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Newquay Waterworld (Newquay)

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2 Reviews

Address: Waterworld / Trenance Leisure Park / Newquay / TR7 2LZ / Tel: 01637 853828

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    2 Reviews
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      03.08.2012 17:26
      Very helpful



      Have a splashing time at Waterworld Newquay!

      Although I can't swim I still enjoy taking my daughter swimming. I want to get her used to the water early so she doesn't get worried around it like I do. There are a few different swimming pools I like taking her to, one of these is Waterworld at Newquay, Cornwall.

      ~~ How to find it ~~

      Waterworld is situated right next door to Newquay zoo at Trenance Park. It's around a 10 minute walk away from Newquay town centre. There is ample parking for both the zoo and Waterworld with an added field right next door for extra parking. Trenance Park is situated on a bus route if you wanted to visit by public transport.

      The one thing I don't like about parking here is that you have to pay for the car park. It costs the same as most other car parks in the area, 2-3 hours of parking will cost £2.50. Once you add that on to the cost of entry it does bump up the day out cost.

      ~~ Entry fees ~~

      There are two different pricing schemes depending on which pool you wish to use. These are the prices for the fun pool, the 25m pool is usually a couple of pounds cheaper.

      Adult £6.20
      Children aged 4-15, students, disabled and over 60's £4.70
      Children aged 0-3 Free

      I had visited Waterworld on a few occasions before checking their website and realising that they actually offer a discounted price for residents of Cornwall. If you can take proof that you live in Cornwall the adult price drops to £5.20 and the other price drops to £2.90. That makes up a little of the disappointment of having to park parking.

      ~~ The pools ~~

      There are two pools available to use, be sure to check the times you wish to go though as Waterworld do have a variety of classes going on in both pools throughout the day.

      The 25m pool has 6 lanes for normal swimming. The depth gets deeper from 0.9 metres to 3.5 metres. This is the pool that has the least classes with only evening classes in swim fit so if you only wish to swim, this would probably be the best pool for you as it is also cheaper than the fun pool.

      The fun pool is exactly that, fun! There are many different aspects of the pool that make it fun, as soon as you walk down the three steps to enter at the shallow end you are greeted with a high pole with water squirting out of two sides and the fun doesn't stop there. There is a small toddler slide on the side of the pool, in addition to this slide there are two more slides at the far end on the pool. These slides don't end up in the pool, you just get to the end and jump out, there is a larger orange slide with lots of steps up to the top, then a smaller pink hippo slide which is a lot smaller, with around 10 steps to get up to the top in total. There are also a water cannon, water fountain and a sturdy hippo sitting in the pool to enjoy.

      The depth of this pool is nice for different aged children that use it. The shallow end starts at 0.6 metres and it slowly progresses until it reaches 1.2 metres at the very deepest end.

      ~~ Our opinions ~~

      Waterworld has fantastic changing facilities, with separate male and female changing rooms that meet at the locker room before finding the pools. The female changing room has many separate changing booths that are quite a nice size. I have no problem changing me and my daughter in one of these normal booths. There is a special family changing room, but this really is just a room! There are a few toilets based between the changing booths and the showers. This is also lined with lockers so there are two different places in which to find a locker. Every time we have visited we have managed to grab a locker in the female changing room. My favourite part of the female changing rooms is the special toddler toilet, I've not seen one of these before and as I'm in the process of potty training my daughter it is a fab toilet. There are five communal showers and a room for a disabled shower. These are of a nice heat and I've never experienced the water being too hot or cold. There is a hairdryer located in these changing facilities but I have never used it as it costs £1!

      On every occasion we have been to Waterworld we have always used the fun pool. My daughter, at two years old, cannot swim so it's usually a case of me bobbing around with her in the water. The difference with this pool is that she can stand in the shallow end by herself and enjoy splashing around with the pole that has two jets of water coming from it. She also enjoys the small slide that is located on the side of the pool, she loves going down here with me catching her, I was quite surprised at how much she loves this slide as she usually grips hold of me tight in the water and she was doing this independently with me only catching her. She also loves the hippo slide (as do I!), she won't do this one by herself though as once you get going you do slide quite fast! The bigger slide and water canon are great pieces included for older children so there really is something for kids of all ages.

      The fun pool has a spectator area next to the pool for people who don't want to go in the pool but still want to watch their families swim. On one side this consists of a few plastic garden chairs and on the other there are a couple of benches with a small area that looks a bit like a travel cot to keep babies contained in one place. This is very basic, we don't have anyone that comes with us watching, but if we did maybe a couple of tables with more comfortable seating would be better. Another thing that would improve these spectator areas is if they were somehow contained from the pool, I've often witnessed older children whizzing around in these areas dripping wet, not nice for the visitors I would imagine!

      The 25m pool is located exactly next door to the fun pool so if a parent wanted a proper swim doing lengths another parent could keep an eye on both pools almost at the same time, there is glass separating the two pools so you could stand in the fun pool area and see the 25m pool.

      Both pools always have at least two lifeguards on at any one time, this is a welcome sight for me as I do feel quite uneasy in the water myself. This number of lifeguards increases during busy periods. The have their own posts with large chairs so they can observe what's going on all of the time. I've been in special holiday parks swimming pools with no lifeguards and I definitely prefer coming here were I can feel safe all the time.
      One of the downsides of going to Newquay Waterworld is the lack of cafe, we enjoy grabbing a bite to eat after we have been swimming but Waterworld don't offer any eat in facilities of any type. The only thing they do in the way of food is a couple of vending machines in the foyer and one vending machine next the spectator area of the fun pool. I definitely think they would make some money had they have a cafe, maybe somewhere for spectators to sit but still be able to see the pool but with a cup of coffee and a sandwich!

