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WWE - Wrestlemania 25 (Blu-ray)

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Genre: Sports - Wrestling / To Be Announced / Blu-ray released 2009-07-06 at Clear Vision Ltd / Features of the Blu-ray: Box set, PAL

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    5 Reviews
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      30.04.2010 02:08
      Very helpful



      That poor camera man!

      Wrestlemania 25, as the name suggests, is the 25th annual pay-per-view, Wrestlemania. This is the largest show of the year from World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) and it consists of wrestlers from all three WWE brands, Raw, Smackdown and ECW. This show was held at the Reliant Stadium, in Houston, Texas on April 5th, 2009. There were 8 matches at this wrestlemania:

      Money In The Bank Ladder Match: MVP Vs. CM Punk Vs. Kofi Kingston Vs. Mark Henry Vs. Kane Vs. Fit Finlay Vs. Christian Vs. Shelton Benjamin.

      HHH Vs. Randy Orton for the WWE Championship
      Big Show Vs. Edge Vs. John Cena for the Heavyweight Championship
      The Undertaker Vs. Shawn Michaels
      Jeff Hardy Vs. Matt Hardy in an Extreme Rules match.
      Chris Jericho Vs. Roddy Piper, Jimmy Snuka and Ricky Steamboat.
      25 Diva Battle Royal
      JBL Vs. Rey Mysterio

      Kid Rock also appears at this event, part way through the show he gives us a live performance of: So Hott, Bawitdaba, Cowboy, All Summer Long and Rock and Roll Jesus.

      You can now by this event on DVD and Blu Ray from Amazon for a decent price, and personally I think it is worth buying, as it was a brilliant pay per view with some awesome moments. The Money In The Bank ladder match by itself is totally amazing, with some moves and moments that make you just think"OW!!!) All the wrestlers in this event really seem to give it their all, with a great performance from all involved, even the commentators seem to be on top form.

      There really is some great "Wrestlemania Moments" during this event, and one not to be missed is the Undertaker's top rope dive - that poor camera man never saw it coming! Many a memory is taken away from this event, and the energy you get from watching it is outstanding. I love watching Wrestlemania 25, as everything about it rocks, except maybe the Divas match, but that is usually the toilet break match on any WWE show!

      Rey Mysterio and JBL give us a match to remember, but not for the greatest of reasons, but it still made me giggle a lot. My favorite performance of the night came from Edge, as I think he did have a great match, and Randy Orton comes in at a close second for the amazing match he had with HHH.

      This event is rated an 18 and runs for a total time of 432 minutes.
      I recommend Wrestlemania 25 to all wrestling fans, and to those who have not seen wrestling before, this will draw you in for life.

      *This review is also on Ciao under the name of Hailee*


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      17.02.2010 00:43
      Very helpful



      Worth watching for die hard fans

      Wrestlemania 25 was held on April 5th 2009 in Houston Texas in front of 72,744 live fans and is the highest grossing Wrestlemania Pay Per View to date for the WWE.

      The Matches ( Warning Spoilers )

      Money in the Bank Ladder Match
      CM Punk vs Mark Henry vs MVP vs Finlay vs Shelton Benjamin vs Kofi Kingston vs Christian vs Kane.
      For me the MITB ladder matches are normally one of the highlights, if not THE highlight of the Wrestlemania PPV and this years is no exception, apart from a couple of weak elements in the form of Mark Henry and Kane we see an incredible match featuring some of the best workers in the business today, for me it was a highlight to see Christian back at Wrestlemania and I for one was rooting for him to win it, also we see the MITB journeyman in Shelton Benjamin who has featured in 4 out of the 5 MITB matches in history, and as usual he steals the match with some incredible wrestling and workmanship, even though he botched a spot or two, and I still think he's the most underrated wrestler in the world today, this match was incredible and a great way to open the event

      25 Diva Battle Royal to crown Miss Wrestlemania
      No comment

      Elimination Handicap Match
      Chris Jericho vs Ricky " The Dragon " Steamboat, Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka and "Rowdy" Roddy Piper
      This match was put together after Mickey Rourke reportedly backed out of a match with Chris Jericho to capitalise on the success of his movie "The Wrestler", despite featuring a terribly embarassing Superfly and a clearly out of shape and still recovering from an illness Roddy Piper this match was pretty decent, in large due to the incredible performance by Ricky Steamboat, I think we were all surprised to see this 56 year old man working like a man 20 years younger, performing some of his trademark moves such as skinning the cat, and the steamboat arm drags, his performance got the crowd truly into this match and is incredible for a man who spent 10 years outside the ring.
      7.5/10 ( 2 points for steamboats performance alone )

      Extreme Rules Match
      Jeff Hardy vs Matt Hardy
      This match was always going to be special, we see two fantastic workers and brothers who know each other intimately put on a display of strong in-ring work and also some truly impressive spots, the crowd gets into this big time and eventually the match ends with Matt Hardy hitting the twist of fate on his brother onto a steel chair

