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Country Life Spreadable Butter

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7 Reviews

Type: Butter

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    7 Reviews
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      13.05.2010 18:22
      Very helpful




      Countrylife butter has got to be the tastiest butter that oney can buy. I was always buying Anchor butter but for more or less the same price you can have this wonderful taste in the Countrylife butter.

      For one of these 250 gram blocks you pay around £1.20p just as you would with all the other brands of butter and this is a price well worth paying if indeed you are eating this Countrylife.

      Another good point of this butter is that it is made in England and supports local people rther than being imported which the Anchor butter is.

      The taste of the Countrylife is second to none with a smooth light and totqally creamy taste that I really like.

      The butter tastes good on practially anything but especially warm toast as the creamy butter and white bread really taste good together.

      I use the butter for cooking too so it is a fairly versatile item for the kitchen and well worth having.

      A top butter which I will always choose over all other brands.


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        24.04.2010 08:40
        Very helpful



        Good price for a spreadable butter.

        I like baking sometimes and some of the recipes it states that butter must be used, not margarine and so I usually go for the lower priced ones as it can be a little expensive doing some recipes and so the cheaper the ingredients are the better in my opinion.

        I buy this product on a regular basis and find it perfectly fine for baking and a very good quality for the price of around £2.37 for 500g, the one I sometimes buy is in a plastic carton with a lid but they can be bought in blocks for around £1 but I usually buy the larger ones because I sometimes bake in bulk and so a lot more is needed and I also use it to spread on toast and I prefer to use it from a carton to use on bread than a block as I do not have a butter dish. The blocks are usually priced for around £1 for 250g.

        This butter spreads very well and can easily be scooped out to place into a large bowl or mixer to blend with other ingredients without being too solid and taking awhile to blend, I find it is soft enough, almost like margarine.

        The taste is quite strong and the texture is soft and smooth and if used on bread it does not tear or break it, or crackers, and for baking it blends perfectly and does not splatter all around the bowl and whisk as with some other products.

        It is a rich consistency with a fabulous taste, it is very easy to spread straight from the fridge as well as from the worktop if you do not like to place your butter in a fridge as my mum does not like hers in fridges for some reason but I do like mine in one.

        The colour is a nice yellow but not too pale, and it has a nice sheen to it.

        I freeze this product when I buy them on special offer and they are perfect from the freezer and are not mushy as some people think they are straight from a freezer.

        This is lovely to spread on scones with jam and it does not break them and the texture is beautiful also with the jam and cream added.

        Overall I recommend this product to try for baking or just for using for bread etc if you have not tried it already.

        I rate it 5 stars.


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          21.01.2010 12:17



          A great spreadble butter product

          If you are looking for a great tasting, spreadable butter, then this is it. The convenience of spreadable butter cannot be denied, but many of us end up buying the cheaper margarine or 'butter-like' spreads in our search for a spreadable spread to go on toast. But these cheaper brands, often dubbed as 'plastic spreads' are not as natural as real butter and lack any flavour. This is where Country Life spreadable comes in. It is real butter. It is made spreadable by adding about 30% vegetable oil. This is one of the great things about this butter; it is so simple in it's ingredients so you know exactly what you are getting. It is just butter, vegetable oil, water and salt.

          Another great thing is that it is made only from British butter and oil so that you know it hasn't traveled the world to get to you, so it is better on the environment too.

          If you are cooking with the butter, you may as well go the whole hog and use Country Life's normal butter, but as a spread, this is the prefect product.


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          01.05.2009 10:01
          Very helpful



          It looks good, it tastes good and by gum it is good.

          Country Life butter is British through and through, the milk made in the production of the rich butter comes from farms throughout the UK, this in turn makes good common sense because we then know that the end product hasn't travelled around the world before it lands on our supermarket shelves here in Great Britain.
          In essence it is good to know that we are buying British goods and Country Life butter is the only major British butter on the market.
          Country Life can offer you block butter, both salted and unsalted. The spreadable butter comes in both salted, reduced salt and a lighter version for anyone who is watching either their weight or their cholesterol levels.
          They also produce a Cornish butter which uses the finest Cornish cream, a Welsh butter which has been made to a traditional recipe and also a Somerset butter .
          As Country Life point out, all of their butter tastes supreme on bread, toast, crumpets, teacakes, in baking and any recipes in general.

