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Nike Air Max Classic BW Trainers

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Manufacturer: Nike / Classic men's running shoes.

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    5 Reviews
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      03.06.2010 03:24
      Very helpful



      Far better than plimsoles

      Originally I thought that you would need a pump to air these things up!

      The most difficult aspect of buying trainers of any type, is that you need to buy ones that don't soak up water or have over-complicated laces, you end up tying your feet together. I've always loathed trainers because they used to make my feet sweat and burn and don't always look great if you enjoy wearing skirts more than trousers if you are a girl. However, I wanted to go running in the mornings, so bought the Air Max Classics because they looked indiscreet being of a dark Violet shade with a really sporty Nike tick on the sides - I didn't want to wear anything that would make me stand out in a bad way, because even some great performance sports footwear can look hideously bright even if they are top of the range.

      When they arrived, they looked a lot larger than a size 7, but this is because of the extra padding at the toe end to cushion your tootsies and because they are also weatherproof. As for the heel, I hadn't a clue as to why they were almost doorstep thick (almost 2 inches), but it is all because of the air that is concealed inside a visible thick plastic eyelet, I really thought that I had to pump them and couldn't find the instrument to do it with. I can't explain how stupid I felt once I contacted the sellers on Amazon, where I had purchased them to make inquiries of how to pump them up - they laughed hysterically, including myself!

      The funniest thing about wearing them is just how much taller you feel. I am about 5ft5 average height, but in these, I am much loftier and this does a lot to your confidence when it helps you to have correct posture as you stand even more full-lengthened than you would ordinarily. They are a great self-esteem builder when you often get fed up with wearing heels to create the illusion of being a bit bigger and slender and far more comfortable and practical as well as stylish, so they do so much as triple-action pumps.

      As a child, I had the very same embarrassment as all other kids who often had to wear unflattering footwear that was cheap and often very understated, so never had the kind of trainers that are around now, so when I wear these, I feel like a trendy teen sometimes that I didn't have the opportunity when I was growing up to make a statement through fashion. Surprisingly, I often see much older people wear Air Max's and often that don't go with what they are wearing, so this boosts my confidence even more when I wear mine as have no need to be self-conscious.

      Even though they do nothing to stop your feet sweating from all the inner foam, you can machine wash them at very low temperatures once in a while, but over time, it will dissolve the rubber and make them smell even worse I imagine because they collect odor very successfully as any other insulated foot gear. It is not recommended to machine-wash them, but people often do and later regret the consequences, especially if they shelled out a lot on them then have to replace them.

      The other great thing about these Air Max trainers is that you can buy dye's if the colour begins to fade from the weather, so you can always make them look brand new all over again!

      Also noteworthy, is that they are great for broad feet (something I also suffer with) and are not tight-fitting around the bridge and toes. The heel can rub the skin when they are new, so I wore plasters for the first few weeks until my feet adapted and molded to the contours of the fitting. My trainers are now almost a size too large because they have stretched from all the impact sports I have done and why these need to be replaced after a while, though they did last a year which saved me money if I bought another less durable brand.

      They are the least cheapest of trainers around at £69.00, yet what you pay for is their longer life-span and are a great alternative as a pair of wedges, I've often worn these to work!

      Nike has been around a long time, I remember owning a shell-type jacket with the Nike logo when I was 12 in 1985, so they have come a really long way in the last three decades and is a nostalgic brand for anyone who has grown up with this emblematic name. The trainers are classic because they are the very first Air Max prototype that Nike had invented that still remains a popular choice even amongst all the other impact footwear.

      I'm yet to discover how it is that they contain air, but I'm pleased at least that no pumping is involved when car tyres are enough to keep anyone active.


