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Shimano M077 MTB SPD

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Brand: Shimano / Type: MTB Shoe

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    1 Review
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      21.06.2012 21:12
      Very helpful



      Recommended :)

      Cycling is one of my hobbies and I really enjoy it. I go out cycling a couple of times a week and sometimes more if I have the time. If I can't get out then I sometimes use my turbo trainer instead, but I always enjoy being out on the roads more than being stuck inside, especially if it's a nice day. The weather hasn't been too good this week so I haven't been out much but I've done a couple hours training on the turbo trainer today. That is what inspired me to write my next review. I haven't written anything for ages but right now I'm going to write about my cycling shoes. These are ladies cycling shoes and I bought mine from eBay. I found it a huge struggle to find cycling shoes anywhere other than specialist cycling shops - and even some of these did not sell ladies shoes. Even if these places did sell them they were often very over priced. So the best place to get a pair of shoes like these is probably ebay. The only problem is you can't try them on before you buy them, and they do say buy half a size bigger than your normal size so this can be a worry. So if you are concerned about this I would say check whether the seller will let you return the product or not. Or you could go into a bike shop and try some shoes on to get an idea of the size you will need. Then you could use this size when you buy them from eBay.

      Lots of keen cyclists have cycling shoes and the main reasons people get them in the first place are because:
      -they give you more power to your pedal. When you are pedalling with spd shoes, rather than just using the muscles to push the pedal down you are also using different muscles in your leg to pull the pedals up. You will probably find it different to pedal in these and you can learn a new technique that helps you pedal more efficiently.
      -Another reason people like these pedals is because you are attached to your bike,so your feet are attached to the pedals so this means they won't slip off the pedals. This can sometimes be a problem in the rain.

      The brand the shoes come from is Shimano, anyone who knows a thing about bikes will know this is a well known and popular make and probably one of the best brands out there. My bike is also a Shimano bike. It helps to know what manufacturer each of your biking things comes from because you will have to make sure they are all compatible with each other. For example, your shoes have to be compatible with the cleats you get (these sometimes come with the shoes but you might have to buy them separately like I did), and the pedals you get. If you want to start using the shoes it isn't as simple as just buying the shoes then getting straight on the bike, and you need to buy the right pedals to use with them. You also have to attach the pedals to your bike, and you also need to buy the right cleats and you will have to attach the cleats to the shoes and then adjust them so that they are right for you. If you aren't very mechanical you might struggle with this but it's not really that hard to do and most people would probably be able to do it. You can get books that show you how to do it and there is also some information online to help you. I managed to work it out so it can't be that hard. Remember you do get instructions with the shoes.

      To attach the cleats to these shoes, you remove the sock liner and position a cleat nut over the oval holes. Then from the bottom of the shoe, position a cleat and then a cleat adapter over the cleat holes. The cleats are compatible with both left and right pedals, so you don't have to worry about putting the wrong one on the wrong side. Tighten the cleat mounting bolts with an allen key. Once you have done this you can adjust the cleats. They have a wide adjustment range, it depends on what cleats you get how far they can adjust.

      Most people would probably think that 'cycling shoes' in itself sounds quite nerdy, so they probably wouldn't expect the shoes to be very nice looking. However I actually think these ones look alright. They just look like trainers and anyway, once you're on the bike no one is really paying much attention to the shoes your wearing. I've seen some really horrible looking shoes and these are definitely one of the best looking pairs you can get. To be honest I did choose my shoes mainly based on looks, even though I did take some other factors into account when making my decision as well.

      I chose mountain bike ones because they are easier to walk in. They have grips on the bottom which help stop you slipping. Some of the road biking shoes are completely smooth and have no grips, which means it is really hard to walk when you get off the bike, especially if it's been raining. These are more slippy to walk in than normal trainers but less slippy than most cycling shoes. If you're going to be walking for a long time when you go on a bike ride somewhere it might be the best idea to take another pair of shoes with you.
      These shoes have a recessed cleat which means the cleat is built under the grips of the shoes so when you are walking you can't feel the cleat. This means it is more comfortable to walk in them, and also it doesn't make a clinky noise.

      I bought these shoes from ebay where they cost £60. The reason I bought these shoes was because I was advised by a friend that they make cycling much easier and therefore more enjoyable. I was worried at first about not being able to get my feet out when I stopped. I did not want to fall off the bike! But when I found out that some of my younger cousins, who are under 10 years old, have got the shoes, and then when they told me that they find them really easy to use, I decided they can't be that difficult. Anyway as long as you practice on the turbo trainer for a bit before going out on the roads there is less chance of you falling off. Everyone falls off at some point but the more you get used to the shoes the less likely it is to happen. You just have to remember to twist your foot outwards to get them off rather than pull your foot up. If you pull your foot up it won't unclip the shoes from the pedals so you will fall off. It's also a useful tip to try to release the foot which is away from the traffic if you are cycling on the roads. This means that even if you do fall off then at least you won't fall into the traffic in which case there could be a serious accident.

      These shoes are quite comfortable to wear and the longer I have had them the more comfy they have got. I have had them a few months now and they haven't worn much at all, even though I use them all the time. You can tell they're a really good quality pair of shoes and I think they will last me a long time. I got them in Size 40 and I'm a UK 6. They fit perfectly.

      Overall these are a great pair of cycling shoes and I am really glad I bought them. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who likes cycling and hasn't tried spd shoes yet. These are mountain biking shoes but I use them for road biking as well as off road biking and its fine to use them for both things. The only difference would be in the weight but unless you have a carbon bike you probably wouldn't really notice this anyway.


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    Shimano M077 MTB SPD Shoes. Shoes MTB. Shimano M077 MTB SPD Shoes Features: UPPER: Tough stretch resistant synthetic leather and mesh Triple asymmetrical straps prevent pressure points LAST: Volume last for a more accommodating toe box SOLE: Fibreglass reinforced polyamide m ....

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