      WWE Intercontinental Championship
      JBL ( C ) vs Rey Mysterio
      JBL uses this match as a chance to officially retire from the ring and in doing so manages to put his friend Rey Mysterio over big time, we have a match here that lasts 21 seconds and is really only memorable for Rey's Joker outfit.
      0/10 ( Its not really a match )

      The Undertaker vs Shawn Michaels
      This is it, one of the greatest matches in Wrestlemania History, we see Shawn Michaels who I don't think has had a bad match at Wrestlemania in his career, face off against the deadman who may be slowing down with age but given the right opponent ( and this is as good as it gets ) can put on the performance of the night
      Some incredible moves and wonderful chain wrestling with both men hitting some of their best moves at regular points in the match, the 30 minutes of this match seems like 5 minutes and at no point does the time drag, it all leads into a fantastic spot where Shawn Michaels attempts a moonsault onto taker but he catches him and puts him down with the tombstone.

      World Heavyweight Championship
      Edge ( C ) vs The Big Show vs John Cena
      A decent match simply because you have one of the very best in the ring in Edge, Big Show and Cena alone would have sucked badly but it was smart booking to include Edge in this match, some decent spots to get the crowd going, but as a whole a fairly weak wrestling display and the predictable outcome with Cena winning the belt

      WWE Championship
      Triple H ( C ) vs Randy Orton
      We knew that Triple H would never allow himself to lose at this years Wrestlemania against Orton, but I honestly thought that these men would put on a better display than this, it was a truly boring match that dragged on for every bit of its 24 minutes and shows that Triple H can't cut it anymore unless he's paired with someone who will pull out all the stops, and unfortunately it seemed Orton was bored in this match.
      Could have been much better

      A pretty good event overall that just keeps getting more polished every time, however its not quite the best the WWE has offered up in the past and falls outside my top 5 Wrestlemanias of all time

      DVD Extra
      WWE Hall of Fame Ceremony
      A decent enough HOF with a texas theme that saw such inductees as Cowboy Bill Watts, the Von Erichs and the Funks, however the two highlights for me were the inductions of Ricky Steamboat ( with a great intro from Ric Flair and a funny / moving moment when the two great friends locked up on the stage, and of course theinduction of Stone Cold Steve Austin !!


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      10.08.2009 07:40
      Very helpful



      An entertaining show - but for a Mania it was a bit of a let down

      Ah, Wrestlemania 25. The grandest stage of them all, and indeed pro wrestling's staple show, reaches its 25th anniversary. It is strange, then, that I much prefered last year's offering. It felt like a lot more effort was put into making 24 a memorable show, rather than investing it in 25.

      It doesn't really matter anyway - this is not actually Wrestlemania's 25th anniversay. That occurs this year. But why let simple fact get in the way of good ol-fashioned McMahon promoting. It never has before *cough* 90,000 attendance *cough*...

      There are some great matches here, however. Jericho, although wasted in what is essentially a gimmick match somehow being tied in with Mickey O'Rouke's The Wrestler, is made to fight three 'retired' wrestlers. It was great seeing Ricky Steamboat in action again (he really has kept in shape), but the same cannot be said for Roddy Piper and Jimmy Snuka. They produce a fun and entertaining bout.

      HBK and the Undertaker had a brilliant match. Two pros at the height of experience. And 'Taker's entrance was only about 4mins long - far better than the 12 minute epic we endured for 24.

      And it looks great in blu-ray.


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      30.06.2009 15:31
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      One of the worst WrestleManias in history, saved only by Undertaker and HBK.

      For anyone who has ever had even a mild interest in wrestling, WrestleMania is one of the highlights of the year. Dubbed the 'grand-daddy of them all' and 'the greatest spectacle in sports entertainment', it is expected to push the boundaries of all previous WWE events and put on one hell of a show.

      This year, the pay per view celebrated it's 25th year (wrongly titled '25th anniversary'), so the expectations were sky high. Naturally, this review will contain plenty of spoilers, so for anyone wishing to avoid knowing the results, look away now. Any self-respecting wrestling fan should already know though...

      Disappointingly, the tag team unification lumberjack match was left off the live broadcast. For such a milestone of a match it seems bizarre to have been omitted, supposedly because time scheduling didn't allow it within the whole 4 hours. On the plus side, the match can be found on the DVD/Blu-ray.

      The first match on the official card was the Money In The Bank ladder match, a match featured for the 5th consecutive WrestleMania. The rules are relatively simple, there is a briefcase suspended above the ring with ladders surrouding the arena. The first man to successful climb the ladder and retreive the briefcase is the winner. The participants included Kane (a past his best 'monster'), Kofi Kingston (highly athletic individual who arguably stole the show), Mark Henry (overweight), Finlay (over-age), Christian (the crowd favourite), CM Punk (last year's winner), Shelton Benjamin and MVP. Overall, this was a solid match featuring plenty of high-impact spots, such as Benjamin's 15 foot Senton Bomb, and a slightly botched Killswitch (formerly the 'Unprettier') from Christian off a horizontally placed ladder. It would do well as an introduction to get people into the world of wrestling. The ending was poor in contrast to former years, with CM Punk winning his second consecutive MITB.

