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Asics Gel-Virage 5 Womens

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Brand: Asics / Type: Running Shoe

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    1 Review
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      16.05.2012 18:08
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      Stylish, smart and not too expensive; if you're starting running then try these on for size

      Running is not a sport or fitness activity that comes naturally to me; in fact I'd rather spend 45 minutes in a swimming pool than go for a half hour run (to the same effect). However swimming pools are expensive, have weird opening hours and aren't always convenient to go to so I decided that I definitely needed another type of cardio in my fitness repetoire; and that running would be it no matter how much I hate it.

      I started my running adventure with Couch to 5k (a great starters training program, it's widely publicised on the web and costs nothing) and a pair of cheerleading/dance trainers. These lasted about two weeks before I really hurt my foot in them due to the lack of padding and my elephant like footfall. Whilst resting my foot I decided to look into how much actual running trainers might cost me and found that really they're not that expensive, if you don't want ones that shoot fire out the heels or anything too fancy. The main thing you need is support. Everyone runs differently, so trying to get a 'one size fits all' shoe is a bit difficult. If you're looking into using running as a serious keep fit method, I'd recommend going to a running shop that has a gait analyser in it so that you can be certain the shoes you buy will be right for your feet and style. Personally, I can give advice but not take it; so I bought my Asics from a shoe shop not knowing how the heck I run or what kind of pronation, if any, I have (turns out I'm an over pronator, yay me!). Pronation, to put it simply, is the angle at which your foot strikes the ground as you run. Most people don't notice it until they start running regularly (as over and under pronation puts stress on your ankles, lower leg and knees) but some pronate even in walk and need orthopedic linings. The pull of Asics for me was that they're a recognised running brand and they range in price from relatively cheap (£40) to very expensive and smart (£150+) - which to me tells me that they must know what they're doing, and they cater for everyone. I paid £45 for mine.

      Asics are a very well known running brand, having started in Japan in the late 1940s. Throughout the years they've worked hard to create the best pair of running trainers that you can get; from cushioned souls to proper supportive linings and outers. Asics use gel cushioning systems in their shoes which creates a soft, spongy platform to run on. They're now sold all over the world in running shops, sports shops and online which makes them probably one of the most popular shoe brands. They don't just make shoes for running; but also for football, rugby and basketball too (I've seen people use them for netball and volleyball as well).

      The style of these trainers is pretty smart. They have purple soles, a white main body and silver mesh on the sides, with silver, white and purple detailing on them. To be honest the colour and look of them wasn't important to me but them being purple is a bonus! I'm not a massive fan of these bright, neon coloured running shoes that seem to be in fashion, as long as it does it's purpose then it's good enough. The laces are plain white cloth and tie very well; I've had laces in the past that slip out of the knot no matter what within ten minutes of running so this is definitely a plus. Along the lower part of the inside of the shoe is a grey band; the man in the running informed me that this is a visual representation of what support and type of running shoe these are. A wider band means more generalised and good for anyone, a starter shoe if you will. Other shoes that are more specialised to under or over pronators will have a different band on them (I can't remember unfortunately if it's the colour or width that changes). These shoes hug my feet tight, so much so that initially I thought they were too small; I'm just not used to shoes that actually do what they're meant to!

      Since using these, my runs have got longer and the pain that I felt in my ankles and lower legs has reduced. It's not gone completely; I'd need to get some shoes that were specially tailored towards my feet to eradicate it completely, but for a twice weekly running session they're more than good enough. They're very firm feeling shoes even when you hold them in your hands which makes me believe I can get a good few years out of these. I'm not planning on running marathons (10k is probably the furthest I'd ever run!) in them, but I get the feeling that I could if I wanted to. The shoes are very well made and despite my heavy footfalls would pass for brand new if I cleaned them up a bit. Overall I am very pleased with them and would recommend them and the brand to anyone who wants to start running. Yes, £40 may seem like a lot for a pair of trainers, but at the end of the day they're helping to reduce stress and injury to your legs and they're worth the cash. It's worth shopping around to see if you can get them cheaper in store or online but I would always recommend trying them on before you buy them. I'm a size 6 in most shoes but a 6.5 in these, so they have a little room for wiggling and expansion. If you compare the number of times you'd have to go swimming (only 10 in my town) to the number of runs you'll get out of a decent pair of running shoes, they're a lot cheaper!

      These shoes are definitely helping me enjoy running more; before I got them every time out was a chore and I came home hurting. Now whilst I don't enjoy running (it may be something to do with my only possible route having three big hills in succession as I leave my door!) they make it much more accessible and feasible for me to go.


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      "Asics Gel-Virage 5 Womens Shoes SS11. Shoes Run - Stability. • DuoMax is an ASICS proprietary system consisting of two or more different density midsole materials, designed to help correct the degree and velocity of pronation. • ASICS High Abrasion Resistance Rubber (AHAR) is a tough compound used at the ...."

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