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Telford Ice Rink (Shropshire)

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Address: St. Quentin Gate / Town Centre / Telford TF3 4JQ / United Kingdom / Tel: 0845 155 9966

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    1 Review
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      23.04.2010 15:08
      Very helpful



      Alright as a one off, but wouldn't go on a regular basis.

      We went here with our friends a few weeks ago, none of us had been ice skating for years (we are all in our mid 20's) and thought it would be a fun way to spend a couple of hours. Knowing what Telford is like, I sort of knew what to expect, but I think the Ice Rink hasn't actually changed or been refurbished since the 90's.

      We went on a Saturday, we had to queue outside with everyone else until the skate time started and they start allowing people in. That's not too bad, we expected to queue, I had more of a problem with the people behind us in the queue but that's another story.

      There is a huge car park next to it, and you can walk to it from a lot of other car parks in the town centre, so it's very easily accessible. There is a charge for the car parks though.

      It cost us about £7.00 each to skate, (it's less for children I think), which I thought was reasonable as I think the skate times are 2 hour slots, and we didn't stay the whole time.

      Once inside the Ice Rink you have to go down some stairs to collect some skates. The skates we received looked like inline skates from the 90's as they had those really stiff plastic clips to tighten them and keep them on. They are nothing like the posh skates you see on Dancing on Ice, so don't go expecting to look good! They are also a bit painful on the ankle, so I would recommend wearing very thick socks.

      They do have lockers here, which I used to put my bag in as I thought skating round with a handbag might be a bit of a hindrance! They are all electronically activated by a main computer and you have to pick a pin number in order to open and close it. I thought this was a pretty good system, and seemed pretty high tech for an Ice Rink! I think a locker cost £1.00, which wasn't too bad.

      The actual rink itself, seemed in very good condition, I started skating round the edge and by the time we left I was in the middle going full speed, I was quite proud. There was a flow to skating though and everyone seemed to be going round the same way, which was quite helpful, as I found it quite difficult to stop and could have really hurt someone if they had come at me head on!

      The only thing that got a bit annoying here was that they let the ice get really full of people, it got to a point where we all had to really try to go round without hitting anyone. It got to a point where it was getting silly and just trying to do a full lap of the rink was really difficult, so we chose this time to leave.

      The decor inside the ice rink is pretty dated and the food place looked really disgusting, I would not have eaten there or even got a drink from there, but for skating it was ok. I don't think there are a lot of other options, if any for Ice Skating in the near vicinity.

      The one warning I will give to people too, is there are a lot of young adults at this ice rink pretty much at all times, we didn't seem to have any problems with any of them except in the queue, where we had to shout at a couple, and it was actually better than I expected it to be.

      If you just want to skate, this is a bit of a hole, but serves the purpose. We all had fun. I wouldn't ever go on a regular basis but for a one off it was tolerable.


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