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Hartley's Best Pineapple Jam

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4 Reviews
  • Lots of fruit
  • Tangy and tasty
  • Lots of "bits"
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    4 Reviews
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      07.05.2015 14:28
      Very helpful


      • "Lots of fruit"
      • "Tangy and tasty"


      • "Lots of "bits""

      A delicious jam thats a bit different

      I came across a recipe for an orange sponge cake with a pineapple jam filling which I thought sounded a nice combination of flavours. So I went to the shops and bought the only pineapple jam available - Hartleys Best Pineapple Jam which was 1.49 for 340g. I didn't need to use the whole jar for my recipe, so we have been using up the rest on toast.

      The jam looks a beautiful golden yellow in the jar. If you hold it up against the light, you can see a huge amount of fruit. It isn't in big chunks, but in small pieces laced throughout. This means it has a slightly bitty feel, and isn't very smooth. I think this is fine because it is down to there being plenty of fruit inside, which gives the jam it's delicious taste. And it is still easy to spread. Not everyone in my household liked the "bits" however, but those pieces weren't so obvious when used in the cake so it still got an all round thumbs up when used that way.

      When I opened the jar, I was really impressed with the gorgeous fruity scent that came bursting out. I love the fragrance of pineapple always but it is particularly fresh and zesty in this jam. The flavour lives up to the scent thankfully! It tastes exactly as you would expect - full of pineapple. There is a sweeter aftertaste but it is nicely balanced with the fruit flavour. I like the fact there is a bit of a tang because it makes the flavour stand out from other jams. Some pineapple jam I have since tried have been very sweet indeed, like eating blitzed candied pineapple. This one has a flavour balance that appeals to me much more. Naturally you are not going to like this if you don't like pineapple in the first place. I loved combining it with orange in the cake I made and I am looking forward to using that combination again in baking. I like it on toast, where the strong flavour means you can get away with a using a small amount. I try to have healthy breakfasts so sugary jam isn't something I want to eat too often, but when I do indulge it feels a bit less sinful when you don't need to use lots in order to enjoy the taste.

      I would recommend the delicious Hartley's one if you love pineapple and would enjoy a tangy jam that is "bitty" in texture. You know this isn't going to be a health product but if you want the nutritional bad news- here goes. Per teaspoon, this has 37kcal and 8.2g sugar but only trace fat.


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      08.11.2013 13:31
      Very helpful
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      Sweet treats

      With the cold weather coming, (and my goodness isn't it biting in now?!) I have put my boxes of cereal away as I need something warm to get me going in the mornings now.

      Toast fits the bill. Soft white fluffy inside toast. Yum

      I was doing my weekly online tesco shop last weekend and decided that I would treat myself to a little something sweet to go on my toast this week. I just can't allow myself to buy Nutella too often as I end up eating the whole jar with a spoon pretty much the day I get it, so instead I had a little browse in the jams and marmalade section.

      I fancied something a little different from strawberry or raspberry and so I opted for Hartleys pineapple jam.

      The jam comes in quite a heavy glass jar which has a metal screw top lid. The 340g jar cost me £1.35 which I did not think was overly expensive.

      The lid is tough to get off and despite my best efforts including the old tapping the jar on the edge of the work top trick, I eventually have to give up and ask my boyfriend to open it. The jar makes a satisfying popping noise as it is opened.

      The jam immediately smells very sweet and makes my mouth water.

      I use about a heaped teaspoon of the jam on each slice of toast and I spread it with a nice. It spreads well and I get a nice even covering.

      The first thing I notice on the appearance is this is that there is a lot of fruit in it. If you like your jams smooth, this is not for you as there is a lot of chunky, stringy pineapple pieces.

      Biting into my jam on toast the sweetness really hits me. I mean, really hits me! This really is a very very sweet jam and so please take that into consideration as I can imagine that this would be too much for some people.

      Thank you for reading


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        04.05.2011 23:20
        Very helpful
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        I think I may be pregnant as I have started to fancy foods I haven't had in years. Jams in particular have taken my fancy lately and at the weekend I came back from the Car Booty with a 340g jar of Hartley's Pineapple Jam - haven't had it in years (nor the jam!)

        I wouldn't normally go to a Car Booty for jam, although am often tempted by the home-made stuff. I bought this because it was only 50p - or rather a wide choice of jams and marmies at 2 for a 1. Bargain, I chose a ginger preserve as well.

        I am too much of a cheapskate to buy Hartleys at full price but there was a stall selling in-code foodstuffs and this was one of the choices available so I gave it a go.

        We used to get our brekkie at the Booty but we have knocked that on the head now, so I made myself some toast when we got home at breakfast time and ladled some of this lovely chunky jam onto it.

        It is nice and thick and actually tastes like pineapple - isn't that amazing? Well, not exactly like pineapple - it is a manufactured product after all so there are the usual extra ingredients that we could all do without in a perfect world.

