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WWF - King Of The Ring 2000 (DVD)

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Genre: Sports - Wrestling / Theatrical Release: 2000 / Suitable for 15 years and over / Director: Kevin Dunn / Actors: Paul Levesque, Vince McMahon, Shane McMahon, Dwayne Johnson, Glenn Jacobs ... / DVD released 2001-02-05 at Future Video Services / Features of the DVD: PAL

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    2 Reviews
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      17.01.2012 21:24
      Very helpful



      This is the joint worst PPV of a brillant 2000

      Producers - World Wrestling Federation
      Location - Boston, Mass
      Date - June 25, 2000
      Venus - Fleet Centre
      Attendance - 17,000
      Brand - Raw Is War/Smackdown

      The Card

      KOTR Quarter Final Matches
      Rikishi v Chris Benoit
      Val Venis v Eddie Guerrero
      Crash Holly v Bull Buchanan
      Kurt Angle v Chris Jericho

      Four Corners Tag Team Match for the WWF Tag Team Titles
      Edge & Christian v Too Cool v The Hardy Boys v Test & Albert

      KOTR Semi Final Matches
      Rikishi v Val Venis
      Kurt Angle v Crash Holly

      Hardcore Evening Gown Match for the WWF Championship; Pat Paterson v Gerald Brisco

      Handicap Dumpster Tables Match; Dx & Torri v The Dudley Boys

      KOTR Final
      Rikishi v Kurt Angle

      Six-Man Tag Match for the WWF Championship;
      The Rock, Kane & The Undertaker v Triple H, Shane McMahon & Vince McMahon


      11 matches on one card, 7 of them being King of the Ring Matches and all together they took less than 40 minutes to complete. I think that says everything we need to know about this PPV. 11 matches for any card is far too much, but the biggest issue is not only the overally clustered booking, but the lack of interest in the KOTR tournament, nevermind the lack of quality of matches and competitor. A Pay-per-view with Val Venis, Crash Holly, Bull Buchanan and an evening gown hardcore match for the hardcore title between two 55 year old men is always going to suffer. The fact that this event comes sandwhiched between probably the Best Judgement Day ever and a very solid outing at Fully Loaded (The review i'll be writing next) doesnt do much to boost the reputation of this event.

      There are some positives on in this event however, we have an entertaining dumpster table match which is full of the 'fun' spots that made the attitude era as renound as it is today, a good enough four corner tag team match involving the best teams currently available to the wwf and a main event bound with personal rivalries, involving 4 superstars dominating the company in the peaks of their careers. Dont get me wrong this Pay-Per-View would be viewed as a classic against most of the dross served up since 2004, its just the sheer standard of event during the attitude era which highlighted this as a poor event


      The Matches Themselves.

      KOTR Quarter Final Match; Rikishi v Chris Benoit.
      Rikishi had a brillant 2000, the best year of his career without a shadow of a doubt. Coupled in the much loved Too Cool, he became a fans favourite (until the end of the year that is) and in doing so picked up some big victiories. Benoit of corse, started out 2000 with the Radicals however by this stage of the year had become an upper-card singles wrestler in search of some of the more prestigious titles. The match itself is completely dominated by the 400+ pounds of Rikishi in the early going, before the technical ferocity of Benoit takes over. Benoit locks the crossface in, but to his frustration Rikishi makes it to the ropes, this in-furiates Benoit who earns himself a DQ after taking his frustrations out using a steel chair.

      KOTR Quarter Final Match; Val Venis v Eddie Guerrero.
      Sadly, Mr Guerrero (RIP) was really a newbie at this stage of his career, still attempting to establish himself as a known and named superstar, aligning himself with Chyna and dominating the lower standard championship belts. Venis has always been a bit of a jobber and despite a somewhat illustrious role as Raw Gm Eric Bischoff's assistant in 2003, never really fills anyone with much inspiration. The match itself went back and forth without really entertaining, Venis got the win after Guerrero was distracted by Trish Stratus and Chyna allowing Venis to get the role up. Bore.