      We only visit Waterworld during term times, as being in a popular tourist place with not the best weather, you can imagine how busy it gets. We've been on the odd occasion during term time when it has been poor weather, last week being one of them days. The pool during this time does get extremely packed. The fun pool is open from 11:30, we arrived at exactly this time and had to queue for five minutes when usually would could walk straight in. There was two staff on the front desk instead of just the normal one so it did speed the process up somewhat. The pool was full and it was quite difficult to find an area to bob around without some kids swimming underwater knocking your legs, or some idiot not watching where they are going and walking right into you. The queue for the big orange slide was also ridiculous, although we don't use it, we could see the queue was huge! Once we had been swimming and got dressed again it was around 1pm and they were already full to capacity letting one in when one came out of the pool. The queue was very long by then and I did feel sorry for the people queuing out in the rain, if it was me I would have ditched the swimming idea and planned to do something else instead. It's easy to say I'll definitely pick an out of town pool when the weather is quite bad or its school holidays.

      Waterworld also have gym facilities, I don't know much about these though. When you are in the fun pool, if you look up, at one end of the pool is a big glass wall where you can see some rowing and cycling fitness machines. I think looking down and seeing me in a swimming costume is fantastic motivation for them!!!

      ~~ Overall ~~

      I'd definitely recommend paying Waterworld a visit whatever your age. Children will love the fun pool, whereas people who want a proper swim have a 25m pool to take advantage of. Having to pay for parking does bump the price up quite a bit, but if it's only the one visit you are planning it isn't too bad. The changing facilities are fantastic and cater for all types of people, including toddlers with their own special toilet! My words of advice would be to visit during term time if you get the chance as when its school holiday the fun pool is usually too packed to enjoy.


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        28.05.2010 13:19
        Very helpful



        Good pool for all ages

        Newquay Waterworld is located in Trenance Leisure Park, right next door to Newquay Zoo. It's about a fifteen minute walk from the town centre or there are numerous buses that run regularly or catch the road train! There is adequate parking even at busy times if you are taking the car.

        What's on offer
        The complex consists of two pools and a fitness centre including gym, now I have not visited the gym so this review is going to be based around the swimming, however the fitness centre class timetable is extensive with classes six days a week on many things from Pilates and Yoga to High energy work outs and belly dancing!

        I prefer to do my workouts in the water, and that can involve more than just swimming. I recently visited for an aquacise class. This, for those of you that have not heard of it is like aerobics but in the water. For me the part I hate about a workout is getting uncomfortable, hot and sweaty. So these problems are eliminated by working out in the water. At Waterworld they do this class in the shallow 'Fun pool' so you don't even need to be a confident swimmer to take part because your feet can always touch the floor. Now, I was a bit nervous going to this class, the last aquacise class I went to involved a scary male sergeant major type instructor who really cracked the whip. I was looking for something a little more fun and relaxed and luckily I got it. The instructors here are encouraging, friendly and for most of the moves involved in the class, gave two alternatives of doing it, one for the more flexible and/or energetic and ones for the less so. At £4.50 for the hour, I felt this class was reasonably priced and I'd go again.

        Fun Pool
        For those who just want to have a splash about or even a go on the water flumes, the fun pool has a lot more to offer. The timetable has various sessions, from parent and toddler time, fun time with the play equipment out, or just a leisure swim where you can poodle around as you like. This pool is great for kids, families, groups or friends or those who enjoy the water but perhaps are more in the mood for relaxing than a serious swim. The water is fairly shallow everywhere, it's warm clean and with fountains and flumes, it's fun too. It's not the biggest fun pool I've seen, this is by no means a water park, but it's got a great atmosphere. Prices for the fun pool is a reasonably steep £5.60 for an adult considering it's £3.50 to get into the normal pool. Local people get in for £4.60 with proof of address and children, £4.25. Having said that, you can stay as long as you like, session permitting.

        25m Pool
        The main 25m pool is fairly standard. It's clean, water is a comfortable temperature and the lifeguards and friendly and on had if you need anything, or indeed are drowning! They like their lane swimming here, most pools I've found that the free swimming is the normal with some lane sessions, but here they seem to favour lane swimming. I guess because they have the other pool, this is where the serious swimmers come so the lanes are more popular. I'm a fairly slow swimmer, favouring breast stroke to crawl and like to have a breather after a few lengths rather than trudging back and forth so public (free) swims suit me better. Some of the sessions, such as the lunchtime sessions have half the pool free and half lane which I think is a good idea. It's £3.50 for adults and £2.30 for kids for this pool.

        In addition to all this, the pool offers 1 to 1 swimming lessons which need to be booked.

        Changing Facilities
        Obviously, I can only comment on the female changing, though I'm sure the men's follow in the same vain! The changing rooms offer an adequate number of changing cubicles, I've never needed to wait for one to be free. They are always spotlessly clean and not too cold. There are five showers, the push button style, that are just the right temperature, again, I've not had to wait for these. Lockers are a good size and take a £1 that you get back on returning the key. The straps are click in to place type so there's not fiddling with buckles and wet prunes like fingers. It's a little thing, but these little things often make a place that much better. The one gripe I'll have about the changing facilities is there is only one hairdryer and it charges £1 to use it! £1! The pool I used to go to charged 20p. I guess in Newquay the wet tousled surfer hair isn't a bad thing to be wondering around with. Fine in July, not so good in December!

        Overall, I'd recommend this place. Whether you are a local person who likes a swim or a visitor who's not staying somewhere with a pool or the sea is a little cold this is a good friendly complex.

        For more information, timetables and prices the website is www.newquaywaterworld.co.uk


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