          Having just had my first `Country life` spreadable experience I thought that I would share it with you.
          For starters what an elegant tub, a good thick plastic tub that looks very chic in a pale shade of gold. On the lid the product information tells us that the spreadable butter has been freshly churned and in keeping with the countryside theme they have added a picture of a large tree. Quite cleverly the designers have incorporated the tree into the letter `Y` and the `Y` forms the trunk of the tree, very ingenious.
          The `Red tractor logo` of the Assured Foods Standards gives us confidence in the butter, we know it has met the standard requirements when it was being manufactured.
          The words `British Spreadable` also appear on the top of the lid.

          My 500g tub of Country Life spreadable contains a blend of British butter and vegetable oil.
          The spread is 66% butter, 23% vegetable oil, water and just 1.3% salt.

          100g contains 689 calories, 0.2g protein, 0.3g carbohydrate of which 0.3g is sugar, 76.0g fat of which 35.7g is saturated, 26% is mono saturates and 8.6g is polyunsaturates, 0.5g of sodium.
          Country Life also have their customer care line number on the base of the tub, they want you to enjoy the product and they welcome any feedback.

          When I bought my tub of Country Life spread I automatically put it into the fridge, so when I took the lid off of the tub and removed the thin layer of greaseproof paper the spread was fairly hard.
          Country Life is a very pale cream coloured butter come spread and as it reached room temperature it became much easier to handle.
          I will confess that I used it to make a sponge cake, it states clearly on the side of the tub that it can be used for roasting or baking, in fact it is described as a great cooking ingredient.
          The spread is made from milk produced by British dairy farmers which was good to hear.
          Country Life can be frozen and then defrosted in the fridge but it must be used within three months of freezing.

          Just to get an idea of what sort of taste I was injecting into my sponge cake I spread a cracker with a light layer of Country Life, I do like salted butter and this has a touch which just adds enough to satisfy me.
          The spread on my cracker looked pleasant and it spread reasonably well. I enjoyed the definite buttery flavour that was there.

          I put 6 ounces of butter into my mixing bowl and creamed it, I often use Utterly Butterly and I have to say that it does cream quicker than the Country Life spread but at the end of the day it all comes down to taste.
          The sponge cooked well and the spread coped well in the heat of the oven. The butter almost certainly enhanced the flavour of the sponge cake and the pale buttery colour was reflected in the appearance of the sponge.

          I left the tub out on the worktop to see how long the contents took to become soft enough to easily spread on to a slice of bread. Within half an hour the country Life spread was plenty soft enough.
          Put a touch of the buttery spread on to the top of your finger and just taste the spread, it is pleasant and not salty.

          I have to be honest that at £2.20 for a 500g tub this may be one that is reserved for high days and holidays. But apart from the price the spreadable butter is very pleasant.
          I am going to keep an eye out on my travels and see if there are any good promotions on the Country Life butter.


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            29.01.2009 19:31
            Very helpful



            British blended butter

            My dilemma was whether to buy butter or spread, and it usually landed with spread as not only did it go further, catering for a family of 5,it was more spreadable and therefore a lot cheaper and also less calories. And so I continued buying spread and butter for special occasions or to use on scones etc.

            Having really enjoyed butter instead of spread one holiday I bought butter when we returned home, but it was so hard straight from the fridge and I realised we were consuming far more than was good for us. Which led me to look for an alternative, and so I tried various spreadable butters.

            Some are softer and easy to spread than others but sometimes the flavour is compromised and so it really is down to a personal taste. I like Countrylife spreadable butter because it is made entirely from milk from British dairy farms. It is also only made in the UK, so that cuts down on the carbon footprint.

            The pale creamy butter tastes like a mild butter even though it has oil whipped into it to make it easier to spread. This actually also makes the calories better as instead of 720kcal per 100g it is reduced to 689kcal, not a lot I know but every little helps, plus I actually use a lot less. There is 0.5grams of sodium per 100grams too. It is made with 66% Butter and 23% vegetable oil, water and salt. My last tub had a shelf life until next month, but it can also be frozen for up to 3 months.

