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Space Island (Isle of Wight)

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2 Reviews

Address: Unit D1 / Spithead Business Centre / Newport Road / Lake / Island of Wight / PO36 9PH / Tel: 01983 405070

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    2 Reviews
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      03.07.2010 17:30
      Very helpful



      Cheap great day out in the winter

      Here we have the Isle of Wights largest and leading childrens indoor soft play area. (As above it says Island of Wight, well it is a Island but called the Isle of Wight)!
      This is just what all parents need during a cold or rainy day.
      It is also a great way to have some free time to catch up with friends as the kids play you can grab a coffee and chat. Sometimes though I like to join in to have fun myself and also keep a closer eye out for my daughter too.

      This indoor activity is fun and enjoyable all ages upto the age of 12 and for us Mums and Dads!! Maddie has two auntys that are over 12 but they go in with her to supervise her and they get to play with her.

      *Where is it?*
      Space Island is situated on a industrial estate so parking is easy as they have a lot of space in front and around the back of the building. It's on the east of the Island in a town called Lake, just as you come out of Sandown towards Newport and it is opposite Morrison's. So quite easy to find.

      Under 1 FREE.
      Under 2 is £2.95 or FREE when paying with a full price brother or sister.
      2 - 12 is £4.50

      10am to 6pm 7 days a week!

      *Space Island*
      - 540 degree black hole
      - traverse climbing frmae
      - four lane astra slide
      - ball cannon arena
      - toddler air ball juggler
      - toddlers didcars and ride on's
      - climbing walls
      - sports arena and so much more.

      This entertains children for hours and really tires them out! Maddie is a very energtic child and has to be doing something all the time. My work days are the only rest I get this is why space Island for me is perfect as it gives me an afternoon off. I wouldn't take her there on sunny days as we are out on the beach or park or even in a field having a picnic! But this sure does see your winter days through! So I have no idea what its like there, probably quiet.

      *Term time fun*
      -Mondays are 'meal deal mondays' play, dinner and drink for £6.45
      -Tuesdays are 'music madness' for toddlers between 10am and 11.30am for £3.25.
      -Wednesdays are 'winners wednesday' this is for every full paying child receives a raffle prize and winners win 5 free play passes!
      -Thursdays are 'daft craft' for toddlers' toddlers can enjoy making craft of the week between 10am and 11.30am for £3.25.
      -Fridays are 'freebie fridays' every full paying child receives something for free!!

      I have not had the time to take Maddie to the special activities they do during term time but her Grannie has. My Mum did fill me in on what they got upto though.
      On tuesday's its music time and for only £3.45 I think this is extremley reasonable as they play with instruments with friends in the disco room so the disco lights and bubbles are going.
      On thursday's its time to get their fingers sticky! Maddie bought home a great picture of a monster she created there. Its also about the time she had with her Grannie and the friends she made. They always supply them with drinks too.

      Maddies birthday is in November and doesn't leave much option at this age for parties. However for her third birthday a lot of her friends were old enough to enjoy a party at space island. So I went there to enquire on what they do. They were extremley helpful and pleasant so I booked. They also supply invitations!!
      You can opt for different packages.
      You have 5 options and all options come with:
      - 1/2 hour play
      - 1/2 hour food
      - exclusive use of party room
      - a party host
      - hot or cold food
      - ice cream plus a huge ice cream sundae for birthday child
      - cake presentation
      - free squash throughout
      - balloon for all the children
      - invitations
      - certificate and photo of the birthday child
      - free return pass for birthday child

      option 1 is £4.95 per child (min 5 in party) this is the space cadet party just for small ones 0-4yrs.
      option 2 is £6.95 per child (min 10 in party) this is the play party.
      option 3 is £7.45 per child (min 10 in party) this is the disco bubble party, you get an extra 1/2 hour in the disco room.
      option 4 is £7.95 per child (min 10 in party) this is the party games party, you get to play pass the parcel.
      option 5 is £10 per child (min 10 in party) this is the V.I.P party, you get exclusive use of play area!

      This is worth every penny as I have had to host three parties for Maddie and its very stressful. You need to make sure that you have all party food, party bags, decoration and to make sure you them entertained. With space Island all you need to do is book it!!

