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Nike Auto Flight Hi

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Brand: Nike / Type: Sport Shoes

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    1 Review
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      25.06.2010 21:12
      Very helpful



      Nike Auto Flight shoes


      Nike is the leading sports apparel and equipment company in the world. Created in the 1970s in The United States, it started long after other main players such as Adidas, Reebok and others, however with sports endorsements (an early example being with Michael Jordan) they were quickly able to suddenly grow in popularity massively to the point where they're currently at - with their updated signature swoosh found everywhere in the sports world.

      ==Auto Flight==

      The Auto Flight shoe came out in 2010 as another addition to Nike's already-large basketball footwear selections. Clogging-up and saturating the market perhaps, these shoes simply borrow from other best-sellers in this hi-top (ankle height) style with the winged tops taken from the Dunks and the intricate details taken from both shoes which they've done in the past as well as Adidas's Forums.


      The box here isn't really very special at all and isn't the sort of thing you'd tend to want to keep. The box is a very dull brown one from them and so isn't really going to excite you're typical sneaker head. I wouldn't say that this is really much of a disappointment though because Nike doesn't tend to really play up to this as much as other brands and are much more inclined to go for the straight and basic designs instead to get the job done and simply suit its function more than anything else.


      Just when I thought I was quite satisfied by my shoe collection one of my favourite websites decided to have a sale (grr... how annoying!) and so I ended-up browsing through and quickly shortlisting a number of pairs that I'd want to display on my shoe rack (and of course also wear out) to go along with the many others which fill my bedroom floor. With the majority of mine being hi-tops based upon basketball-styled designs, I found that this trend simply wouldn't end here. This time I decided to go for a different style than what I'd had in the past and chose the new Auto Flights over the more established Nike ranges. I copped these in Varsity Blue/White/ Varsity Blue over the more expensive Navy Blue or Blue Grass options.

      When these arrived at the door and I quickly put them on, I was quick to compare them to my Adidas Forum Mids. As I had owned those for quite a while to the point where they had reached the end of their days, owning a pair of these (with pretty much identical colours) meant that I could fully replace those. This wouldn't mean that I'd get rid of my Adidas, instead just meant that I was actually able to wear a fresher pair of red/white/blue ones with bright and lively colours.

      The shoes are designed in a way so that the colours are done to favour the blue and so the red is more of an accented detail than a main feature. If you were keener on brightening this, you'd want to replace the blue laces (which are already in) with some red ones instead as this will bring out the colour of the logo at the top of the tongue and also the sock lining (which onlookers are much less likely to spot). The look of them seem to fit in with recent trends in casual men's footwear. I found that my wardrobe matched had a lot to match with it and so I couldn't really go all that wrong with these. If you're not used to hi-tops then these are a nice one to start this off as they give a true representation of the comfort that these offer (especially at the ankle).

      These shoes seem to have fared well with what I've put them through as yet. They're really quite solid and the nylon that they're made out of seems to ensure that they don't crease as some tend to. It seemed that they didn't really require any more upkeep than any others. As the midsole is white this obviously means that you'll have to wipe these down before you go out in them as these will dirty-up if you're not careful in them (or tend to dance in them as I do).

      ==Where To Buy==

      I bought my pair of Auto Flights on size?'s online store. At the time they were on sale and had been reduced down to £35. I felt that this was a very good price and offer a lot for what they are. They were originally priced at £65 and this is exactly what you'll have to pay for them at that store for if you choose to look there are you pick them in the more exclusive colour schemes. I feel that they are worth the money for a fashionable piece of footwear as this tends to be around the normal for basketball-styled Nike shoes made to look as if they're made for sporting activity.


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