      Next up came a medley of hits from drugged-up, alcohol-induced 'rock star' Kid Rock. Why this took up 20 minutes (and ultimately the time of the the tag team unification bout), I will never know. During the performance of his final song, 'So Hott', the female competitors waltzed down to the ring for the 25-diva battle royale. Some former WWE divas were rumoured to be taking part, but due to the rush of their entrances and the match as a whole, their appearance was extremely limited. Apparently Sunny and Torrie Wilson took part. The 5 minutes that ensued were a sloppy mess, eventually won by Santino Marella in drag. As silly as that sound, it's nothing compared to physically watching it.

      The predictable horror show featuring 3 former wrestlers all over 55 take on Chris Jericho in his prime was..a predictable horror show. The saving grace came from Ricky 'The Dragon' Steamboat, who put in a magnificent showing, proving he truly still has 'it'. Afterwards came an embarrassing appearance from Mickey Rourke (of 'The Wrestler' fame), who managed to floor Jericho with one punch.

      Fourth came an Extreme Rules match-up between legitimate brothers Matt and Jeff Hardy. In a contest that was easily one of the better of the night, Matt picked up in the win after an 'OMG' moment. A Twist of Fate with Jeff's head wrapped inside a chair had me genuinely concerned over his welfare. Both brothers are known for their risk taking and huge bumps, and they showed it here using tables, ladders, chairs and even a vacuum cleaner.

      The largest failure of the night was produced by Rey Mysterio and defending Inter-Continental champion JBL. I say they produced it, but it was the bookers fault. 15 seconds later, the match was done and JBL announced his retirement. Hardly worthy of such a grand occassion.

      In one of the best matches ever seen, and by far the best moment of this event was the match between two legends in The Undertaker and Shawn Michaels. The Undertaker has a 16-0 win record at WrestleMania, and so the theme going into the face-off was Michaels trying to extinguish this record. Both men gave it their absolute all, using finisher after finisher, prompting the crowd and commentator Jim Ross to go into hysterics. It will be a sad day when they hang up their boots.

      The final two matches were somewhat of an anti-climax, with the audience being completely drained by what they had just seen. A triple threat match for the World Heavyweight Championship was followed by what was described as 'the most personal feud ever' for the WWE Championship. John Cena overcame the odds (as always) against the 7-foot Big Show and champion Edge. This wasn't a particularly poor match, but the ending was dull and exactly the kind of thing we have seen from Cena for the past 4 years. The worst was yet to come, however.

      Triple H (who has been in a major title match nearly every WrestleMania for 10 years) faced Randy Orton in the main event. There's no question that these two can put on a decent match, as shown by the thrilling Last Man Standing match at No Mercy 2007. This felt stale and flat, though. It clocked in at over 23 minutes, yet nothing seemed to happen throughout. All I remember was the use of a sledgehammer, a punt from Triple H and a Pedigree. When it finished, I was virtually in shock at what I had just seen. After all this hype, and looking back to the previous week's RAW, there was no inference from Priceless (Randy's henchmen) or the McMahons (HHH's family). They saved Batista's return for the following night, but it was needed more here without a shadow of a doubt. I'd most certainly say the worst main event in WrestleMania's 25 year history.


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        04.06.2009 08:14
        Very helpful



        A must for all WWE fans

        Only 2 short months after the actual event, you can now enjoy all the stunning action again in stunning high definition glory with this Wrestlemania 25 Blur-Ray box set. For non-wrestling fans amongst you, let me explain quickly that Wrestlemania is the grand daddy of them all in the WWE calendar. It is like the FA Cup final, the champions league final and is even likened to the Superbowl in the States.

        This event, usually at the end of March, sees all the big guns collide in huge feuds like this years title match between Randy Orton and Triple H, but also sees regular thrillers like the Money in the Bank Ladder match and ocassionally dream matches like Shawn Michaels v The Undertaker. Those who have seen this match will agree that it is simply the best match ever at Wrestlemania and possibly the best wrestling match ever. I enjoyed this match the first time out like no other and it possibly got even better the second time round on this DVD.

        All the action and suspense of the event is caught in beautiful high definition here and I can tell you that it possibly makes more of a difference to a WWE event than it does to any movie or animation. This is because of all the colour and lighting effects in the show. The high definition aspect makes this all come to life in pixel perfect quality. It is something you have to see and what better event to do so.

        Also on the show was the triple threat match for the other World Title featuring The Big Show, Edge and John Cena. This was a decent match but, as WWE fans will tell you, only Edge can really wrestle in this one and he did a great job of making the other two look good.

        Perhaps the only other match on the card worth telling you about was the brother vs brother match between Jeff Hardy and Matt Hardy. This was a classic encounter between two people who will have grown up wrestling each other. The action was telepathic at times and great to watch.

        The box set comes with a free WWE Encyclopedia which is a nice little add on for true fans, but if you are just a casual fan or watching for the first time then it will be of little interest really.

        To summarise, this event is the best Wrestlemania for years, even if just for the Michaels v Undertaker match, and to see it all in high definition just makes it so much better. A must buy for anyone remotely interested in wrestling.


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