        Some time ago, I think Hartleys were the first to downsize their jars to 340g and I boycotted them at that stage for being mean. At the time every one else was selling you a 454g jar for less money and at full price this jam is over £1.30 a jar. It felt good to be enjoying some for only 5op a jar.

        The reason it was cheap is that although it had the Hartley's top with date code etc, the label was missing. It still had a white paper label with the ingredients on though and was identified as having come from a local canned foods factory shop. Well, you do hear some things about such companies repackaging, re-dating and reselling foods which are beyond their sell by date, but then I'm quite a trusting guy with a strong constitution so I doubt that it will do me ay harm if it is a bit dodgy.

        Anyway, you don't often see pineapple jam and it makes a nice change from strawberry or blackcurrant, my favourites. I wish I'd bought a second jar now - 340g isn't going to last me long. Sigh!


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          30.08.2010 23:00
          Very helpful



          A good quality jam with plenty of fruit.

          Review of Hartley's Best Pineapple Jam.

          The Product

          Hartley's are a well known manufacturer of preserves, in my opinion they make some of the nicest jams on the market. The company have been producing jams since 1871. They make many different flavours of jam and this version, Pineapple, is my all time favourite.
          The jam is presented in a chunky recyclable glass jar, it has a distinctive shape, a bulbous base which then tapers towards the top. The jar is sealed with a silver metal screw top which has the Harley's logo both across the top and on the sides. The best before date is located on the edge of the screw cap. Shelf life tends to be fairly long, as an example, the jar I purchased 3 days ago is in date until July 2012.

          Labelling is simple, yet eye-catching, a roughly heart shaped label on the front which I think is intended to represent a pineapple. The front label just carries the Hartley's name and the flavour of the contents. All nutritional information, ingredients, storage and company contact details can be found on the reverse of the jar.
          Hartley's Best jams come in one size only (as far as I am aware!) which is 340g.

          Taste and Texture

          Hartley's Best Pineapple Jam is possibly an acquired taste. It is not a particularly firm preserve, it is a little softer in texture than some makes of jam. I understand from my jam making Auntie, that Pineapple is a very difficult fruit to get to set, due to the lack of natural pectin in the fruit, which probably explains this quirk regarding the texture.

          Hartley's Best Pineapple jam has small chunks of pineapple which are fairly firm to the bite in contrast to the rest of the jam, which adds interest to your morning toast!
          The jam is pale lemon in colour and you can see the pineapple chunks clearly, whilst the jam is not firm, it is not a mushy, jellied preserve as some jams in the cheaper ranges can be.
          The jam is sweet as most jams are, but not cloying or sickly. I would say this is probably a preserve more suited to an adult's palate than a child's. It has a delicate, pineapple flavour and is delicious. The jam spreads well and lends itself to many uses such as spread on toast, English muffins or crumpets. I particularly like this jam on crisp-bread, I first spread my crisp-bread with cream cheese and top with pineapple jam-delicious! However, my ever expanding waistline does not appreciate this snack too often!

          I have used this jam as a filling for a home made sponge cake, which I have to admit in all honesty was not a great success. The flavour is not strong and was just a tad too delicate to use in as a cake filling.
          The jam has a lovely fresh smell, not overly of pineapples as you might expect, more a fruity and sweet scent. Once opened, Hartley's recommend their Pineapple jam should be stored in the fridge and used within 6 weeks of opening.

          Nutritional Values, Ingredients and Warnings

          Hartley's state that they manufacture their pineapple jam with 45g of fruit per 100g.

          Nutritional values are :-
          Per 100g, Hartley's Pineapple jam contains, 244 calories, 0.2g protein, 55.1g sugars, 5.6g starch, 0.1g Fat
          Ingredients are :-
          Pineapple, Glucose-fructose Syrup, Sugar, Gelling Agent (Pectin), Citric Acid, Acidity Regulator (Sodium Citrates).

          The jam is suitable for vegetarians and vegans. There are no dietary warnings given on the labelling, however anyone sensitive to any of the ingredients would probably avoid anyway.
          More information about Hartley's products can be found on their website:-

          Price and Availability

          Hartley's Best jams are slightly more expensive than some other brands. Currently a 340g jar retails for around £1.35, however, special offers come and go; and of course prices will vary from shop to shop.
          At the moment both Tesco and Sainsbury's supermarkets have this product on a promotion and are selling two jars for £2, which is a very good deal indeed.

          My Thoughts and Conclusion

          Pineapple jam from Hartley's is a great favourite in my household. We do not tend to buy it all the time as we are on a fairly tight budget, however when I find it on a special offer, I take the opportunity to stock up.
          Hartley's Best Jams are a little more expensive than supermarket brands and some other well known manufacturers, but the preserves are excellent quality and in my opinion, the pineapple version is absolutely delicious.
          I would heartily recommend this product to others.

          Thank you for reading.
          ©brittle1906 August 2010

          N.B. My reviews may be found on other review sites under the same user name.


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