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Nike DART 10

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Brand: Nike Performance / Material: Leather and Textile / Type: Running

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    1 Review
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      05.08.2013 20:58
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      Nike Dart 10 Trainers

      I tend to have a pair of trainers just for the gym and another pair which I can wear to and from work nearly every-day. Although I already have some trainers that I wear to the gym for training, I don't have any trainers suitable for running or cardio exercise when I use the treadmill at the gym. Although there are many trainers to choose from specific running shoes are better designed to cushion the foot and also help to support and prevent injury when running. Last year at the Olympics a lot of athletes were wearing brightly coloured trainers which were very eye catching and also very bright!! I have to admit that I did take a bit of a liking to all these bright coloured trainers as I do tend to like quite bright colours, how-ever I didn't think about purchasing any then as I didn't need any at that time. Although I have been going to the gym for about a year now, I have only just recently got back into running, which I used to love doing at school. As my asthma has improved a great deal since being at the gym I thought I would fit some running into my weekly visits to the gym. Last time I did some running I gave myself an injury, probably through not having the correct footwear. Due to this I decided to purchase some running trainers which would be much better for my feet when running.

      The Trainers
      = = = = = =
      The trainers I am reviewing are by Nike (one of my favourite sports brands) and are ladies running shoes. The Nike Dart Trainers have been designed with Motion Fit technology that improves stability and mid-foot integrity coupled with Reslon midsole that offers dynamic and responsive underfoot cushioning and comfort (that's a bit of a mouthful to say!). The trainers also come with a padded and shaped ankle collar with lace up front for a secure and comfortable fit. The Trainers have the classic Nike Swoosh logo to the sides. The most noticeable thing about the trainers is the colour of them as they are rather bright which means they are very noticeable in comparison to other trainers that tend to be either white or black. The trainers have a huge number of different benefits and features which include lace up fronts which means you can tighten the trainers to suit you. They have a padded and shaped ankle colour for comfort and fit and the Reslon midsole gives your underfoot cushioning which is an important factor when running. The trainers also have Motion Fit Technology for comfort and flex grooves on the outsole. The bottom of the trainers have a waffle grip pattern perfect for grip in wet conditions and there are breathable mesh panels on the side of the trainers allowing air to your feet which allows them to breathe.

      The trainers are a deep blue colour but it is also quite bright. The most noticeable thing on the trainers is the bright pink laces and the Nike Swoosh logo on the side which is also in pink. This pink is like a luminous pink so I'm sure you can imagine how bright it looks against the deep blue. There is also a small pink Nike logo on the front of the shoe just underneath the bottom lace. This is also in bright pink. The laces to the trainers feel strong and are a good length. The tongue to the trainers is in the same blue colour as the trainers but also has a small label on the top saying 'Nike Dart 10' which is the style of the trainers. The size of the trainers can be found on the other side of the tongue which rests against your foot when you are wearing them. The inside of the trainers are grey with the Nike logo in pink where the heel of your foot sits. The inside of the shoes look really comfortable and also quite cushioned. The sole of the shoe is bright white and it says 'Reslon' in raised lettering on the outside of the sole. The actual tread to the show is black and white and looks as though it would provide good grip when running, even in wet conditions.

      = = = = = = = =
      I purchased these from www.very.co.uk for £40.00 but you can also purchase them from Sports Direct for £36.99. The trainers come in more subtle colours including Black/Violet and Grey/Orange.

      Wearing the Trainers
      = = = = = = = = = =
      As with most of my other trainers I found that the laces needed loosening before I was able to get my foot into the trainers. The laces are easy to open and I was soon able to slide my foot into the trainers ready to wear. I am normally a size & and a half in trainers so I decided to purchase a size 6 in these as half sizes weren't available. I actually tried these shoes on in my bedroom before wearing them out as if they didn't fit it means I could still return them. Although the trainers felt slightly big at the front of them, I knew that a size 5 was going to be too small so I kept these ones. The trainers felt really comfortable and although I wasn't used to the padded ankle collar they felt really comfortable and also a little springy but firm. The first time I wore the trainers I was planning on having a good cardio session at the gym so would be using the treadmill for at least 30mins at the gym. I am unsure how waterproof these trainers are as they are not made from leather, but material instead. Due to this reason I didn't want to chance getting them wet so I cycled to the gym in my normal gym trainers and put these trainers on when I got there. The trainers felt extremely light and cushiony when walking in them, out of the changing rooms to the area where the treadmills are. I got ready and started the treadmill.

      I warmed up by doing a brisk walk for 5 minutes, whilst walking in the trainers they felt a lot more comfortable than my other gym trainers. I felt as though I had a slight bounce as I walked in them. When running on the treadmill the trainers were really comfortable and the underfoot cushioning felt extremely soft but firm under my feet. I found that the padded, shaped ankle collar also made the trainers feel much more comfortable when running in them. I got rather hot whilst running, and surprisingly my feet didn't actually feel too hot due to the mesh sides panels that allow your feet air to breathe whilst running in them. The trainers are very bright and I think I would have definitely won for the person wearing the brightest trainers down the gym; how-ever I love the fact that they are really bright and the neon pink laces go well with the bright blue trainers. Last time I went running I wore normal trainers and I found that my feet hurt afterwards, they felt sore and uncomfortable and I am also convinced that I did myself a slight injury. With these trainers, after running for a good 20mins at least my feet didn't hurt or feel sore. The trainers do a brilliant job at absorbing the impact on your feet when running. After using the trainers I always spray them with some shoe spray to keep them smelling clean and fresh. I have only used the trainers on the treadmill in the gym so I can't comment on how well the grip works on the bottom of the trainers in wet conditions. As I have only worn the trainers in the gym, they don't really get dirty; how-ever if they did I would just simply wipe them with a damp cloth.

      Overall Opinion
      = = = = = = =
      These trainers won't be to everyone's tastes due to the bright pink colour on them and the fact that the trainers are blue as well. I love the look and style of the trainers as the colours are very different and the trainers are very eye-catching. In terms of quality, the trainers are made extremely well and also look great when wearing them. I love the bright blue and the bright pink colours on the trainers. The trainers are really comfortable to wear, even after running in them for at least 30mins or longer. I have worn the trainers at least 4-5 times now down the gym for running and each time I put them on they feel really cushiony and soft. The mesh sides are great as your feet don't get too hot and sweaty and this allows some air in to keep them feeling fresh and cool. In terms of value I think the trainers are very reasonable as they are made well, look great and they are by Nike which is a very well-known and good quality brand of sports wear. As I only wear these trainers for running about twice a week, they are going to last me a decent amount of time before they need replacing which is good. If you like trainers that are a bit different and don't mind eye-catching and bright colours then I would definitely recommend these trainers. I can't find any downsides or faults with the trainers, despite wearing them a good few times already.

      (review also ciao)


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