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      07.02.2010 05:05



      i would not recommend these for a dogs chew toy

      Nike Air Max Classic BW trainers :
      I brought a pair of these last year and i had them two and a half months and they come apart .
      I paid fifty five pound from j.d sports and i wish i never bothered .
      The money was not the issue it was the fact that they were the worst trainers i have ever brought . I have no good words to say about this product and i would definitely not recommend these to any one at all . They are by far the worst product ever .
      I was not the only one to complain about the Nike Air Max Classic BW trainers as my little brother brought a pair as well and the same thing happened to them . He was very annoyed with the manufacturers and told all of his mates not to buy any and i did the same .
      Over all : these trainers are a wait of money and i would blame any one if they did not buy them .


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      20.07.2009 19:29
      Very helpful



      Great all round trainers, killer design features great Nike Air

      --- * Background * ----

      These shoes are a classic design, that why they are called Nike Air Classic! They have been around since Nike first started working with their patented design of the air pouch. When they first came out, a lot of people debated whether or not this Nike Air system worked, or whether it was just marketing and PR spin. However, in hindsight the Nike Air system, has taken off like nobodies business and is just a famous as Nike itself, with Air being synonymous with Nike.

      -=- * About the Design * _--
      The design is very well thought out, and the Nike Air was very popular, released in the late 1990's the subsequent revisions were mainly based on the asesthic qualities of the shoe, with changes in the style and colour of the famous Nike tick and the rubber and sole materials.

      --- Wear ---

      They are very comfortable, and this I can say is down to the Nike Air cylinders. They give extra support when jogging and running. Mine are over 2 years old and stilll look like new, so I can say they are very durable. The inner sole however, and the outer-inner side of the shoe wears slightly, but this is normal for all shoes, especially shoes that are used for running and other demanding sports.

      --- Overall ---
      These shoes, truly are a classic and well worth getting for those who want a stylish yet comfortable trainer from a top quality brand.


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      30.04.2009 19:16
      Very helpful



      A very good sporting or casual trainer

      Nike Air Max Classic trainers are both sporty and casual. Personally, my own pair are for casual purposes and are currently my 'second trainers' given that I bought these over 4 years ago, although they are still in pristine condition!

      The trainers themselves are fairly bulky and probably most effectively worn with tracksuit bottoms as in my personal opinion, they look a bit funny under jeans. The trainer features a large Nike tick on each side as well as an air bubble. They are laced, as opposed to slip-on or velcro, although I wear mine like slip-ons by doing the laces up round the back of the tongue so the laces cannot be seen.

      They are simple yet quite classy looking for trainers that were predominantly released for sports purposes. In my opinion, they are too nice to ruin playing sport and running around in them! This is especially the case as when I bought mine they cost £90 from Foot Locker but are now available in most good sport shops, eg. JJB Sports, Sports World for approximately £50 or even £45.

      These trainers are very well made, as I say I've had mine for a long time and they are nowhere near falling apart and are actually unisex and available in a vast array of colours. Mine are white and gold but I have seen many combinations with white, a number of combinations with black and even and blue ones! I would definitely recommend these trainers as they have served me well and are pretty stylish, although a polar opposite to the latest type of more-canvassy-shoe type of trainers that can be found in Topman and the like


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      29.04.2009 13:22
      Very helpful



      My trainers of choice

      ****How I discovered Nike Air Max Classics****

      When I was younger buying trainers was an absolute nightmare and it used to take me ages to find a pair that a) fitted me properly and b) I actually liked. In every instance a) prevailed over b) and the choice was so limited that I used to hate the trainers my parents bought me. The problem is I have what my mother calls broad feet. Let's not beat around the bush here, I shall call a spade a spade and just admit that I have 'fat feet' syndrome and I have had this as long as I can remember. I vividly remember getting measured up for shoes in a Clarks shop where the sales assistant commented I was like a duck and needed the widest shoe (for my size) that Clarks made, which was not a problem since Clarks shoes used to be available in a variety of widths from very narrow to very wide (like mine).

      Trainer shopping was always an interesting time and there were always arguments between my mother and I. I wanted stylish trainers (what child doesn't?) and was more than happy to go up a size or two so they fitted my fat feet. Mother, on the other hand always insisted on getting wide trainers (usually unbranded or 'un-cool' brands) and since she controlled the purse strings I always lost.