      KOTR Quarter Final Match; Crash Holly v Bull Buchanan.
      Dud, is there any point this match occuring. Sure Crash Holly has his moments in the hardcore league, but really him and Bull Buchanan as a QTF match? Bull dominated the match but Crash snook the win after a quick role up.

      KOTR Quarter Final Match; Kurt Angle v Chris Jericho.
      Finally a match worthy of being listed in the KORT tournament and along with the Rikishi v Benoit a match that at least has competitors that can entertain and put on a good match. Angle is still in his early stretch as a WWE competitor and still has his geeky over olympic theme, however his in-ring ability has increased and he is only a couple of months short of the love triangle with Triple & Stephanie McMahon that lead eventually to his first WWF Title reign. Jericho is and always has been the charistmatic bleached blonde haired cheeky personna with a smooth in ring style. This match isnt in the same zone as the match they had at Wrestlemania or even NWO, but its a reasonable attempt. Angle picked up the victory to after an interuption from Stephanie McMahon allowing an Angle slam to Jericho.

      Four- Corner Tag Team Match for the WWF Tag Team Titles; Edge & Christian v The Hardys v Too Cool v Test & Albert.
      Well, if one thing stood out during the year of 2000, it was how the tag team division shone beyond the relms that it not only should have, but beyond a point where to even during the 2012 we've never seen a tag team division as excellent and as fierce as we did back here. We had these 4 teams all relatively young, all relatively new to the industry and all ready to compete at the highest standard. I think the best aspect of this match and the tag team division is the contrasting style between each and every team. You have the high flying Hardys, the tag team style of Too Cool, the sly and sneaky Edge & Christian and all out power attack from Test & Albert who imo are the most under-rated tag team of the attitude era. Any road this match was decent and fast paced from the outset with Test & Albert being the first team elimnated after Jeff Hardy hit the swantom bomb to Test. Next to be eliminated was the Hardy boys after Christian gave the impaler to Matt. That left Too Cool to battle it out with Edge & Christian. Of corse the match back and forth but however was decided by an example of the different styles early. The sly Edge & Christian won the match after Christian smacked Grandmaster Sexay with the ring bell allowing Edge to pick up the 1-2-3 via pinfall.

      KOTR Semi-Final Match;Rikishi v Val Venis.
      After picking up the victory over Benoit, Rikishi got dominated with a steel chair, picking up what looked to be like a painfully bruised injured shoulder. Venis took note of this and homed in on the shoulder for a second round of abuse. Rikishi however turned things around and picked up the victory after a big belly-to-back-suplex. Venis attacked him further after the match.

      KOTR Semi-Final Match; Kurt Angle v Crash Holly.
      Pretty obvious who was going to win this match. Would Crash Holly realistically ever feature in the KOTR final? It was over within 3 minutes anyway as Angle picked up the victory after dominating the match and finishing Crash off with an Angle slam.

      Hardcore Evening Gown Match for the WWF Hardcore Championship; Pat Paterson v Gerald Brisco.
      Is there even any point commenting on this match? At 3 minutes this match is just not worthy of comment. Any road, Brisco and Paterson went to a no contest as a result of an interruption from Crash Holly, who picked up the victory using the 24/7 hardcore rule and in the meantime became the new Hardcore championship.

      Handicap Dumpster Tables Match; Dx & Torri v The Dudley Boys.
      Finally, a match that really re-presented the attitude era. A tables match, involving dumpsters and some really really good spots. Dx still together after numerous years had been looking tidy, but not tidy enough to be in the tag team championship window for a few months now and the Dudleys boys infamous with tables in hand put on a really good match. The Dudleys dominated pushing Road Dogg through a table. Dx fought back through X-pac but it wasn't enough as D-von suplexed X-pac from the top rope through the table below. Tori attempting to hide from the impending Dudley attack, hid in the dumpster placed at ring-side. The Dudleys were distracted chasing Tori, allowing DX to recover and take them down with steel chairs. The Dudleys were then placed in the dumpsters and the lids shut, giving DX the win. The Dudleys did however get some revenge on Tori after.

