If you are going to buy this then buy it mostly for the Hell in a Cell match

      August 17, 2008 Summerslam took place at Indianapolis, Indiana and this event was good better then last years. The thing is though they advertise Rey Mysterio at the start of the show but yet he was not on the show at all. (This review may contain spoilers)

      So anyway lets get into the event

      Montel Vontavious Porter VS Jeff Hardy

      This was a good match by both men and the ending just shocked me the match really did show how good MVP is but the ending I never wished happen with Shelton helping MVP to pick up the win. This match was better quality then the match that MVP and Jeff had at Judgment Day 2008. 7/10

      Santino Marella and Beth Phoenix VS Kofi Kingston and Mickie James - Intercontinental Championship and Womens Championship on the line.

      I can hardly call this a good match Santino hardly does nothing he acts like a girl he was pathetic because Beth did most of the work during the match. Now the match with Beth doing The Glam Slam I think it is to Mickie James. Now I wanted Mickie and Kofi to win but Beth is a good wrestler and she did some pretty good moves in the match so I was sort of happy for Beth to win. Now Santino is a joke and should not of got the Intercontinental championship Beth should have got the title while Santino should have got the womens championship. 5/10

      Shawn Michaels & Chris Jericho segment - The segment starts of boring then when Jericho comes out it's more enjoyable then when he hits Shawn's wife it's quite funny when you hear some women in the crowd say something. This scene was great though Jericho lightened it up the rivalry was just awesome between these 2 and I have not seen a bad match from them and they even cut a great segment.

      Mark Henry (with Tony Atlas) VS Matt Hardy - ECW Championship

      This match was bad only lasting 32 seconds all because Tony Atlas gets Mark Henry disqualified in order for Mark Henry to keep the ECW Championship. This was just awful and really why advertise this and why let it happen at a PPV its just pathetic. Though at the end the Jeff helps Matt so that was good. The match gets 1/10 while the part with the Hardys gets 4/10 I would of liked to have seen more of the Hardys. (The DVD features a rematch but it''s awful Mark Henry in my opinion he is quite boring he was better with the Nation of Domination back in the 90's.)

      CM Punk VS John "Bradshaw" Layfield - World Heavyweight Championship

      The match was quite slow as for JBL he should go back to commentary or bring back APA Ron Simmons and JBL as a team. To be honest I thought Batista vs CM Punk from the Great American Bash 2008 was a way better match. 2/10

      Triple H VS The Great Khali - WWE Championship

      I knew this match was going to be horrible and it was Triple H who was getting beat up most of the way threw the match all of a sudden Triple H does a pedigree and Khali was going it looked pathetic and even the people were shouting to Khali you can't wrestle. Good that Triple H kept the title cause Khali is not so great in the ring but it's not his fault. 3/10

      John Cena VS Batista

      This match was made more of a fuss of then The Hell in A Cell who cares if it was the first match these 2 were VS each other. This match was quite good John Cena looked a bit pathetic with the STFU on Batista looked fake as hell. Though the highlight of that match was Cena jumping of the top rope and getting the Batista bomb. I don't generally like these 2 wrestlers but this match was quite good it is exciting and enjoyable 7/10

      The Undertaker VS Edge - Hell in a Cell

      Now this was the match I was waiting to see Undertaker and Edge and to the feud was the best leading up to this match was brilliant. The whole match was enjoyable and really best match of the year so far. The cage smashed at the side Edge done a spear to Undertaker through the Spanish announcers table. Edge gets chokeslammed through a table. I am going to skip to the end everything Edge done to Undertaker he did to Edge hitting him with a camera Edge getting a spear (watching Undertaker doing a spear is funny it just was for some reason) Edge been hit a One man conchairto. The end was just good Edge getting chokeslammed off the ladders and through the ring where fire came out at the end. Both men gave a great match it was enjoyable and it was well worth staying up till 4am to watch it live when I did. Edge he has proved how great he really is and this is a milestone for him and without of a doubt it's a classic for undertaker. 9.5/10 it is the best Hell in Cell match I have seen in a long time and believe me I have seen all the Hell in a Cell matches which I found this one fantastic.

      Now watching the DVD WWE have made editing to the crowd by trying to cut out the swearing. Another Edit takes place in the hell in a cell match the part where Edge gets thrown of the ladder it goes into a Undertaker monage thing with little girls laughing a bit hard to explain but it wrecks the whole thing but it's not that bad but it is different from when it was live on TV.

      The DVD extras are bad you get a boring ECW match the rematch with Mark Henry and Matt Hardy its a waste of time but at least we see a rematch which I believe we deserve because of the no effort match on SummerSlam. A 45 second segment of WWE Summerfest why didn't they just show the whole thing. Then an awful segment with Shawn Michaels which is just lifeless couldn't they just interview Chris Jericho he was a legend for what he did I respect Shawn Michaels though. I don't understand why WWE didn't add something worth watching like where Edge's fantastic segments leading up to SummerSlam those needed to be added but anyway they should be on Edge's WWE DVD hopefully.

      Now the cover I don't see why Maria was added to the front cover all she did was an interview she didn't wrestle it would of been better adding Edge and Undertaker as they were clearly the best of the night or even put Beth and Mickie James on the cover.

      As for Summerslam it's a great event without of a doubt way better then last years and it is a must have on DVD and for me it was one of the strongest events of 2008 and believe it or not it's a good year for WWE it's been better then PPV's in 2007.

      (This review may been seen on the silvervision website as I submitted it a while ago there under my other user name rkolegends)


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