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Adidas Hog Boxing Boots

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Brand: Adidas / Type: Boxing Boots

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    1 Review
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      27.09.2011 18:34
      Very helpful



      Superb footwear for boxing!

      ***Adidas Boxing Hog Boots***
      The adidas boxing hog boots are an upper mid range sports shoe for boxing. They offer good ventilation, are light weight, look good and offer good protection and support for your ankle. I bought them online for £40 which is around double the price of the Lonsdale cyclone boxing boot (Priced around £21 online) but they are in most areas significantly better.

      The appearance of the boot is in my opinion simple but classy. Each boot features the 3 stripe logo to either side, an Adidas with pyramid stripe logo to the upper tongue of the boot and finally the same logo again but placed to the outer heel area. The font is white in colour and easy to see. The main body of the shoe is made from a ventilated mesh material which is black in colour and looks very professional. The sole of the shoe is rubberised with grooves for grip and is a sandy cream colour. The shoe is low top, only about half the length of the Lonsdale Cyclone boxing boot. The laces are black and a good length for tying each boot quickly and securely.

      Comfort and Protection
      The shoe is secure in all the right places and very comfortable to wear. The product has ventilated mesh all along the main body of the boot and this allows your feet to breath with great ventilation. This significantly improves the comfort of boot and makes your feet cooler compared to full leather boots such as the Title boxing boot which makes my feet feel too hot in my opinion. The boot is relatively low top and not that high in length compared to others, but the shoe still provides brilliant protection to the ankle and stops me going over and spraining my ankle when I'm training. The boots are incredibly light in weight, lighter than the Lonsdale cyclone boots, and this allows me to move around the ring more quickly and almost feels like your wearing a sock, they are that light.

      The boots are well made and put together. They have a quality rubber sole that has not really worn away at all even though I've used these boots countless times. The mesh work on the boot is extremely strong and firm also, I was initially scared the mesh might rip and create bigger holes in the boot but this is not the case. The mesh is extremely strong and robust and would last year's even with heavy usage indoors. That said, as with all boxing boots, they are designed for indoor use, so I would not go running outside or skipping. I think if you did the longevity of the product would quickly decrease, but as stated indoors, these boots will last years!

      The boots are priced at £40-£50 or above depending on where you shop in the UK. This is a very reasonable price in my opinion for the brilliant quality you get. Overall I prefer the look and feel of the original Adidas Tygun boxing boots to these, but the original Tygun boots are more expensive and not manufactured by Adidas anymore. The Hog boots are twice the price of Lonsdale Cyclone (£21-£30 online) but probably twice as better in every regard. They are more comfortable, look more attractive, probably more durable and still provide some great protection. Overall, a well priced middle of the range boxing boot.

      There are no real drawbacks worth mentioning except maybe a lack of variation. These boots are only available in black, I would like to see a white coloured variation of the boot and maybe a red or blue variation also. I think Adidas could make a fair bit of money by just making the Hog boxing boots available in a few more colour schemes. Secondly, this is not so much a drawback so much as a personal preference in that I prefer mid to high top boxing boots, in that I like them to be longer in length than the hog boots. I think if a boxing boot is longer like the Lonsdale cyclone or Adidas Tygun, it just offers a little bit more protection, but I suppose the longer the boot you pay for in that it can take longer to tie up all of the laces.

      Overall these are a brilliant middle of the range boxing boot, Adidas generally make very high quality products and the Adidas Hog boxing boot is no exception to this. The mesh is breathable and hard wearing, the sole of the shoe is durable and light, the laces are of good quality and easy to tie and the appearance of the shoe is simple yet classy and attractive. I would like to see these boots in a few more colour schemes and maybe a mid to high top version with increased length, but apart from that these boots are reasonably priced (£40) and will last for years to come. I highly recommend buying this product if you have the cash to spend! Awesome boxing boots.

      © Revo9 (2011)
      *Note, I am both a member of Ciao and Dooyoo.co.uk under the same username of Revo9*


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