      KOTR Final; Kurt Angle v Rikishi.
      So finally, the big final match up takes place. The winner gets a championship title shot at Summerslam. I have to say on paper its fairly balanced, but if you were lucky enough to have been able to follow the storylines in WWF at the time, it would have been fairly obvious as to who was going to win. Anyway, Angle also homed in on Rikishi's shoulder and exploited it to his advantage. After a period of being dominated, Rikishi turned the tables on Angle, giving him the samoan drop, neckbraker and the stinkface. Rikishi however couldnt put Angle away and even though he kicked out of the Angle slam, Angle picked up the victory affter a belly to belly suplex from the top rope to crown himself King Of the Ring 2000 and earn himself a title shot further down the line.

      6-Man Tag Team Match for the WWF Championship; Triple H & The Mcmahons v The Rock, Kane & The Undertaker;
      Well now this was some battle. For most of 2000 the WWF title had been in Triple h & the Mcmahon-helmsley regime's hands. They and DX had completely dominated Monday night raw and Smackdown to the extent that they had stood on virtually every competitors shoes in the whole roster at some point during the last 6 or so months. That being said, Triple H had lost the title to The Rock at Backlash only to re-gain it at Judgement day.

      In the weeks building up to KOTR, The Undertaker had returned and earnt himself a huge new contract from the ceo of the company and wife of Vince, Linda McMahon. He declared upon his return that his aim was of corse to win the WWF title. This didnt go down to well with any of the McMahon regime. Things took an even bigger turn for the worse as Kane returned at the end of an episode of Raw and completely destroyed everything in sight, declaring that he also was returning to win the title.

      Im going to leave my description out of this as im sure thoose of us reading and with the intention of watching the event in the future dont want everything to be completely wrecked. However, let me just say there is some brillant wrestling in the match, some great spots involving the announce table and a hair-raising end.



      Overall PPV Rating - 5/10
      Best Match - The Main Event
      Worst Match - Holly v Buchanan, Paterson v Brisco, Val Venis v Guerrero, Angle v Holly

      This is a decent PPV, wrecked by a stupidly booked card that should have only involved the Semi Final matches and a normal card thereafter. This isn't the worst PPV but anyone who has frequently watched WWF during 2000 will release that this is below par on the usual standards set from the WWF. The DVD can be found in either Region 2 or NTSC format on Amazon at around £10, Play for £15 and is frequently auctioned on Ebay for varying price ranges.

      I would recommend this PPV to only thoose that are following the storylines.



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      19.11.2009 13:52
      Very helpful



      Booking team needs to calm down

      King of the Ring 2000 was a very special KOTR event because it was the first tournament which had seen 32 wrestlers compete for a chance to be crowned King. The event opens with a Quarter-Final match, with Rikishi quickly facing Chris Benoit. It, like too many matches on this show, is just ridiculously short, and so you can't really get into it.

      In another KOTR match, Val Venis faces Eddie Guerrero, which is one of the better and more technical tournament matches due to it actually being given time to develop. One not so good sees Crash Holly fight Bull Buchanan; it has an amusing end but not much else. The final quarter final sees Kurt Angle fight Chris Jericho which is the best of the four, and has enough time to actually build up.

      In a Four Corners Elimination match for the WWF Tag Team Championship, Too Cool try to defend their titles against Edge and Christian, The Hardy Boyz and T & A. This is a long bout and quite unpredictable.

      I can't obviously spoil the semi final matches of the KOTR, but they're a lot more interesting than the quarter finals, and have longer to get going.

      In a ridiculous match, WWF Hardcore Champion Pat Patterson takes on Gerald Brisco in a Hardcore Evening Gown match. It's pointless but at least mercifully short.

      D-Generation X and Tori then face The Dudley Boyz in a Handicap Tables Dumpster match which is a lot of fun and arguably the best match on the card.

      The KOTR tournament final has two good wrestlers fighting but is too short and so is one of the worst finals of KOTR history.

      The main event has The Rock, Kane, and The Undertaker face off against Triple H, Vince McMahon, and Shane McMahon, with the rule being that if anyone on Triple H's team was pinned, that he would lose the title. Thus this is quite an intense fight with a satisfying result.


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