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Hartley's Olde English Thick Cut Marmalade

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Brand: Hartley's / Type: Marmalades

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    2 Reviews
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      20.02.2011 00:31
      Very helpful



      Lovely stuff which is really rich and tangy!

      I absolutely love marmalade and jam though I must admit that at the moment marmalade is winning my affections along with a slither of butter first thing of a morning at the moment and if it is rich and thick cut then all the better I say!

      I spotted this in Asda costing £1.49 and as it was a Hartley's product which I am usually a fan of and not too pricey I decided to give it a whirl.

      The Packaging:

      Well the jar the marmalade comes in holds 454g of the stuff and it has a silver screw on/off lid to the top of it and then around the jar there is a label and on the front of that there is a photograph of oranges and we are told that it is Hartley's Olde English Thick Cut Marmalade 'Rich & Bitter' and then other information towards the back of the jar includes ingredients,a nutritional rundown chart, the size is listed (as I have told you already within this review) and contact details for the manufacturer are given. Nice enough infomrtive jar this is.

      The Marmalade:

      Rich tasting and bitter in orange flavours this really is a marvelous and sweet (but naturally so) marmalade. Easy to spread and a nice dark orange in colour with a waft of fresh oranges to it, I love the sharp taste of this marmalade and the fact that it has thick cut orange peel in it and in abundance that is slighty chewy which is simply an added bonus to me. Best stored in the fridge to keep it set, once opened it should stay fresh for 6 weeks and mine did so.

      For me this is like a fresh, home made thick cut marmalade and I love it. Sure it is a little more expensive than a lot of marmalades on the market but this really is fantastic quality and tasting and one I would not hesitate in purchasing in the future!

      Energy: 258kCal
      Protein: 0.3g
      Carbohydrate: 64.1g
      of which sugars: N/A
      Fat: Nil
      of which saturates: N/A
      Fibre: N/A
      Sodium: N/A
      Salt: N/A

      This marmalade is available in all good supermarkets etc.


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        07.06.2010 13:19
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        A sharp, very 'orangey' marmalade with plenty of zesty chunks.

        If you have read some of my previous reviews, you will know that I have to spend rather a lot of time out of the country. You will also know that every time I go away, a pack of familiar 'goodies' travels with me - tea, marmite, cornflour (on the grounds you can't buy it where we stay) and marmalade. Although you can buy wonderful fruit jams in Norway, it is very difficult to find a citrus marmalade and even if you can find it not only will the price be very, very silly but the choice will be extremely limited. I would say that I favour particular styles of marmalade rather than brands so I am quite willing to consider whichever brand or store has the best offer on the day. On this occasion, Hartley's 'Olde English' was on offer at a modest 71p for a 454 gram jar and so I plumped for that one.

        ~A little about Hartleys~

        The company has quite a long history having been founded as a grocery business by Sir William Pickles Hartley in 1871 in Pendle, Lancashire. Following the failure of an order of jam to arrive to the store, William Hartley just decided to make his own and this proved to be very successful - to such an extent that they moved their factory to Liverpool in 1885 and even constructed a village for some of their employees. The company later added fruit jellies to its repertoire. The company may have begun its history as a family grocery business but now the Hartleys brand comes under the umbrella of Premier Foods, the UK's largest food producer which owns brands such as Branston, Sharwoods, Oxo and Cadbury. The Hartleys preserve range includes four types of marmalade, eleven fruit jams, four jams without any fruit pieces which they call "no-bits" jams and also tins of prepared fruit pulp (in three varieties) ready to make your own jam at home (the MaMade brand). They also continue to produce a range of fruit jellies.

        ~What to look for in the store~

        The shape and design of the jar and lid are very plain. The smooth straight sided jar has no patterned embossing. The front face label is quite small and has a background which is essentially a photograph of plump, ripe oranges and luxuriant foliage. The name 'Olde English' appears across the centre of the label in white lettering with just a hint of 'Old English' typeface styling about it. The description 'thick cut marmalade' is printed clearly underneath. Even the lid has a simple design with only the Hartley's name in white print and a warning in small print about the 'safety button' popping up when the seal on the jar is broken. (The 'button' is simply an indentation in the lid which raises slightly when the vaccuum seal is released.) In some stores you may find the more elaborate design as depicted above, but the company appears to be moving over to the sleeker, simpler design which I found.

        ~The important bit......the marmalade.~

        The marmalade is firmly set and dark tawny in colour. When you remove the lid you get strong orange aromas but also a scent of rich dark caramel. When you take a spoonful from the jar the remainder of the preserve will stay in place, it will not break down and run and it certainly won't run off your bread or toast once you have spread it.

        The first flavour is a blend of a deep, rich sweetness and of a slight bitterness I would associate with burnt caramel and this is followed almost immediately by a strongly citrussy bite. The lengthy aftertaste is strongly orangey. If you happen to get a piece of orange peel along with the jelly the strong, bitter orange flavour is intensified further. The chunky peel pieces are plentiful and are firm - not at all overcooked - but not chewy or tough and are distributed evenly throughout the jelly.

        ~Further Information.~

        The label on the rear of the jar gives information with regard to ingredients, nutritional values and the advice that once opened, the product should be stored in a refridgerator and consumed within six weeks. It also states that the product is suitable for vegetarians and vegans. (My own description of the 'jelly' earlier is intended to refer only the the texture of the preserve - there is no question of gelatin being used here but rather pectin to achieve the 'set'.) The label also delares the weight of the contents to be 454g and displays a logo indicating that the glass jar can be recycled.

        I will include the ingredients list for those who have specific dietary concerns (taken from the jar label):

        Ingredients: Glucose-Fructose Syrup, Oranges, Sugar, Citric Acid, Acidity Regulator, Sodium Citrates, Colour: Plain Caramel, Gelling agent: Pectin

        Nutritional values: (per 100g) 276 kcal; 0.3g Protein; 68.7g Carbohydrate; 0g Fat.

        Prepared with: 30g fruit per 100g.
        Total Sugar content: 69g per 100g.

        The company address is:
        Chivers Hartley Ltd,
        Bridge Road,
        Long Sutton,
        PE12 9EQ


        As stated, I bought this jar for 71p at Morrison's where it was on special offer - their usual price is £1.42. I made a point of "stocking up" while the offer was running and I think it's very likely that Morrison's will have gone back to their regular price now. Sainsbury's are currently selling this marmalade for £1.49.

        ~In Summary~

        This is, for me, marmalade perfection. It is a dark, chunky, refreshing preserve with a firm texture and a real citrus bite and a generous measure of orange peel pieces. I thought the offer price I paid (71p) was exceptional value but I would still consider paying the usual price of £1.40-ish as I was impressed by the quality. I have tasted far more expensive products of a similar style which have not matched this for flavour. There was just one more piece of information on the jar's rear label - an invitation from Hartley's to try their other marmalades; Georgian, Cambridge and Breakfast. I might just take them up on that. Watch this space!

        (NB: this review has appeared on other sites under the same username.)


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