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Glennans Vegetable Crisps

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Brand: Glennans / Type: Curds

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    1 Review
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      25.08.2008 17:00
      Very helpful



      Ok if you like almost candied vegetables!

      I do love my crisps well actually if you read any of my reviews you will now be familiar with my snacking habits. I eat so much junk its unreal preferring it over proper meals and as my Mother always says how my bowels work I don't know I'm that crammed full of rubbish! However wandering round Sainsbury's I was busy eyeing up loads of biscuits and cakes and all my usual choices for misbehaving that I had a radical thought. What if, I for once never stocked up on all this and swapped my snacks for stuff that was healthier? Would I miss a big of sweets if say I picked up some dried prunes? What if instead of buying a tube of say Pringles I bought these vegetable crisps instead? Is it possible to satisfy ones needs for junk food with healthy snacks? So in these jumped into my basket and I waved bye bye to my beloved tortillas. Yes it was hard.

      Now I love the Parsnip crisps from Boot's and I'm quite a vegetable fan so these stood out to me. The only size I've ever seen them in is this size which is a 20g bag so quite small really. It's a white foil bag with silver writing on the front that tells me they are Glennans, curiously crunchy vegetable crisps then there is picture of vegetables on it. On the back I'm told the best before date, nutritional information, ingredients (and in different languages), how to store them, and then what they are and a bit about the company, given a bar-code, size is stated (as I've listed already and finally there is a recycle symbol. Quite nice packaging.

      About Glennans....

      Basically the company is owned by 2 brothers and a sister. In 1994 they started frying root vegetables and called them vegetable crisps and this is these lol

      The Vegetable crisps....

      Made up of slices of beetroot, carrot, parsnip and sweet potato they are fried up in sunflower oil and are seasoned in sea salt. They are 98 calories a bag, high in fibre, gluten free, suitable for vegans and are free from artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. Healthy? Sure I guess they are however at 98 Calories a really small bag doesn't sound a lot but lets stop and think a minute. This packet is almost half the size of a bag of say standard Walker's crisps and lets say the plain flavour are around 131 calories a bag and less saturated fat we start to question whether these really are quite so healthy after all. However these are a better source of fibre! Anyway I digress...

      The 'crisps' themselves when you open them up have a fried smell to them and one that is a slight vegetable smell to them and smells very nice indeed. The crisps themselves on the whole are like thin shavings. Multi-coloured you have dark purple pieces which are the beetroot then orangy coloured pieces of vegetable which are the sweet potato and carrot and finally light beige pieces which are parsnip.

      Most of the vegetables you can snap. As I say they are shavings rather than big lumps of vegetables. To the touch you can feel the grainy salt on most of the pieces and all of them look shiny like they are covered in oil and fried and have gone hard.

      Taste wise well they start of very well. Each flavour is identifiable providing you know your flavours of course. They are well seasoned and you can really taste the salt which really does bring the vegetable flavours out. The beetroot tastes earthy and well.. like dried beetroot thought not overpowering as you'd think. The sweet potato and parsnip are the sweeter flavours and to be honest I couldn't find any carrot but could taste a small hint of carrot through the bag somewhere I just couldn't visually see it but as I say the flavours were all present and correct...


      As I ate through the rather small bag I started to feel sick and started to understand why the bag was so small. They get so sickly and really quickly. First few nibbles is fine but after that wow they get overpoweringly sickly sweet. Now to be fair on the ingredients there are no sugar or sugar substitutes on the list but really, for me I felt towards the end of my bag I was just eating pure sugar cane.

      Of course this must be the natural sweetness of the product and you can't argue with that but I did have to throw the last few away as they were to much for my taste-buds but the one thing I can really moan about is the oil content. Again at the beginning of the bag this was fine. A little oil on my fingers and the first few I ates texture was great. However after a while I found the unnatural smoothness got on my nerves and my tongue got coated in grease and then the salt made me thirsty as hell! As I say I gave up in the end and vowed these were not for me lol


      They are what they are. Vegetables fried up in thin pieces. Nothing added apart from the salt. Worth a try if you like your vegetables but if you not into sweet vegetables then I'd avoid them if I was you. I will be lol


      Vegetables in variable proportion (parsnip, sweet potato, beetroot, carrot) (67%), sunflower oil, sea salt

      Nutritional Information.... per 20g Bag

      Energy 98kcal
      Protein 1.0g
      Carbohydrate 7.6g
      of which is sugars 4.0g
      Fat 7.1g
      of which is saturates 0.8g
      Fibre 2/6g
      Sodium 0.11g

      I paid about 79p for my bag in Sainsbury's.


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