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Hartley's Raspberry Jam No-Bits

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Type: Marmelades / Brand: Hartley's

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    2 Reviews
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      15.02.2011 02:40
      Very helpful
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      Definately a berry nice jam!

      OK, jam. I am extremely fussy with my jam, but I love eating it, spread thickly on white toast. It mustn't be strawberry, due to being allergic. It mustn't contain a single lumpy bit. It must spread nicely onto my toast, and not clump up in large bits. Got that? Good.

      Why did I buy Hartleys Best Seedles Raspberry Jam?

      Scanning the shelves of my local ASDA, I was desperate to find a jam with no seeds, and this one jumped out at me instantly. My dad has eaten Hartleys for years, and so I knew it would be a good brand to try, and at two for £2 (£1.36 per jar normally), how could I resist? And boy, I'm glad I chose this one!

      What does it look like?

      The jam comes in a heavy glass jar, with a screw top silver lid. There is a raspberry shaped label on the front, and the Hartleys logo, with the bright green banner, which makes it stand out on the shelf. The word "seedless" is highlighted nicely, so I can be sure that I'm buying the right one, although you can see the jam inside the jar, and it clearly doesn't contain a single stray seed. Excellent! On the back is another label, this time white, with all your nutritional values and ingredients listed:

      Raspberries, Glucose-fructose Syrup, Sugar, Citric Acid, Gelling Agent (Pectin), Acidity Regulator (Sodium Citrates).

      244kcal, 61g sugar, 0.1g fat, 60.4g carbohydrate and 0.5g protein per 100g.

      The lid, as stated before, is silver, with Hartleys written in white on top of it. It's one of them ones which make a glorious "pop" when you open it, and develops one of them buttons on top, so you know if it is open or not.

      Is it tasty?

      The jam spreads very nicely onto my toast, creating a smooth sheen, which is also perfect for sandwiching between a victoria sponge cake, unlike other jams, which don't spread so easily. It has a lovely raspberry scent to it, and a sweet, slightly tangy taste, which is absolutely devine. The taste doesn't leave any sort of after taste, which can sometimes be unpleasant, and simply leaves me wanting more and more.

      It has a smooth texture in my mouth, and it isn't too sticky or too watery, which is a bonus. Oh, and not a single seed in sight!

      I would also recommend popping a blob of this yummy jam inside fairy cakes - when it bakes in the oven, it doesn't sink to the bottom like other jams, and doesn't seep through the whole cake, leaving a jammy surprise when you bite into the middle. Also, it's great stirred in to porridge, and rice pudding.

      So would you recommend it?

      It may be slightly more expensive than the supermarket own brand alternatives, but this jam is a must in my shopping basket. Whenever it is on offer, like it was in ASDA, I always stock up. They do other flavours as well, and I'm slowly coming round to the blackcurrant flavour, which has whole pieces of blackcurrant in. I believe Tesco sells the jam at £1 a jar, which is a bargain!

      I would definately recommend this condiment - it's not too sweet, and very moreish, and spreads excellently, meaning it can be used not only for toast, but for baking purposes as well. It's seedless, making it a good choice for young children, and picky adults like myself, and it's just 100% delicious, and gets a berry nice ten out of ten from me!

      Oh, and another thumbs up for the recyclable jar - perfect for washing out and storing buttons and pins in, or screws and bolts in the garage!


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        13.11.2009 21:57
        Very helpful



        Not for me this one!

        I absolutely love and adore jam whether it be on toast or on a sandwich or on crackers and my Mum gets totally fed up with the amount of the stuff I get through so when she saw this on offer (in any flavour) at 2 for a pound in our local Asda store she decided to get it for me. I usually only get strawberry jam so I was well pleased that this was one of her chosen options for me!

        The Packaging:

        340g see through glass jar with a gold screw on/off lid to the top of it. Around the main of the jar it has a purple coloured label on it and on the front of that I'm told it is Hartley's Raspberry Jam No-Bits and there's a small picture of a raspberry on there. Other information on the back of the jar includes ingredients being listed as well as storage advice and nutritional information, the size is stated and contact details for Chivers (the manufacturer of this product) are clearly given.

        The Jam Itself:

        Totally smooth and dark red in colour, when you twist off the lid you'll notice a very sweet smelling raspberry aroma. It spreads onto anything with ease and even when spread on to hot or warm foods such as toast it doesn't drip at all and stays a bit jelly like and rather well formed.

        Taste wise, yep it tastes of raspberries really... but very sweet one's thought the raspberry flavour does taste rather natural and it has a slight tartness to it along with the sweetness but in my view it's a little too sugary and sour and I got bored with no fruit in there to speak of and found the jam just a bit too flat and boring!

        If you like your smooth jams this is a high quality raspberry tasting jam. Not for me though I find it a bit boring being so smooth but you may like having no bits and this really doesn't have any bits at all in it!

        Nutritional Information Per 100g Jam:

        Energy: 257 Kcal
        Protein: 0.5g
        Carbohydrate: 63.4g
        Fat: 0.1g

        Available in all good supermarkets in a variety of flavours and usually retailing around the 70p a jar mark unless like my Mum you see it on offer!


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