      In my eyes I had the worst trainers at school, well that was until I discovered the delights of Nike Air Max Classic back when I was 10 years old. A (much younger) friend of my mothers was over and she had just got some new trainers. She told mum the story of 'wide' feet etc. and said that she had found the ideal pair - Nike Air Max Classic. Despite them being a ladies size these trainers were not women specific and were designed for both sexes and I loved them. Being a two tone blue and marine colour scheme and made out of canvass these trainers looked awesome, and to top it off they contained a visible air bubble on each side of the sole (these were new out back in the late eighties/early nineties) making them the must have trainer at that time. Unfortunately for me these trainers weren't cheap, in fact they were probably one of the most expensive and I knew it was more than my parents could really afford to spend.

      Even though my parents couldn't really afford it my mother decided that I should try some and promptly ordered me a pair from Great Universal catalogue. A few days later I arrived home from school and saw that tell tale grey bag with a Great Universal sticker on it. It wasn't addressed to me and mother was still at work but knowing what it was I proceeded to rip the bag open. Inside was a cardboard box with a red lid and the well-known white Nike tick on it, and inside were a pair of Nike Air Max Classic trainers in two tone blue. Awesome. I instantly laced them up and put them on. The fit was perfect, even if it wasn't I would have said it was because I wanted these so bad.

      When mother arrived home the discussions about whether I could keep them began. The trainers were £60 from the catalogue (a lot of money now but it was mega money back in 1991) and deep down I knew mother could not afford it. Despite the staggering cost mother agreed to let me have them (she could pay the trainers off over 52 weeks at a couple of pounds per week) although I had to do my bit and earn them by helping her out around the house and promise to look after them and keep them clean etc, and look after them I did. They were my pride and joy and I treated them better than nearly all of my other possessions.

      That is my story of how once I discovered Nike Air Max Classic I never looked back. Nearly every pair of trainers I have had since my first have been Classics because they are so good. In the early years subsequent pairs were bought through catalogues (obviously paying over the odds for them) but once I started earning I could buy them outright.

      ****What the websites say****

      jjbsports.com gives the following description about the Nike Air Max Classic:

      "Cushioning: Anatomically engineered PU midsole dissipates the force at impact. Maximum volume Air-sole unit in the heel means you can pound the pavement without pounding your feet.
      Stability: Leather and synthetic upper with variable width lacing system allows for a supportive, customized fit.
      Traction: BRS 1000 carbon rubber centre-of-pressure waffle outsole delivers maximum grip and durability"

      Does anyone really understand this? Does anyone really care? I know I certainly don't. All that matters to me, and I'm sure it is applicable to 90% of the nation, is the Classics look good, fit well and are very comfortable.

      ****Styles and colours****

      I am a great believer in "If it isn't broken then don't fix it" and this is something that Nike has done with these trainers. In the late eighties/early nineties Nike found a style in trainers that worked and they have stuck to this. Whilst there have been 'newer' versions of Nike Air Max trainers since the Classics were first introduced (such as Nike Air 180 - the one with the air bubble that goes all around the back and sides of the trainer and Air Max 90) the Classics have always been available and never discontinued, not even for a few months. As a result of this the Nike Air Max Classics I wear today are virtually the Nike Air Max Classic I wore back in 1991.

      The only updates Nike has ever made to the Classics is changing the colour scheme and the material the Classics are made out of.

      Over the years there have been numerous colour schemes such as the two-tone blue (my personal favourite canvass colour for nostalgic purposes), two-tone brown, black/red, black/aqua, black/blue, white/blue and white/aqua amongst many others.

      The material has changed from canvass to leather, back to canvass, back to leather, back to canvass etc. over the years. Personally, I prefer the canvass trainers because I find them more comfortable, they are lighter and I just prefer the look of them. Unfortunately the canvass trainers make my feet sweat more and get stinky more quickly. They are also less durable.

      It is not possible to go in to a shop and chooses between canvass or leather. What material you get is what Nike are making the current ones out of, which is the only disadvantage of these trainers since it would be great if there was a choice. The current Classics are leather and have been for the last few years. I have not seen any canvass ones about for a while now, which is a shame.