      I would recommend having the play party as it starts to cost more and to be honest parents and kids are just happy with the basic. We had the disco and bubble party and even though the kids had fun with the music and bubbles it added upto a lot of money!

      You supply the cake and they do the rest although the health and safety is rather silly as we all know these days! They did put the candles on in the end that I wanted for the children and they have to take it back into the kitchen to cut it. It wasn't a problem for me but they made it out to be some big major thing?

      The cafe reminds me of school dinners and it even smells of school dinners! I always take in my own food and drink and they have never told me off. However they don't allow it. It seems cheap enough and their coffees are good. They sell good healthy snacks and hot meals too. They also do breakfast, lunch and dinners so you might get a night off! 10am is way to late for breakfast in my house.


      *Overall outlook*
      Space Island is on a level floor so our friend in a wheelchair can come a long and watch and even her Nannie gets to come out the house for the afternoon.
      I would say the carpet is rough but when you think about it theres not a great option for them thats safe and not slippery.
      The chairs and tables are clean as they can be with children! If your not a parent that wants to get involved and your on your own I would suggest taking a book.
      The play area seems to be very clean and well looked after.
      It does get warm in there even in the winter so make sure you have a t-shirt under there jumper.
      They have to wear socks all the time and most children I know take them off or loose them so I put Maddie in tights everytime.

      Well I believe that to be everything and I do hope this is useful for you.

      Thank you for reading :-)


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      02.07.2010 22:53
      Very helpful



      a good bad weather thing to do

      Space Island - Lake Industrial Way - Isle of Wight....

      Space Island is the Isle of Wight's largest indoor soft play area for children from toddlers to children up to age 12. it is easily found on the Newport Road in Lake opposite the Morrison's Supermarket and is well signposted with more than adequate parking outside the centre itself.

      The prices for entering the play zone are fairly reasonable and very competitive with the other soft play zones on the island. With children under 1 able to go in free and under 2's free with a full paying older brother or sister the prices can be pretty good. The normal price for a child under 2 without an older sibling is £2.95 pence and for all children aged 2 to 12 costing £4.50p.

      These prices are for unlimited playing and there is no time limit you need to worry about. The centre is open from 9 am till 6 pm everyday but on Sundays close at 4 pm.

      There is plenty to do in Space island and to keep the children very busy throughout their stay. There is an on site café which sells snacks and drinks and even some light bites. You are not allowed to eat your own food or drink on the premises which is a bit of a downside but the refreshments are reasonably priced so it doesn't matter that much.

      There is a good sized seating area for adults and children and I have never been there and not been able to grab a table. Along with this the toilet facilities are suitable for children and adults and are always kept to a clean standard.

      There are lots of different play areas for children of different ages and these can be monitored easily from the ground or the sides so I can always keep an eye on what Jack is up to. The area where the smaller toddler children can play is more central than the rest and even this is adequate enough for the adults to get in and play alongside their children.

      The main play zone in Space Island is made up of three levels and this is all enclosed via rope type netting and entirely safe for children to run around, climb up and jump down in all areas without hurting themselves.

      There are plenty of slides to come down from and soft cushions to jump upon so it all really makes for an enjoyable time. I will always go around the whole play zone with Jack and every part of Space Island is big enough for adults to play too!

      Overall I find that Space Island is a perfect place to go on a rainy day. Himself took Jack the other day and it was a very hot day and due to the fact they have no air conditioning in there they both ended up dripping in sweat and drinking tons!

      The prices are good and they even have a reward system where each time you go you get a stamp on your card and once you have been 5 times you get a free entry pass. Also on a Wednesday they have a prize draw which you get entered in automatically for free where you can win various prizes and himself was luckily enough to win 5 free entry tickets! So it was well worthy him going that day (plus they both slept like logs!)

      I do see a lot of parents just sitting drinking tea and letting their children get on with it, but that is never what I do as Jack loves to play and I do too! I always work up a bit of a sweat and am so tired when we get home but he still is usually full of energy! So be prepared to get tired out!

      I think a score of 4 out of 5 stars is in order for Space Island. It is a great thing to have so close by and having a child it is a must have to visit when the weather is not so good!

      Well recommended

      Many thanks for tkaign the time to read.

      I do hope that this has been of some help.


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