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Kerrymaid Garlic Butter

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Brand: Kerrymaid / Type: Butter

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    2 Reviews
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      09.05.2010 16:12
      Very helpful



      Great on toast, or a jacket potato

      We love garlic bread in our house, we have it with nearly every meal, as it is a great side to have. However we were buying about 5 baguettes a week, which was getting expensive and we had tried nearly every brand out there to try, and thought we would like to try making our own! I wouldn't have a clue really how to make a baguette or garlic to put on it! So we bought a ready made baguette, and we saw these little packs of garlic butter, which we thought would be good to make our garlic bread with.

      We picked up a pack of 4 of these little garlic butters by kerrymaid, which cost us around 75p, which I thought was good value. When I looked at the ingredients, there wasn't much in there, all fresh ingredients that you know and have heard of, which was good. The ingredients were just butter, garlic, salt and parsley. Id like to try making my own now I know there are just four simple ingredient to make it!

      I was keen to try this garlic butter as soon as we got home, so I made a bit of toast and spread some of this on. This was absolutely gorgeous, just like garlic bread really! The garlic taste was not too strong, but it was very tasty! The butter was quite soft when I first used it as I hadn't put it in the fridge yet, so it spread very easily. However, once it has been in the fridge, if you want to use this just on bread, it is quite hard to spread at first, and I find it always rips the bread. But if you put it on hot toast or a baguette it is easy as it melts on the bread. My very own garlic bread tasted delicious! However I think I would just rather buy ready made garlic baguettes, than mess about making my own all the time!

      I also think this garlic butter is lovely on a jacket potato, I always have some of these garlic butters in the fridge handy. These are very high in calories though! Each 20g pot has around 164 calories! These are certainly not good for you, but as with everything just eat in moderation! These are suitable for home freezing and also for vegetarians. They need to be kept refrigerated, just like regular butter.

      I highly recommend these garlic butter pots, they are cheap, tasty and make gorgeous home made garlic bread!


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        03.05.2010 21:34
        Very helpful




        On a recent evening out for a meal I had a starter of Garlic mushrooms on toasted ciabatta bread, I enjoyed these mushrooms so much i went looking for garlic butter to do my own, all i could find was a small roll of garlic and herb butter in my local butchers which cost a small fortune or these 4 little pots of Kerrymaid garlic butter for around 70p in Morrisons, I thought these little pots were a bit to little but I would give them a go.

        The Packaging
        Do you Know them little mini pots off butter or marge you sometimes get in a cafe, this pack is like 4 of them stuck together, the gold colour foil lid has the Kerrymaid name in green letters, the pots just snap apart and the lid peels off each pot for individual use.

        The Contents
        Inside each little pot you get 20g off garlic butter, it's rock hard but easy pops out in 1 piece, it looks like normal butter with small green flecks in it.

        My Opinion
        I think it's a good price compared to what else I have seen, the pots do snap apart very easy and the lid peels off without a problem, the individual pots mean you only need open what you need.
        I popped 2 portions into a large frying pan heated it up and added a large box of mushrooms, fry on a high heat to your own taste, remove the mushrooms and pour what's left in the pan over your toasted ciabatta bread and serve while hot.
        The mushrooms melt in your mouth, the butter cooks them perfect and the garlic flavour comes out just enough to make this something special.
        I dont know what else this can be used for but it gets 5 stars from me and I will be looking for other recipes.

        More Info

        Allergen Information:
        Contains: Lactose, Milk

        Butter, Fresh Garlic, Salt (1.8%), Parsley

        Nutritional Data:
        Typical values per 100g
        Energy 2690kj
        Energy 654kcal
        Protein 0.5g
        Carbohydrate 1g
        Fat 72g


        UK: 0845 602 9391



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