      ****Fit and comfort****

      The reason the Classics are so good for me is because they are a wider fit than most types of trainers I have tried, and I have tried many pairs on over the years - I can tell you.

      The Classics are the most comfortable trainers I have ever bought and whilst most of this is down to the wide fit of the toes there are other features that make these comfortable. The air bubbles result in a cushion sole and whilst many people will think this does not make a difference I can assure you it does and it does stop the jarring effect if you are heavy footed and a bit of a 'stomper'. Don't believe me? Put on a pair of Classics and have a go.

      The Classics come with a small piece of foam, which is inserted in between the inner sole and the inside of the trainers. There is a specific cut out in the arch of the trainer where the foam sits. The foam is designed to give additional support to the arches and whilst many people do not need it, many people do so it is down to the particular individual. Personally, I need the additional support and no other trainers I have bought include this feature.

      I also find the Classics very supportive around the heel area and the trainers grip my heel and ankles tight enough to support my feet, but not so tight that my circulation is cut off.


      Prior to becoming a fashion accessory trainers were designed for sports use. Whilst the Classics can be worn for exercise there are better trainers available for this purpose. In my opinion the Classics have been designed to be a fashion accessory as opposed to a genuine sports trainer. The Classics are jut too 'clumpy' for sport.

      If you do decide to wear Classics for exercise then I would recommend the canvass variety over the leather variety, if they are available. Leather is not as subtle as canvass and the uppers on the leather Classics do reduce the amount of 'play' and 'movement' of the foot.

      If you ask me the Classics are produced purely as a comfortable posing trainer. If you want to go running or to the gym then get specific running trainers.

      ****Price and availability****

      Nike Air Max Classics are still very expensive at £85 + but when you consider I paid £60 back in 1991 for my first pair the price of them has actually decreased in real terms. That said, they are still much more than many other brands of trainers.

      Even though the overall style hasn't changed the Classics appear to be as popular as they ever were and as such, they are widely available from many online and offline retailers.

      If buying them online, from auction sites such as Ebay then I would beware since there are many cheap imitations from Asia that are passed off as being the genuine article but are not. If the price appears to be too good too be true then it probably is and I would guess the trainers are going to be fake. Many people don't mind buying fakes but after purchasing a cheap pair of Classics from Ebay (I knew they were fake but wanted to see how close they were to the genuine article) I would advise against this. The copies I bought were nothing like the real article as the air bubble was solid (they are 'squishy' in the real article), the fakes are a narrow fit (the real article are wide) and the quality was very poor and the trainers fell apart after a few weeks (the real article lasts me many months).

      Personally, I would advise against buying Classics online as I will only buy the genuine item and if I can't touch the trainers, or feel the quality (and the air bubble) before I buy them then I cannot guarantee they are the real deal. As such I only ever by my Classics from physical shops and whilst I pay a bit more than I would do online I am not that bothered since I know I am getting the genuine article.


      Nike Air Max Classics are the best trainers ever made. They are great for short, fat feet (just like mine), very comfortable, feature an air cushioned sole (that actually works), look great, will compliment trackies, cargo pants, jeans, shorts (in fact everything but formal trousers) and are very stylish. Some people think that Classics are a bit Chavy but I have to disagree, especially when those that say it are donning a pair of Reebok Classics!

      Disadvantages include there is limited choices with regards to colour schemes (there are often only one or two variants available at any one time) and you can't choose between leather or canvass. Ultimately the style is determined by whatever Nike is making at the exact time you purchase the trainers. Classics are not ideal for sport or exercise, which some may seem as a disadvantage but I don't see this as a problem. If you want some trainers to exercise in then get some specific running shoes as these are specifically designed for the job and are cheaper than Classics.

      Compared to many other types of trainers Classics are expensive but they are worth every penny. Given the durability of these trainers, combined with the fact they last me months, the cost per wear actually makes them more cost effective than many cheaper pairs of trainers I have bought in the past, which can't be a bad thing.


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