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Rydale Thirsk Boots

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Brand: Rydale / Type: Hiking boots

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    1 Review
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      26.02.2012 20:14
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      A great pair of general yard boots

      Now the wetter of the weather seems to have subsided (for now anyway) it is nice to wear something other than my Hunters when at the yard. As much as the Hunters do their job well in keeping me warm and dry as soon as the drier weather appears it is nice to put them away and wear something a little shorter when doing the daily yard duties. I've had a variety of short boots in my time and they have all been much of the same. But last summer my boots had died a slow death and a visit to Equifest meant that I could hopefully pick up a new pair at a reduced cost!

      The Rydale stand at Equifest was huge and full of bargains. I have plenty of Rydale clothing but I had never worn any of their footwear for no real reason other than I had never thought of Rydale for footwear. Rydale provides clothing for country pursuits including the equine world. At their stall at Equifest I came across their footwear stand and saw on offer their Thirsk boots. The boots came in all sorts of colours but I went with the practical black as they are only going to get dirty!

      Thirsk boots are not particularly pretty to look at in way shape or form BUT they are incredibly practical and when your mucking out on a daily basis the last thing you really care about is what footwear you are wearing! The Thirsk boots are classed as 'muckers' and the style has been around for years, the rubber base and the material upper has been used for years in the equestrian world but they certainly serve a purpose.

      The main part of the boots is made from rubber and has a slight ribbed pattern to the top of the boot. There is a very slight heel and the sole is also ribbed or patterned to give a little grip. The rubber is soft and supple and is of course waterproof. The upper part of the boot is made from a tough material which features three velcro straps in the same material and same colour as the boots themselves. As I mentioned above I bought the black version so the boots are black all over but they do have bright pink stitching which although not my ideal colour it does make them a little more girly if that is at all possible!

      Inside the boots they are fabric lined for comfort and the upper part of the boots is well padded, this part goes around your ankle which is nice to have it supported. The colour of the lining again is black to match and it does have a little padding for the soles of your feet but don't expect too much! I certainly notice the difference if I am only wearing one pair of socks instead of two pairs which is a shame. I have put insoles in my pair just to give my feet a little comfort especially when I am wearing them for quite a few hours nearly every day!

      I have had my pair of Rydale Thirsk Boots since last September so they have been worn quite a lot since buying them although I only do wear them when I can get away with not wearing my Hunters! They are incredibly comfortable and easy to wear, they haven't rubbed my feet whatsoever but I wasn't expecting them to. They are quite wide though and I don't have particularly wide feet so I do find myself having to double up on socks so my feet feel a little more enclosed! However, despite how wide they seem they are still quite secure once the velcro straps are done up around the ankle. The straps are not adjustable although if you don't want the top strap done up the other two still make the feet feel secure.

      The main part of the boots are waterproof but the fabric upper part is not so you do need to be careful as there is nothing worse than having wet feet! My only gripe with these boots is the lack of padding in the lining it just seems a little thin so I can't get away with just one pair of socks but an insole has seemed to resolve this. Other than that I really do like the boots, they are incredibly comfortable to wear so I really can't complain, they serve a purpose and they didn't break the bank so all in all I am really happy! After nearly 6 months of wearing them although the sole and the heel is looking quite worn they are still going strong. Definitely a recommendation from me whether you need them for general yard duties or even wearing them in the garden!

      ~ Useful Info ~

      Brand: Rydale
      Type: Thirsk Boots
      Colour(s): Navy, black, nearly navy, totem and purple
      Sizes: 3 to 9
      Price: £19.99
      Availability: Any Rydale retailer or www.rydaleclothing.co.uk


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