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Nike Free Everyday 2

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Mens Running Shoes

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    2 Reviews
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      15.05.2011 09:44
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      Best pair of running shoes I have ever used.

      Like the previous reviewer, mine are not the dull black you see in this picture, but rather a nice navy blue and white combination. Before buying this pair of shoes, I did my research and found that these were the pair of shoes for me. I liked the idea that the shoes made you feel like you were running barefoot. I liked that rey were light, flexible, and had the ability to give you muscles where you had never seen muscles before. Upon purchase, I would wear these shoes to class, to eat, and to the gym. I used them all school year, and I believe that I could have used them a bit more. They gave me all the results I wanted and more. Because I used them so much, they were forced into retirement after about 11 months of ownerrship. They were honestly the best pair of running shoes I have ever owned. I even plan on buying a similar pair in a few weeks. If you're looking for an amazing pair of running shoes, Nike Free is the way to go. Although they are on the pricier side, they are well worth it. They have great durability, are comfortable, and are of great quality.


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        01.07.2009 14:36
        Very helpful



        Nike running shoes.

        Nike Free Everyday 2 running shoes.

        Let me start by saying that my pair of these is not the dull grey shown in the picture, they are bright, and I mean bright, green and light grey.

        I am not a great runner though have done my share of it in the past, and on a recent trip to Meadowhall with my son, decided it was time I bought a decent set of trainers for the occasional time I do venture out and batter the already knackered knee and back.

        So into Sports Direct I wandered. My only two conditions of sale were; 1. had to be below £100 (these were £49.99, reduced from £64.95) and 2. they had to be comfortable with plenty of 'spring'.

        I tried at least 20 pairs of trainers/running shoes on and then these. Oh my gosh, I could not believe how comfortable these were just to try on even. I spoke to the assistant, millions times more helpful than JJB sports who i had tried earlier, who told me that these shoes were designed to give more 'ground contact' which spreads the weight more evenly, and that they would be good for easy paced jogging.

        I ran up and down the store in them, much to Mrs H's amusement (thank good ness my son was in another shop) and they felt like they were well cushioned, so I duly bought them.

        ~~~The first run~~~

        I have not run more than the length of a badminton court in about two years, so when I laced up the Nikes and set off on a Saturday morning, I expected a mile or thereabouts would be okay for a start.

        As it happens I ran/walked, just short of three miles and found the shoes to be absolutely brill'. Plenty of bounce and good width, which as your feet start swelling with the heat, is a really good thing.

        The other noticable thing was that the shoes do not feel 'heavy' when running, they are in fact less than 10 ounces.

        ~~~Two weeks on~~~

        Since this run, I have managed three more runs of similar distance and the shoes seem to be going from strength to strength. They are quite snug arounfd the heel and sit nicely there, they seemed to be very comfy around the instep and the toe is very rounded so plenty of room. With the cushioning, whilst you know you are running, they seems to take a bit of the 'shock' out of the step.

        The wear is minimal thus far and this bodes well and they still feel really, really comfy, and whilst I am tempted, I have not used them for every day use, especially as the one time I drove in them, I could hardly feel the pedals, not good.

        ~~~What Else~~~

        There is a little 'secret' compartment under the left insole where you can fit a Nike sensor hich 'communicates' with an iPod to tell you; speed, distance, calories burned etc. For £15 I don't think I'll bother.

        Not sure about the colour, which is almost luminous, apart from that these are probably the nicest, comfiest shoes I have ever owned.

        And hey, if they get me out running, that can't be bad and well worth the price I reckon.

        All the tech' stuff can be found on Nike.com, I am not a reviewer that will fill out my review with all that.


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