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Skechers Lil D Riget Ladies

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2 Reviews

Brand: Skechers / Type: Athletics / Running / Gender: Ladies

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    2 Reviews
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      21.01.2013 00:56
      Very helpful



      don't recommend

      I bought these trainers a good few years back now, think it was 4 or 5 years ago!
      I was looking for trainers I could go running in and play sports in and decided to go to the Skechers store.

      It was the first time I had considered trainers by Sketchers and looking into them.
      I remember having a look at the store and being drawn to these. I thought they stood out over the other trainers on sale due to the grey and pink combination.

      I can't remember exactly how much I paid for these trainers but think they were along the £30-£40 range.
      At the time I thought they were quite expensive and wasn't sure if I should get them or look for something cheaper instead but I went along and purchased them anyway.

      The trainers were quite bulky to look at and quite big, they were perfect for sports and daily wear.
      When I wore them I used to think they were really comfortable. Even though they seemed quite bulky.. they were really light to wear and fitted me perfectly.

      The trainers were quite easy to clean with a damp cloth, and due to the grey colour they were not as noticeably dirty as a white pair of trainers would have gotten.

      But.. (and it's a big but) here comes a major flaw that made me not got back and purchase another pair of sketchers since...

      One day I was wearing the trainers just for a casual walk outside in the park when the back of my foot suddenly started really hurting. I had to sit down and take my trainer off when I found that the back of the trainer had a metal bit which had poked through the material of the trainer and into the back of my foot!

      It was really painful and as it was in such an awkward position, I was having problems with it for a few days as every step I took was hurting! As soon as I got home I chucked the Sketchers trainers right into the bin!

      Now I had worn the trainers quite a bit but I only owned them for about 8 months.. it was less than a year and I don't know why I didn't think of contacting Sketchers about it as I did think the metal bit coming lose like that was a safety issue also as the metal bit was quite large it did cause quite a big cut!

      So although they were nice trainers and I did like wearing them whilst they lasted.. the negative experience I had with it put me off buying any trainers by Sketchers and I haven't been back into their store since!

      Although i'm sure not all their trainers would lead to the same experience, it was enough to put me off. I didn't even know they had metal at the inside of the trainers! :S

      For the purpose of this review I did try searching for these trainers online but could not find them on sale anywhere. (I guess that's a good thing :P)
      I'm not quite sure how to rate the product.. although they were good and comfortable to use whilst they lasted.. for the price I paid for them and the fact that I didn't even manage a year with them... I can't recommend them and only give them 2 stars.

      It may have put me off their trainers, but I may look into their boots one day as i've heard good things about them - hopefully they won't cause the same problem!

      Thanks for reading :)
      (review may also be on ciao)


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        14.04.2011 05:30
        Very helpful



        Yet another amazing pair of trainers from Skecher

        Ok so ill be completely honest, I started wearing Skechers when I was younger and the advert had Britney Spears on it, the shoes were navy blue with hot pink and silver glitter....I loved the look of the shoes (plus I was a bit of a Britney fan in my early teens) and with my birthday close by I woke to find a shoe box shaped present... there were the shoes.
        I instantly fell in love with Skechers, they were so comfortable and they looked great and I haven't looked back since.

        I have to like the look of a trainer first of all, they have to be able to go with my clothes as I live in my trainers and they have to be reasonable I refuse to pay the earth for shoes. I had been looking for a new pair of trainers for some time, browsing various shops when out and about but had had no luck, right up until I wandered into Sportsworld on a dismal Tuesday morning and was greeted by Skechers Lil'd Rigettas.

        *~*~*THE SHOES*~*~*

        These are mostly a charcoal/silver colour with some pink and white detail. To continue with the honesty of this review it was the pink that drew me in. A fair few of my tops inhabiting my wardrobe are pink and these would go with them and they were a little bit different.
        The shoe is mainly leather with perforated leather making up the top of the toes, up close it almost looks like little x's cut into the fabric. The side of the shoe is emblazoned with the Skecher S in silver with pink detail.
        Where this shoe differs from the D-lite range is the insole which is almost silk like to the touch. Apparently the mid sole (between the inner and outer sole) is of smaller proportion to the D-lites so these don't give you that little extra height some Skechers have become known for. Like most Skecher these come with 2 pairs of laces, one white and one grey I have chosen the grey but really either looks great.

        I snapped these up for the bargain price of £25 RRP is around £40 so all in all a good shopping trip.

        *~*~*MY OPINION*~*~*

        These shoes are just like the rest of the styles in the Skecher lite range, comfortable, affordable and amazingly light. When I first tried d-lites I was shocked that with the bulky look of Skechers in general just how light they are when you're holding them let alone wearing them. These are even lighter than the originals and you deffinatly notice it when wearing them. Cleaning is simple I find that a wipe over with a damp sponge does wonders with mud and dirt. I attend many events in a year where standing is a necessity and I can easily stand all day in these without any rubbing or tired feet. Skechers are known to last for longer than your average trainer, whether this is down to the bulkier look of the sole or just the general shape, I don't know but what ever it is they have made another cracker with Lil'd Rigettas.

        I am an avid fan of the Skecher brand and feel I have come to know their shoes very well over the years, I don't even feel the need to try on their trainers anymore before buying I've had over 12 pairs of Skechers in the last 10-12 years I know that the right size will fit like a dream so I was in and out of the shop in about 10 minutes (believe me that's amazing for me I'm a real browser).
        I would and regularly do recommend Skechers to just about anyone I am yet to find a brand that makes trainers that allow you to go about your everyday activities with such ease and comfort.


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