            I have used it on bread and toast, crumpets and scones, added to mashed potatoes with some milk and whipped up to make dreamy soft creamed potatoes. It is good to add to a little oil for frying meat and vegetables for stir fries, improving the flavour and works well in baking especially for Shortbread. It does quickly go soft if left out in a warm room.

            I heard a child asking his Mummy to buy the tractor butter and then realised there is a small Red tractor on the tub which ensures the Countrylife spreadable is quality assured and can be traced back to the farm. It is suitable for vegetarians too.

            The tub is gold coloured plastic, with a green tree, the branches of which form the Y of the name COUNTRYLIFE. It is also recyclable, or even re-usable I have used the tub to freeze small portions of soup, or leftover chilli.

            I like the flavour of this blended butter and am happy to buy British, the cost too is good the 500gram tub costs £2.23, and often is even on offer in supermarkets.


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              30.10.2008 21:59
              Very helpful



              A proper pure british butter

              Country life Spreadable butter has to be my all time favorite butter, It tastes like real butter, thats is because is it, not like other butter brands who tend to fob of their butter as 'real' butter.
              It is the only major butter made here in the UK, which guarantee's that it's kept fresher for longer.
              Made from natural ingredients like fresh milk, cream and salt.
              Country life spreadable is made from the same ingredients as the block butter, only a little vegetable oil is added so it is easy to spread straight from the fridge.
              It is also the only butter which carries the little red tractor logo, which means it's only made with milk which comes exclusively from British Dairy farms and all other ingredients within the UK, so by buying this butter you can be assured that your doing your bit to help British farmers.
              Country life butter is manufactured by Dairy crest, who used to have a factory is the town i live,and offer a wide range of other products all in keeping with the same great taste these include-
              * Country Life sweetcream salted butter - 250g and 500g
              * Country Life unsalted butter - 250g
              * Country Life Spreadable - 250g and 500g
              * Country Life Spreadable Lightly Salted - 500g
              * Country Life Cornish Butter - 250g
              * Country Life Shirgar Butter - 250g
              * Country Life Somerset Butter - 250g
              * Country Life Lighter Spreadable - 500g

              Being a proper butter im sad to say that it is high in fat and calories, so by introducing lighter spreads, countrylife can be eaten by all types of people.
              I personally keep it for treats, for example on, hot toasted muffins, crumpets, toast, crosssiants, etc, and use other cheaper spreads for cooking as it can be pricier than other butters. But well worth it as your getting proper tasting butter!


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              10.10.2008 20:30
              Very helpful



              A delightful buttery taste but not too good for the waistline

              I came across Country Life spreadable butter when it was on offer for less than a £1 for 500 grams in Sainsbury's. I decided to give it a try. (It is also available in 250 gram packs.)

              Country Life British spreadable butter is made by Dairy Crest. It contains only natural ingredients such as cream and salt. It is made using freshly churned Country Life butter with a little vegetable oil for easy spreading straight from the fridge.

              It can also be used for cooking and baking. It is suitable for freezing and can be stored for up to 3 months in a freezer.

              The pack design includes a British oak tree image. The butter is made in the UK. Being British means that it is less well travelled than other butters and is never frozen during transportation.

              Country Life is the only butter brand to be 'Red Tractor' accredited . This seal of approval signifies that Country Life is made with milk which comes exclusively from British Dairy farms.

              ('Red Tractor' is an independent professional food assurance scheme which covers production standards developed by experts on safety, hygiene, animal welfare, the environment, and many other issues. The Red Tractor logo on Country Life packs guarantees the consumer that they are buying quality, fresh products that have been produced in Britain to the highest standards from the farm right through to the shop.)


              Butter 66%

              Vegetable OIl - 23%


              Salt 1.3%

              **Nutritional Information** per 100 g

              energy 689cal

              Protein 0.2g

              Fat 76g

              Sodium 0.5g

              On opening the pack I found that the butter was a pale lemon colour. I had to leave it just a few minutes to soften to make it easily spreadable. The butter had a creamy taste and tasted of real butter. It was heavenly on the crumpets I tried them on. The only real downside to Country Life is that it has sooooooooo many calories!!

              Nevertheless, compared to the price of low fat spreads it compared very favourably and was cheaper than many. I did enjoy the butter but for health and dietary reasons I will be reserving it for special occasions!


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            • Product Details

              Dairy / Made from British butter and vegetable oil.